Running Club News 11/12/17

Monday 11th December 2017

It was very treacherous conditions this evening as temperatures dropped below freezing and a frost came in during the run. You could actually see the puddles freezing over during the run. Everyone was briefed before to ensure safety came first and fortunately there were no trips, falls or submissions this evening. In fact the cold weather pushed people to go faster, probably so they could could get back in to the warm quicker.We actually had 5 Personal Best times this evening.

Firstly, a big welcome to Pete P, dragged along by his wife Sarah, it was Petes first run in 25 years, but he blew away the cobwebs and smashed 5.6miles in around seven and a half minutes per mile average, I say “around” because in the excitement he forgot to switch off his stopwatch and record the time. It was still a very impressive first run with the club, well done Pete. Sarah also had a great run, keeping the leaders in her vision throughout the run, but just unable to quite catch them at the end.

Back for their 2nd run with the club this evening, where Owen and Karen, the mother and son partnership set off with Mike using him to set the pace, and it was a quick pace too. They even stretched ahead of Mike at one stage, but a sprint finish saw the three of them finish pretty much together. The time was over a minute faster than last week for Karen and Owen – a fantastic improvement and a new Personal Best of under 8mins per mile.

It was “Team Lou” running the 3.8mile route this evening. Charles, Sues and Lou all set off in the cold, but came back glowing. A fantastic run and PBs for both Sues and Lou, the later smashing her previous PB by over a minute per mile, amazing!!! Well done!

Next week we have a special handicap run followed by drinks at the Silver Fern. See you at 6.30pm.


Name 11/12/2017 Speed
Mike 5.60 00:44:24 00:07:56
Mark 5.60 00:45:54 00:08:12
Charles 3.80 0:38:46 0:10:12
Sarah 5.6 00:45:54 0:08:12
Pete P 5.6 00:42:00 0:07:30
Lou 3.8 00:38:46 0:10:12
Karen 5.6 00:44:24 0:07:56
Owen 5.6 00:44:24 0:07:56
Sues 3.8 00:38:46 0:10:12



Running Club News 4/12/17

Friday 1st December

New routes for the 3 weeks now leading up to Christmas. Still tough and still hilly in preparation for the Stubbington 10k. Nick flew round the 5.5miles in just 47mins with Lisa taking a slight short cut but completing 3.6miles in just 35mins. Great times team, well done!!

Monday 4th December

A huge welcome to Karen and Owen this evening who joined the Warsash Running Club for the first time. They hadn’t run for a while apparently, but it didnt show, with the pair of them teaming up with Nick (thanks Nick) to smash the 5.5mile route in an average of just 8mins 16secs per mile. Awesome, and well done!!

Well done also to Cat, she has completed 10 runs with us now and in that time she has lost 9lbs, gone from 14m12s per mile to 10m 40s! and this evening she ran 3.8miles non-stop, her furthest ever run !! Brilliant girl, well done!! She was motivated by seeing Sharon and Nina on the horizon. She tried hard to keep up with them and that was all that was needed to keep her going to the end. So well done to Sharon and Nina, the unsuspecting pace setters!!

This evening was the first night run in December, so understandably Carl decided to don his shorts for the first time this year instead of his leggings. It did make him run further though, as he completed his longest run with the club since the Great South, well done Carl.

Charles teamed up with Lisa and Emily for only her 2nd run with the club. Although they all started together, Emily stretched her legs towards the end to record a very good time on this route, with Lisa not far behind. There was also a chase on with the longer route. Mike was back this evening undertaking his longest run for nearly a year, he flew round the course though, Sarah could see him in the distance and that was all the motivation she needed to speed up to close the gap, behind Sarah were Nick, Owen and Karen chasing her down. So all in all, thanks to Mikes fast 8mins per mile pace setting everyone seemed to move up a gear and try to catch him. Well done.

Same routes next week team.

