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Exercise wearing the MZ-3 to earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). Wearing your belt during all activity, inside and outside of the club, helps you stay on track to get the results you want.

With the MZ-3 you are able to:
1. Set personal goals each month to stay challenged.
2. Compete with friends on a monthly leaderboard to keep your exercise fun.
3. View your workouts in MYZONE’s social network.
4. Encourage friends and stay accountable with those in your network.
5. Share your progress with the world via MYZONE’s social media integration.

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More Information…The MZ-3 provides

  • Live display of data via smartphone app, watch or ‘in gym’ displays.
  • Online logbook with goal setting, biometric data, challenges, status rank and social feeds.
  • Stores up to 16 hours of storage for those times you don’t have your smartphone.
  • Comfortable textile strap with button on module.
  • Records & Uploads Time/ Effort/ Calories/ Heart Rate/ MEPs.
  • 99.4% accurate to an EKG/ECG machine.
  • Wirelessly uploads data when in range of designated MYZONE® facilities, or within range of your smartphone.
  • Connects with cardio equipment and 3rd party apps.
  • Uses Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analogue communication protocol.
  • Washable Strap and Water Resistant module.
  • 1 year warranty on module, 90 day warranty on strap.

Check out these video’s to see it in action –

The best physical activity tracker –

How it will work at Enjoy –

Setting it up –

Running Club News 1/2/16

Here is the weekends running club news –

Friday 29th Janaury

It was a very windy day. I had designed the flattest possible route for the Friday group due to the buggie runners we now have. I therefore had expected a few PBs today. I don’t think it worked though, firstly the wind was horrendous, slowing everyone down. Secondly, I didn’t calculate how much children grow at that age, (its been a long time since mine were that young!) , So any gradient is proving harder and harder each week and there are always going to be a few hills running in Warsash! Overall though some great times team! Well done! In particular a great run by Joanne on her first time back since Christmas.

Name 29/1/2016 Speed
Sue 4.80 0:44:30 0:09:16
Jo F 4.80 0:44:30 0:09:16
Greg 4.80 0:50:32 0:10:32
Mel 3.70 0:39:42 0:10:44
Sharon 3.70 0:38:19 0:10:21
Joanne 3.70 0:38:19 0:10:21
Gemma 4.80 0:51:32 0:10:44


Monday 1st February

Another windy run this evening!! As the participants undertook the second attempt at the “willy-run” now also nicknamed “Frogger” for all the crossing over the roads that is required. (I have the feeling this is not one of the best routes I have ever come up with!). Still, there were some great performances this evening. Carl and Alistair set off on a mission, completing the first mile in just over 7 minutes!! Their final average of 8m 53s was fantastic and Alistair’s fastest since May last year!! Well done Gents! They were going that fast coming down Brook Lane that the 30MPH road sign flashed at them!!

The route is somewhat complicated and it was Greg’s first attempt at the route. There was some uncertainty on whether we would ever see Greg again with this course. A few runners wanted to donate Greg some coins so he could catch the pink ferry back if he got lost. But he did well, stayed on track and didn’t need to ask for directions once!! I think it was his new haircut allowing him to see where he was going! Well done Greg, It will be easier next week now you know the route.

Gemma had a great run this evening, free from the buggie pushing she flew up Brook lane and recorded her 3rd fastest run with the club!! She was assisted by Louise who finished in her 2nd best ever time. Fantastic ladies, next week PBs from you two!!

Sharon and Dawn took to the 3.7mile route this evening after Dawn had missed the last two weeks. They had a great run too, the break clearly did Dawn some good. They finished with 11m 21s per mile one of Dawns fastest runs! Well done!

Mike was also back this evening, the rest clearly also doing him some good as he flew round in sub- 8 mins per mile, well done Mike, good to see you back! Just outside the 8mins per mile was Pete, on a slightly shorter course this evening, Pete flew round in mega-quick time, I think they must have had one poured in the ferryman ready!

Same routes next week team for the last time.

