Personal Training and Fitness Classes in West End, Stoneham, Chandlers Ford and Chilworth.


New Life Training now offer Fitness Classes and Personal Training in West End, Stoneham, Chandlers Ford, Chilworth and surrounding areas.


New Life Training is a Personal Training Company based in South Hampshire. It has top quality, fully trained and insured Personal Trainers able to deliver safe, effective exercise to meet your needs. We are able to assist you attain your goals through fun, motivational techniques and a variety of exercise tools and programs.


The Personal Trainer in your area is Lindsey Downing -


Personal Training

Lindsey qualified as a Personal Trainer from the European Institute of Fitness at Lilleshall with a key knowledge in Fat Loss and Toning. She has worked with people of all ages and abilities and really enjoys helping them create their personal best. She believes becoming healthier should be an enjoyable experience and something that you will want to maintain for life! This fits in nicely with New Life Trainings philosophy of GET FIT! LOSE WEIGHT! HAVE FUN!


All Lindsey’s Personal Training sessions incorporate a wide variety of exercise forms which keeps sessions interesting as well as effective!



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I wanted to write a testimonial for Lindsey. I first met her in February, having gained 10 kg following a broken Humerus and shoulder. Not only did she get me fit but she also helped me loose the weight I had gained and more. In May I was diagnosed as having breast cancer. Lindsay has been fantastic since then and has helped me keep fit through my chemotherapy and radiotherapy with graded exercises and stretching enabling me to do what I could. I am now gradually building up the fitness again and Lindsey is encouraging and pushing me in the best possible way.



. After having my second baby, I felt like I needed some professional help to put my body back together. I found my second pregnancy more difficult than my first and had to stop any really strenuous activity much earlier than I had to during my first pregnancy. That, coupled with an unexpected caesarean section meant that my body really didn't feel like mine anymore. I consider myself to be an active person, but my abdominal muscles and back were a mess and I didn't know where to begin to safely start putting it back together. Having regularly attended Box Circuits and Bootcamp prior to falling pregnant, I got in touch with Mark and asked his advice. He recommended a block of ten sessions with Lindsey. When all was said and done, I did twenty sessions over a period of about 5 months, starting when my GP gave me the go ahead to start exercising at around 6 weeks post-partum. Lindsey was able to work around my schedule, coming out to my house two mornings a week. She was a wonderful trainer to work with, with a great personality and a real knack for motivating and encouraging me to push harder as my core muscles started to tighten back up. I needed someone who knew what a post-partum, post-section body needed to knit itself back together and I needed to see some results even when I was up all night with a new baby and I couldn't reliably carve out any more than two hours a week for myself. I found Lindsey to be well informed and I appreciated the way that she was able to explain what exercises she wanted me to do, which muscles they would target, and why that was important for my fitness goals. At the end of the day, I lost about 16 pounds and could see a real, visible difference as my stomach and waistline tightened up from one week to the next. I could also feel my back and pelvis knit back together and grow stronger - I found it easier to lift my toddler and growing baby and didn't feel like everything was going to fly apart when I moved any faster than a slow shuffle! I would wholeheartedly recommend personal training from New Life without any reservations. In my experience, they are a great bunch of people, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about health and fitness, and they will help you achieve the fitness results that you are looking for.


Personal Training Price List

CategoryDefinitionPrice For 1 SessionPrice For Block Of 10Description
Individual SessionA Personal Training Session for 1£37.50£3201-2-1 with a Personal Trainer to focus solely on YOU achieving YOUR goals
Joint SessionA Personal Training Session for 2£45

That’s just £22.50 per person!

That’s just £18.50 per person per session
Working together, against each other or individually you are 80% more likely to achieve your goals through motivating each other to succeed!
Group SessionA Personal Training Session for 3 or more people£50

For a group of 4 that is just £12.50 per person!

For a group of 4 that is just £11.25 per person per session!
Team exercise can be a lot of Fun, helping with motivation, competition and achievement! The groups can be families, corporate companies or a group of people just wanting to exercise together!
Initial ConsultationReview of your Health and Fitness; Goals, Motivations and Support networks.£40
N/AUnderstand your goals and motivations plus undertake base measurements including Blood Pressure, %Body Fat, Height, Weight, Heart Rate & Flexibility.
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