Name 04/12/2017 Speed
Mike 5.50 44:11.0 08:02.0
Nick C 5.50 45:30.0 08:16.4
Mark 3.80 41:57.0 11:02.4
Charles 3.80 38:42.0 10:11.1
Carl 5.50 47:01.0 08:32.9
Nina 3.8 41:01.0 10:47.6
Sharon 3.80 41:01.0 10:47.6
Sarah 5.5 45:01.0 08:11.1
Lisa 3.8 38:10.0 10:02.6
Catherine 3.8 41:57.0 11:02.4
Karen 5.5 45:30.0 08:16.4
Owen 5.5 45:30.0 08:16.4
Emily 3.8 36:15.0 09:32.4




Myzone November 2017 Report


Running Club News 27/11/17

Friday November 24th

Just the three runners today, but what lacked in quantity was made up with quality. Lisa stormed her 4.5miles in her fastest average for a few weeks and Mark G had a great run after a few weeks away from the club. All in all and great run from the team! Well done.

Monday November 27th

It was a cool evening for tonight’s run. Everyone was wrapped up warm, except Lisa who braved the shorts. She had her “power nap” in the afternoon and was ready to go out and get a PB!! It was the last run with these routes today and a chance for everyone to go for a quick time. Lisa had a great run spurred on by Charles, the pair finishing just 20seconds apart. No PB unfortunately but a great run none the less. Well done guys. Sarah, aka Xmas Tree (after all her lights), also ran the 4.5mile route. It was her first attempt at this route however, but she really attacked the hills and finished with her 2nd fastest ever run with the club, well done!!

Sharon and Kate stormed off together, the pair of them deep in conversation on their way round. They did miss some vital turnings but finished with “really quick” times apparently. They really enjoyed the run though which is what it is all about. Well done ladies. Lou was back this evening having missed last weeks run. She teamed up with Sues again and the pair completed the 3.5miles non-stop. Lou managed to beat her previous time by 26 seconds to record a new club PB for herself, well done Lou. Also achieving a PB this evening was Geoff. Running on his own (as no one could keep up) he smashed he previous best on this route by 28 seconds to set a new split time PB of just 7m 42s per mile. Well done Geoff, awesome!! Carl was hoping to give him a run for his money, but a lingering cold is still hampering his performance, maybe next week!! Also back this evening were Lydia and Nina, after a break from the club for a few weeks the ladies did fantastic completing the 3.5miles non-stop and in a great time too, well done!!

New routes for next week team!!!

Also don’t forget the running club Xmas drinks will happen on December 17th at 7.15pm or after you finish running!!

Name Speed
Mark 4.50 36:38.0 08:08.4
Charles 4.50 44:17.0 09:50.4
Carl 3.10 24:48.0 08:00.0
Nina 3.50 40:14.0 11:29.7
Sharon 3.50 00:00.0
Kate 3.50 00:00.0
Lydia 3.50 40:14.0 11:29.7
Sarah 4.50 36:36.0 08:08.0
Lisa 4.50 44:36.0 09:54.7
Geoff 4.50 34:39.0 07:42.0
Lou 3.50 39:25.0 11:15.7
Sues 3.50 39:18.0 11:13.7




Running Club News 20/11/17

Friday Running Club November 10th and 17th

New routes for the Warsash Running Club as we start to prepare for the Stubbington 10k in January – our next competitive event. The Stubbington run does contain a few gradients and so these routes have been designed to prepare for those. i.e. its a bit hilly, therefore not many Personal Bests (PBs) can be expected over the coming weeks. The Friday groups went first to attack the challenge. All 4 participants chose the 4.5mile mid-range option the first week with everyone setting a great time. Nick B was back the following week and smashed it, taking 2minutes off his previous weeks time.  Jo was also in attendance the 2nd week and nailed the 3.5 mile route in super-quick fashion. Last time on these routes this Friday team.