Name 1/2/2016 Speed
Pete 3.70 0:31:06 0:08:24
Mike Y 5.80 0:45:30 0:07:51
Alistair 5.80 0:51:33 0:08:53
Greg 5.80 1:02:00 0:10:41
Gemma 5.80 0:56:49 0:09:48
Carl 5.80 0:51:33 0:08:53
Sharon 3.70 0:42:00 0:11:21
Louise 5.80 0:56:49 0:09:48
Dawn 3.7 0:42:00 0:11:21



Running Club News 25/1/16

Friday 22nd January
It was a very wet and dark Friday morning for the runners today, which I think put a few off! We had a team of four however, 2 managed to fall asleep on the way round (note to self….must make the routes more interesting). I can’t actually remember anyone falling asleep during a route before but for Chester and Arthur is was the perfect excuse for a nap! The boys were being pushed by the girls (nothing new there!) with Gemma and Charlotte completing the 2.6mile route in just 27m43s!! I had promised them no hills for today while they were pushing buggies, but forgot about Dibles, ooppss!  Sorry!  They did it though, finishing looking like drowned rats but refreshed. Welldone ladies on your dedication this morning!
Monday 25th January
Carl           4.8 miles        48:56               10:12
Gemma     4.8 miles        48:56               10:12
Pete           3.7                38:55               10:31
Nick           3.7                38:55                10:31
Rose          3.7                38:55                10:31
After being thoroughly embarrassed having been told that my colour coded map of Warsash indicating the different routes resembled a phallus, two Teams set off.
Gemma arrived just in time to be told she would be running 5.7 miles with Carl. On their return they informed us that they had completed the shorter route. Gemma announcing the reason for changing their proposed distance was because Carl had an injury to his knee with Carl correcting her and  explaining it was his ankle  …. I think they should have concurred before relating their reason!
Pete, Nick and Rose ran brilliantly as a Team with Rose announcing that the guys really had motivated her resulting in her hardly being able to catch her breath on finishing! well done Rose. Pete and Nick decided to have a real burn up near the end and there was nothing inbetween them. A fab run especially for Nick after his prolonged injury.
All in all the run (now named by Jo as the Willy Run)  was enjoyed by all although caution had to be taken crossing roads and waiting for traffic. Good I didn’t run with anyone as everyone knows how dangerous I am crossing roads etc.
Many thanks to Sharon, once again, for covering the running club in my absence. Well done team!!

Running Club News 18/1/16

Friday 15th January

It was extremely cold this morning and in places it was slippery underfoot. Many of the runners made the decision to go for the shorter route and take extra care. No times were taken today as we made the session more sociable and took away any competitive element that would encourage too much speed, and any resultant injuries. Infact, we were taking bets at the end to see if Greg would return intact and if Pete would come back sober. Especially with the ice on the roads during the 4.5mile route that they undertook. Thankfully everyone returned safely and in one piece and the cold fresh air certainly did the job for Pete!

It was great to see Lindsay back at the running club today as well, just 3 days after her Chemotherapy. She did amazing to complete a mile in the cold weather, well done Lindsay! The social element of the club today continued after the run as most of the runners went for a coffee next door to warm back up!

Sunday 17th

We had a good turn out for the Stubbington 10k this morning. Charles and Greg achieved everything they set out to do – finish in under an hour and not be beaten by any pieces of fruit! Well done gents! Melissa and Sophie had a great run and just missed out on finishing in under the hour. Gemma had a great run, a PB for her. Plus she came 1st!!! unfortunately she was entered in the over 60s as she was running in Sharons name, but hopefully Sharon will collect a prize for staying in bed! Well done also to Louise, completing her first ever 10k race in an amazing 61mins! Awesome!! We done also to Jo and her Mum, Sue. It was Jo’s first Stubbington 10k and she clearly enjoyed finshing with her 10k PB of just 56m 17s!! Well done ladies!

Monday 18th

A slightly smaller group of runners this evening after yesterdays Stubbington 10k. It was a shame really as it was perfect conditions for running. A cool, still, dry evening. Those who turned up didn’t disappoint either. All runners put in course record performances this evening. Sharon led the way. She fancied blowing some cobwebs away this evening adn sprinted off on her own. Finishing a massive 8m 45s faster than her run 2 weeks ago on the same route. Amazing!! Well done!! Carl was also like an exocet this evening, finishing 59seconds faster than his previous best on this course. He ran with Alistair, who was in fine form, finishing 1m 52s faster than last week! Pete also had a massive improvement, aided by the perfect conditions, i.e. he was sober, he finished in 2m 23s faster than last time. He was aided by a pace-setter however…Nick C was back this evening and although he completed a shorter course he was able to set Pete a good pace to follow and finish his own route with no problems! Great news! Gemma and Louise opted for the shorter route, not surprising after there fantastic achievements at the stubbington 10k the day before. A nice loosener for the ladies!

New routes next week!