Name 10/11/2017 Speed 17/11/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.50 0:37:52 0:08:25 #DIV/0!
Mark 4.50 0:42:22 0:09:25 4.50 40:32.0 09:00.4
Nick B 4.50 0:42:22 0:09:25 4.50 40:32.0 09:00.4
Jo F #DIV/0! 3.50 32:48.0 09:22.3
Lisa 4.5 0:43:52 0:09:45 #DIV/0!

Monday November 13th

Although the routes have been chosen to assist in preparation for the Stubbington 10k the majority of the runners this evening are not involved in the run. Infact we had 5 relatively new runners to the club in attendance with just 3 “old-timers” around. It worked out well though, as those experienced with the club tacked on to the newbies and helped them round the new routes. I do use the term “helped” loosely however, as Greg, teamed up with Cat & Celia, took the girls on the 4.5,mile route as opposed to the agreed 3.5miles, the girls did brilliant though. We did cut it short but they finished non-stop for their furthest ever distance with the club and a challenging route at that. Charles was also on hand to help out, and he teamed up with Lou and Sues for their first time with the running club. They loved it! and with Charles’ motivation they completed the 3.5miles non-stop and in a great time too. That left me to run with Geoff for only his 2nd run with the club. He tore up the challenging course and set himself a new PB as well – 7m 48s per mile, very fast!! Well done Geoff.

Name 13/11/2017 Speed
Mark 4.50 00:35:09 00:07:49
Charles 3.50 0:40:01 0:11:26
Greg 3.50 0:44:04 0:12:35
Celia 3.5 00:44:04 0:12:35
Catherine 3.5 00:44:04 0:12:35
Geoff 4.5 00:35:07 0:07:48
Lou 3.5 00:40:01 0:11:26
Sues 3.5 00:40:01 0:11:26

Monday November 20th

It was great to see last weeks newbies back again this week. Geoff teamed up with Carl and smashed the 4.5mile route again. Carl struggling after a few weeks away has a new challenger now and I am sure we will see some good runs from these guys in the coming weeks. Sues was back, unfortunately without Lou, but she teamed up with Lisa and the too of them put the world to right on their way round. The chatting obviously took their mind off the running as Sues smashed her time from last week to set a new PB of 10m 29s – super fast and nearly a whole minute per mile quicker than last week. Their sprint finish to catch Geoff was worth the entrance fee alone. Well done!! Cat and Celia were also back, and although they had to cut their run short they were flying this evening. A shorter run but a quickest ever and a new PB for them too – 10m 50s per mile is awesome!!!

Sharon and Kate had a great run, opting for the longer route of 4.5miles, they paced it perfectly and finished with a great time of 10m 42s per mile. Well done ladies. Nick was on his own attempting the longer route and his 8m 30s average was very impressive. Well done. We also welcomed new runner to the club, Emily. Emily completed the GSR in 90mins and is in for the London marathon next year. She certainly looks as though she will have no problem either as she whizzed round the 3.5miles in just over 30minutes this evening. I am sure we will see Emily upping the miles and speed very quickly with the club in the coming weeks. Well done!

Same routes next week for the final time.

Name 20/11/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.40 45:59.0 08:30.9
Mark 3.50 30:29.0 08:42.6
Carl 4.20 0:34:40 08:15.2
Sharon 4.50 48:10.0 10:42.2
Kate 4.50 48:10.0 10:42.2
Lisa 3.5 36:44.0 10:29.7
Celia 1.7 00:18:00 10:50.6
Catherine 1.7 00:18:00 10:50.6
Geoff 4.5 36:44.0 08:09.8
Sues 3.5 36:44.0 10:29.7
Emily 3.5 30:29.0 08:42.6




Running Club News 6/11/17

Friday November 3rd

A beautiful morning for a run, sun shining and a cool crispness in the air. Nick chose to do the longer route – 5.2miles, whereas Lisa decided to go a little shorter. Nick wanted to earn some calories for the weekend, Lisa wanted to finish early to go and drink some calories in Somerset! Good runs from both though, well done. Not quite as good a run as that from Greg. He had a storming morning.  Finishing the 3.7miles with an average of just 9m 10s per mile, where did that come from Greg?? This was his fastest run since December 2015!!! Well done!!!! Well done also to Jo who smashed it again today, that new mojo of yours really works!!