Name 1/18/2016 Speed
Pete 5.50 47:05.0 08:33.6
Alistair 5.50 50:28.0 09:10.5
Gemma 3.70 37:49.0 10:13.2
Carl 5.50 50:28.0 09:10.5
Sharon 3.70 35:19.0 09:32.7
Louise 3.7 37:49.0 10:13.2


Running Club News 11/1/16


Some great attendances this weekend for the running club with a few 10k events approaching fast it is a chance for some to put miles in to their legs. Gemma is no exception to this, booked in for the Stubbington 10k next Sunday she completed 18miles running this week and still looked fresh as a daisy as she breezed through the 4.5mile circuit on Friday! Leigh-Ann managed to keep up with her today as the pair of them finished in a very fast 10mins per mile. Well done ladies!

It was the first Friday run since Christmas and it was clear a lot of the runners were running heavier than before Xmas. This was not down the normal Mince Pie or extra Turkey but the extra volume of gadgets everyone was wearing – iPhones, Fitbits, move sensors, loads of stuff weighing you down!!

It was great to see everyone again after Christmas especially Mel, who returned to running club for the first time in months. She teamed up with Mrs Motivator (Sharon) and they completed the 2.6mile route well! Welcome back Mel! Also back today was Mandy B! She has been able to do some running over the festive period and it showed. Even a slight detour off route didn’t slow her down as she completed a 4mile trek in just 11mins per mile, well done Mandy!

Greg and Jo are both are doing next weeks Stubbington 10k and chose the longer 5.4mile route today. For the most part Greg was able to keep up with Jo, but a late sprint away saw Jo finish just 90secs ahead, that will be a great result next Sunday Greg – 90s behind Jo!!


Name Speed
Jo F 5.40 0:51:13 0:09:29
Greg 5.40 0:52:43 0:09:46
Mandy B 4.00 0:44:07 0:11:02
Mel 2.60 0:28:00 0:10:46
Sharon 2.60 0:28:00 0:10:46
Leigh-Ann 4.50 0:45:25 0:10:06
Gemma 4.50 0:45:25 0:10:06



A good turn out for a cold January evening.

Greg was resting this evening having completed the Stubbington 10k route (as a practice) yesterday. I am sure he is hoping the extra course knowledge will help him pip his nemesis, Jo, on the day. Jo ran a slightly longer route this evening as her preparation for the 10k. She also dragged Ian and Carl with her as the trio completed a 6mile route. At that rate you should come in under the hour on Sunday Jo, good luck! And well done to Ian and Carl for great times this evening! Especially Carl, who had completed a 45mile bike ride the day before and still had enough energy for the longer route.

Also completing yesterdays marathon bike ride were Rose and Nina. They were able to refuel at Lillys in Wickham on their way back yesterday which clearly helped them to run the 3.7mile route this evening. They were joined by Dawn, who is showing some real progress with her running at the moment. Well done ladies.

Charles set off this evenings run with Pete, but it was clear very early that Pete was on a mission this evening. With his headphones in and a determined look he blasted his way round the track finishing a whole minute per mile quicker than last weeks run!! Charles did well to keep up and also finished nearly a minute per mile faster! Great effort gents!!

After a great run with the club on Friday Mandy was back for more this evening. She chose her running partner well and alongside Super-Sharon they ripped up the 3.7mile course. They finished just 40seconds behind Mike!! I know Mike did nearly 2 miles further, but this is a great achievement to come in ahead of speedy Mike! He is nearly back to his best now as Mike took 140 seconds off of last weeks run, thats 30s per mile quicker! He’s gunna take some beating again now!

Finally, Gemma teamed up with Alistair for this evenings 5.5mile route. They are clearly both competitive people and pushed each other on! Even after 18miles of running last week Gemma found it in her tank to completed a Personal Best this evening with the club. Her 9m 31s per mile was 33seconds per mile quicker than last week!! Well done Gemma and well done Alistair for pushing!!

Same routes for the final time next week team!!! Good luck to those doing the Stubbington 10k on Sunday, let me know how you get on!

Name 11/1/2016 Speed
Pete 3.70 0:29:50 0:08:04
Mike Y 5.50 0:40:52 0:07:26
Jo F 6.00 0:55:40 0:09:17
Charles 3.70 0:34:00 0:09:11
Alistair 5.50 0:52:21 0:09:31
Mandy B 3.70 0:41:36 0:11:15
Gemma 5.50 0:52:21 0:09:31
Carl 6.00 0:55:46 0:09:18
Nina 3.70 0:46:00 0:12:26
Sharon 3.70 0:41:36 0:11:15
Ian 6.00 0:55:40 0:09:17
Rose 3.70 0:46:00 0:12:26
Dawn 3.7 0:46:00 0:12:26


Running Club News 4/1/16

A great turn out for the first Running Club session on 2016! It was great to see so many faces back. It was clear all had been good boys and girls as Santa had delivered some lovely new presents! I think the gadget prize went to Mike though with his trainer lights (loved those).

With three routes to go for I was pleased no one bottled it and went for the beginners route this evening. We are welcoming beginners to the club and a route has been specifically designed, but all there this evening were seasoned runners with the club now and they all coped with the longer routes.

It was great to have Sharon back following her knee injury, she teamed up with Dawn and they attacked the 3.7mile route. Dawn was trying out a new pre-run nutrition plan. It was very unique and hasn’t been studied before as far as I know. She did conclude however that toad-in-the-hole is not conducive to effective running and I am sure a better pre-run meal next week will result in a faster and more enjoyable run.

On the 5.5mile route we had Rudolf Rowe (Greg) with his bright light. Charles decided to stick with Greg for the run and is was a good plan as Lockswood Road had no street lamps working and was in pitch black! They were able to stride on through the darkness lit by Gregs head-torch. They finished in a great time too, well done gents.

Gemma and Louise flew round the 5.5mile lap in under 10mins per mile. With 2 days of hangovers may be this is the best preparation for a run??

It was great to see Alistair back after a few months away. He went straight for it as well, completing the 5.5mile circuit in a great time of 52minutes! He had asked earlier if he could be a beginner…….NO! you are clearly not a beginner Alistair and running 5.5miles that quick you should be an athlete!

Mike was also back this evening, doing a great job in providing maps for the routes. It was interesting that no-one got lost this evening. The maps clearly worked, thanks Mike!

Also running tonight we had Jo, trying to run with her hands in her pockets. Not sure if this is to keep her hands warm or stop her shoulders hurting, maybe she just had change in her pocket for the Chinese after and did want to drop any! Great run though, well done. She had teamed up with Carl for the run and he did a great job keeping with her for the whole distance. Just ahead of this pair was Pete, he took it easy for the first two miles then put his foot down and away he went! Finishing with a very impressive 9mins per mile.

Well done team, same routes next week!


Name 1/4/2016 Speed
Pete 5.50 0:49:38 0:09:01
Mike Y 5.50 0:43:12 0:07:51
Jo F 5.50 0:51:27 0:09:21
Charles 5.50 0:55:31 0:10:06
Alistair 5.50 0:51:57 0:09:27
Greg 5.50 0:55:31 0:10:06
Gemma 5.50 0:55:20 0:10:04
Carl 5.50 0:51:27 0:09:21
Sharon 3.70 0:44:00 0:11:54
Louise 5.50 0:54:08 0:09:51
Dawn                  3.70 0:44:00 0:11:54