Name 03/11/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.20 45:01.0 08:39.4
Mark 2.90 27:40.0 09:32.4
Jo F 3.70 35:28.0 09:35.1
Greg 3.70 33:55.0 09:10.0
Lisa 2.90 27:39.0 09:32.1


Monday November 6th

A fresh evening this evening, perfect conditions for a run. It was the last attempt on these routes and a chance for everyone to put in a good time. A few colds, chest infections and the odd Achilles issue slowed a few down this evening, but there were still some very fast times. “Exocet” Mike showed he is recovering well with a 7m 19s average this evening, setting a new course record. Leyon was chasing him down though, his 7m 47s per mile was his 2nd ever fastest run with the club and he did wait for me to catch up at one point as well!! Well done Leyon!

Amy stormed it in her 2nd run with the club. Although the time keeping wasn’t 100% accurate, she clearly smashed last weeks time, finishing a good 30 seconds or so ahead of Sharon and Kate, who were out of puff trying to keep up.

Nick certainly set off fast, he stormed away from the start leaving everyone behind. Unfortunately he wasn’t quick enough and missed the bus pulling out on Warsash Road and had to run the rest of the route like the rest of us!! Jo had a good run with Charles, wearing her new Marigolds (Jo that is not Charles!) she stood out well in the dark and it certainly kept her arms warm!

New routes next week team!!

Name 06/11/2017 Speed
Mike 3.70 27:07.0 07:19.7
Nick C 3.70 30:33.0 08:15.4
Mark 3.70 30:57.0 08:21.9
Jo F 3.70 35:03.0 09:28.4
Charles 3.70 35:06.0 09:29.2
Carl 2.90 0:24:11 08:20.3
Sharon 3.70 37:30.0 10:08.1
Leyon 3.70 28:50.0 07:47.6
Kate 3.7 37:30.0 10:08.1
Amy 3.7 37:00.0 10:00.0

Myzone October 2017 Report


Running Club News 30/10/17

Friday October 27th

A good Friday morning run in glorious autumnal weather. All 4 runners set off together on the new routes with Nick B and Sarah accelerating away once they new where they were. For Mark G it was another fantastic run as he starts to build the miles now in his running development. He is also getting quicker as today was a Personal Best with the club – a brilliant 9m 38s per mile split. Well done Mark!!

Monday October 30th

A fantastic turn out this evening, with a couple of new members running with the club for the first time. A big welcome to Amy and Geoff who joined us this evening. Geoff informed me that he hadn’t really run for about 5 years, so I opted to run with him, in the hope of a steady pace to aid my recovery from the GSR. No chance as Geoff is officially a whippet!! We hit 7m34s on the final mile along Warsash Road!!! It was a great first run with the club and that time that will take some beating next week, well done Geoff. Also running for the first time with the club this evening was Amy. Running with her Mum, Kate, and with Sharon and Nina in tow, Amy set the pace on the 3.7mile route ensuring she even pushed Sharon to the limit this evening. Great first run Amy, we hope to see you again next week.

Also setting Personal Bests this evening were Celia and Cat. They are improving massively week on week now and having run the furthest ever last week, they repeated the feat with their fastest ever pace this evening. A fantastic 11m 54s per mile tore up the 3mile track. Well done ladies. Same again next week!! Also tearing up the course was Mike, still getting back slowly to his best, he certainly showed great improvement week on week with a 7m 23s average this evening over the 3.7miles, looking good Mike, well done!!