Running Club Christmas 2015 Catch-up

Its been a busy time of year, but I am impressed so many of you have been dedicated enough to keep the running going. Whether it is to work off those mince pies or keep your running fitness up! You have been all very good in keeping the miles up and the inches down!!
Monday 28th December
It was like Enjoy Fitness had turned in to a rehab centre for this evenings running club. They all stood up one-by-one with confessions on their over-indulgences of Christmas. Plus all the runners this evening were recovering from recent injuries. So I guess “rehab center” can be used in both senses!
It was great to see Nick back running this evening. His first run with us since May I believe. He took it very steady under the instruction of Sandy!! And made it round with no problems, well done Nick and welcome back!
Sandy himself decided to go against the advice he gave Nick and blasted his way round the course. Pete managed to keep in Sandys’ slip-steam and they finished together in a very quick time!
Greg having completed this route twice already managed to get lost after he missed the very discrete turn in to Peters Road (easily missed). He continued up Brook lane to the top and then back down Lockswood Road. A slightly longer route than planned, but that suited Greg and he completed the extended route in a great time!
Well done runners. No run on Friday, so HAPPY NEW YEAR! New routes for next Monday! New Year New Start!
Name 28/12/15 Speed
Nick C 2.50 00:00.0
Sandy S 3.80 32:00.0 08:25.3
Pete 3.80 32:00.0 08:25.3
Greg 4.20 41:07.0 09:47.4
A big thank you to Sharon who once again stepped in to cover my holiday. No more holidays for a while Sharon I promise! I hope your knee gets better soon and we can see you running again with us in the new year!
Sharons Blog –
Friday 18th December
Gemma      5.2 miles     49:35          09:32
Greg          5.2 miles      55:08          10:36
Sue           5.2 miles      47:38           09:09
Jo              5.2 miles      48:41          09:21
Leigh-Anne 4.2 miles      48:00          11:25
Mandy        4.2 miles      48:00          11:25
Jo               4.2 miles      50:00          11:54
Gemma was determined to run the 5.2 miles and tried hard to catch speedy Jo and Sue. Jo was a little nervous as she hadn’t been running for awhile plus work has been very demanding but Mum (Sue) and Daughter did brilliantly as usual. Greg took on the role of pacemaker especially for the 4.2 milers and made sure that they followed the correct route or that was the plan although they did have to stop 3 times due to being lost.
Monday 21st December
Sandy         3.8 miles       31:00           08:09
Gemma       5.21 miles     56:23           10:49
Louise         5.21 miles     56:23           10:49
Carl             5.21 miles     56:23           10:49
Sandy was very speedy tonight knocking a minute off his time last week; in a hurry to get to his Class! Carl, Gemma and Louise enjoyed a pre-Christmas Social chat as they paced themselves confidently around the route. Louise was not feeling too brilliant with a chesty cough at the beginning of the run but forgot about that as she ran round.
Well done team, some great times and distances in here!!

Running Club News 14/12/15

A good turn out this evening even though it was a wet start for the runners. Once the new routes had been explained the runners were paired up as per the risk assessment to be safe in the dark and they were set lose!

Carl was running with new runner to New Life Training, Leyon, the pair of them are training for an upcoming Dualathlon. I’m not sure who was pushing whom but Leyon was definitely keen to up the ante next week and push for the full 6mile route. Their time of 50mins for the 5.3mile route this evening was very impressive! Welcome to the club Leyon.

Rose was new to the club last week and in only her second run she was paired with Dawn and the returning “Motivating Mandy”. The three ladies had a great run, finishing the 4.2mile route in just over 11mins per mile. This was a new PB speed for Rose as well as a new PB on distance as well. Awesome Rose Well done! It was also one of Dawns fastest runs! Well done Motivating Mandy and welcome back!

Greg and Charles set off together on the 5.3mile route, They certainly pushed each other well and Greg’s return to fitness is showing a marked improvement, his last three runs have averaged – 11m10s, 10m15s and now 9m54s very good Greg and nearly back to where you left off!! Well done to Charles too!

Off on their own were Sandy and Mike. Sandy took a shorter route to get back to Enjoy Fitness Studio in time for his Tabata class. His very quick 3.8miles sufficient enough as a warm up for the class apparently! Mike on his recovery trail from injury was really pleased to “plod” round the 5.3mile track in an average of 8m 24s! Great to see no ill-effects with the leg though.

Same routes this Friday and the following Monday!

Mondays RC will continue as usual throughout the Christmas festivities. The Friday club will be off on the 25th and Jan 1st.

Name 14/12/15 Speed
Sandy S 3.80 0:32:00 0:08:25
Mike Y 5.30 0:44:29 0:08:24
Charles 5.30 0:52:40 0:09:56
Greg 5.30 0:52:30 0:09:54
Mandy B 4.20 0:47:23 0:11:17
Carl 5.30 0:50:25 0:09:31
Rose 4.20 0:48:13 0:11:29
Leyon 5.30 0:50:25 0:09:31
Dawn                  4.20 0:47:23 0:11:17


Friday Running Club News for 11/12/15

Another great run as the team set off on these routes for the last time. All 4 chose the 4.5mile route and I am pleased to say all 4 managed to completed the route today without any detours or mistakes! There were some great performances too. Leigh-Ann flew round in a record time, her 8m53s average was due to the music she listened too apparently, plus with no one able to keep up with her she had no one to talk to and used her oxygen to spur her on faster. Great run Leigh-Ann, well done!

Gemma was pushing Chester in the speedmobile again today and did much better up the hills taking a huge 30seconds per mile off her PB last week! Chester was not that impressed though as he slept all the way round!

Charlotte had a great run too, finishing just outside her PB by just 6 seconds per mile. And Greg must have had 4 Shredded Wheat for breakfast as he took off over a minute per mile from last weeks time to finish just outside the 9mins per mile average! Well done team!