Only Carl and Nick opted for the longer route this evening, the boys ran together, save for the last 2 feet when Carl streaked ahead!! Good time though gents, well done! Also keeping it social this evening were Charles, Lisa and Jo, as they all finished within a few seconds of each other.

Well done to all the runners this evening. Don’t forget to book in for the Stubbington 10k if you haven’t done already. It must be nearly full by now.

Same routes next week for the last time.

Name Speed
Mike 3.70 00:27:19 00:07:23
Nick C 5.20 00:43:28 00:08:22
Mark 3.70 00:30:33 00:08:15
Jo F 3.70 0:34:48 0:09:24
Charles 3.70 0:34:50 0:09:25
Carl 5.20 0:43:28 0:08:22
Nina 3.70 0:38:52 0:10:30
Sharon 3.70 0:38:52 0:10:30
Kate 3.7 00:38:52 0:10:30
Amy 3.7 00:38:52 0:10:30
Sarah 3.7 00:30:22 0:08:12
Lisa 3.7 00:34:50 0:09:25
Celia 3 00:35:42 0:11:54
Catherine 3 00:35:42 0:11:54
Geoff 3.7 00:30:32 0:08:15





Kids Fit Club (KFC)

We are launching a brand new Childrens’ fitness club at ENJOY FITNESS STUDIO. It will be the healthiest KFC (Kids Fitness Club) your children will ever have!!

The sessions will run on a school term time basis starting after half-term (week beginning October 30th). Sessions will be delivered on a Monday and Thursday from 16:00-16:45.

Session dates before the xmas break will be:


Monday: 30th


Monday: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

Thursday: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th


Monday: 4th, 11th, 18th

Thursday: 7th, 14th, 21st

Next week’s sessions will be ‘taster’ sessions at a cost of £5 per child, cash. After that, if your child wishes to continue then the cost will be for the remainder of the term and obviously dependent on if your child is doing 1 or 2 sessions a week. Payment will be via bank transfer.

The sessions will be limited to 10 children and the age range will be from 7-12. Please discuss with me if your child falls outside this age range as this isn’t set in stone.

We are expecting a lot of interest as this is a new service to the area, should the number of children exceed the 10 places then there will be a waiting list, with the possibility of additional classes being provided at a later date.

Urgency is required as these sessions start next week so please contact Personal Trainer, Steve Gale, on 07775421310 either in person or via a text message to book your child’s place.  Please specify which day/days they will be attending.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

New Life Weight Loss

Welcome to New Life Weight Loss, a weight loss plan designed to give you the foundations for creating a New Start, New You and a New Life.

The New Life Weight Loss plan has been designed from research and information gathered from real people, in the real world. It is designed to be easy, achievable and fun. We aim to offer you all the tools that will enable you to primarily lose weight, but also become fitter, healthier, feel good and look great.

What’s included?

  • Weekly assessments which measure weight AND body fat to offer a clear and accurate picture of your ‘personal’ progress.
  • Education on latest research in nutrition and how it affects you.
  • 45 minutes of tailored exercise to help raise your metabolism and burn the calories efficiently
  • DO’s and DONTs – there are do’s and don’ts to losing weight – know them and you are half way there
  • Group support of other members in the same position starting the same journey
  • On-going Support from your personal consultant
  • Phone/computer application for recording food calories and nutritional content (paper version also available) checked weekly by your consultant
  • £42 of New Life Training class vouchers to encourage you become more active and burn more calories.
  • Weekly raffles and awards, motivations and incentives

We are running a pilot course on Wednesday evenings 6.45pm to 8pm at Enjoy Fitness Studio, 5 Brook Lane, Warsash. It will be a 7 week course, allowing people to loose up to 14lbs (1 Stone) in weight between now and Christmas. The cost of the course will be £100 payable in advance.

To find out more information please call Mark on 07771 985015 or complete the contact form HERE and we will be in touch very soon.