Name 12/11/2015 Speed
Greg 4.50 0:40:40 0:09:02
Charlotte 4.50 0:51:02 0:11:20
Leigh-Ann 4.5 0:40:00 0:08:53
Gemma                  4.50 0:45:53 0:10:12


Running Club News 7/12/15

Firstly a quick report on Fridays run –
We had completed this route on the previous Friday as well as at the Monday Running club, but a few people still managed to go off track! Poor old Joanne got slightly lost and ended up completing a 5.2mile route. It wasn’t a bad  thing though as she also completed it in a record average. Its not often 1 person breaks two PBs on the same day so well done Joanne, furthest run with the running club and the quickest average!! Awesome!
Greg remembered to go past the Rising Sun this week but forgot it was Church Road not Osborne Rd we were supposed to go down, it was only a little shorter in distance but a much quicker run as he returns to fitness.
Mandy completed the route well in only her 2nd run with the club and managed the circuit 21seconds per mile quicker to set a new PB! Well done Mandy!
We had a new recruit to the running club today and our youngest ever participant, Chester, just 8months old!!! He was pushed round by Gemma in a “Speed buggy”. He beat his Mum by about a meter as well. Well done Gemma for pushing him round especially up those hills!! Same route next week for the final time and hopefully we can get it right!!

Name 12/4/2015 Speed
Greg 4.50 0:46:27 0:10:19
Mandy 4.50 0:46:00 0:10:13
Joanne 5.20 0:55:36 0:10:42
Gemma 4.50 0:47:44 0:10:36


Mondays Running Club –

A great turnout this evening and a pleasant evening to run in! Gemma was without the speed buggy this evening but she brought along her friend, Louise, for her first run with the club. They clearly motivated each other along well as Gemma achieved her PB with the club and took an massive 25seconds per mile off her previous best. Well done ladies and welcome along Louise!

Also new to the club this evening was Rose. Running alongside Nina and Dawn, Rose took on the 3.5mile route! They all completed it in style and with respectable times too, well done ladies!

Greg looked as though he was going coal-mining this evening with his headlamp on! Next week I think it needs to be blue and flash more, then people will get out the way Greg. Good time though! Getting faster each run at the moment!

Out front Pete and Ian had a great run. They beat last weeks run by just 7 seconds per mile, but definite improvement! Carl also had a great run, this was after completing the Victory 10k yesterday in a fantastic 58mins! Well done Carl! Even after yesterday he still managed to do today’s run 30seconds per mile quicker than last week!

Now you have all managed to do the route correctly I will change it for next week!! Well done all!

Name 12/6/2015 Speed
Pete 4.50 0:38:32 0:08:34
Greg 4.50 0:46:10 0:10:16
Gemma 4.50 0:43:32 0:09:40
Carl 4.50 0:42:59 0:09:33
Nina 3.50 0:45:00 0:12:51
Ian 4.50 0:38:32 0:08:34
Rose 3.50 0:45:00 0:12:51
Louise 4.50 0:43:32 0:09:40
Dawn 3.5 0:45:00 0:12:51





Running Club news 30/11/15

It was the 2nd week of these particular routes this evening, although only 1 person managed to follow the correct path – Well done to Charles as he completed the 4.5mile circuit via The Rising Sun pub in a fantastic average of just over 10mins per mile. For the rest a slightly reduced circuit of 4.4miles resulted after they missed the opportunity to run past the iconic public house!

The run started out with everyone paired up! The only exception was Mike, who, on his first run returning from injury “took it easy!”. He still finished 10minutes ahead of everyone on the 4.5mile route, and managed 30 chin ups before the next person had even come in to sight. Ian and Pete seem a great pairing, they are really pushing each other well and Pete is getting back to his fastest now after his recent injury.  Their 8m 41s per mile was very quick!

Gemma and Carl ran together again as they also seem well matched. Between them they managed to improve 12 seconds per mile on the run last week to give Gemma a new PB with the club. Well done team!

Also returning from injury was Greg. He had a great run, incident free, and in a good average of just over 11mins per mile. Its good to get the miles back in to those legs Greg!


Same routes next week team!! Last time!


Name 11/23/2015 Speed
Pete 4.40 0:38:11 0:08:41
Charles 4.50 0:45:31 0:10:07
Greg 4.40 0:49:10 0:11:10
Gemma 4.40 0:44:20 0:10:05
Carl 4.40 0:44:20 0:10:05
Ian 4.40 0:38:11 0:08:41