Running Club News 25/4/16

Friday 22nd April

This was the first Friday session for a while as numbers have dwindled due to other events. So it was great to see so many returning today. It was Joannes first run with us for a while and she did brilliantly keeping up with Charlotte and completing the 4.4mile circuit without stopping. Well done to Charlotte too who has also returned from a short break. Jo and Sue set off together but an emergency phone call half way round curtailed Jo’s run to just under 3 miles. I’m sure she will make up for it next week with a longer run though!! Sue continued on her own though, with the promise of a Yogalates coffee at the end spurring her on!! Greg was star of the day though. It is clear he has lost  a lot of weight lately as it looking more and more like a racing snake now!! Retirement is obviously doing him good. When can I retire and look that fast???

Same routes next week guys, well done!

Name 22/04/2016 Speed
Sue 5.20 0:48:29 0:09:19
Jo F 2.90 0:28:43 0:09:54
Greg 5.40 0:51:11 0:09:29
Charlotte 4.40 0:49:29 0:11:15
Joanne 4.40 0:49:29 0:11:15


Monday 25th April

It was fantastic to see Lindsay back running with us this evening. We have had a competition between the two of us on who would get back to running first; Lindsay following Chemo and myself with the Achilles injury. Well…..Lindsay won! Well done. And she did it with some style too, a very fast 4.3miles for an amazing first run back!! She was of course aided throughout by Mrs Motivation, Sharon, who, even with jet lag, kept going right to the end. Well done ladies, great to see you both back running!! The streets of Warsash have missed you both!

There was a choice of 4 routes this evening, with only Mike opting for the longest 6.5mile route. He did it in a great time though – 7m 19s per mile is fast on a hilly route! Well done Mike.

Pete opted for the 5.5mile route, he had a bit of back ache though, too many erections this week apparently. (He’s been putting up tents!). He still put in a good lap though.

Following Greg’s great run on Friday he put in another awesome performance this evening. A 9m 20s average is just getting better and better at the moment!!

Nick also had a great run this week, the plan was a longer route taken slower, as part of his return to running. Well Nick increased the distance, not sure he actually slowed down though, 8m 20s Nick??? If this is slow, what does fast look like?

Gemma was a little competitive this evening, running alongside Charles for the majority of the 4.4mile route, she put on a sprint finish to pip Charles back to the Enjoy Fitness Studio by just 20seconds. No one beats Gemma!!

Well done team. Same routes next week! We are running even though it is a Bank Holiday! See you all then.

Name 25/04/2016 Speed
Nick C 5.60 0:46:40 0:08:20
Pete 5.50 0:50:23 0:09:10
Mike Y 6.50 0:47:32 0:07:19
Charles 4.40 0:41:18 0:09:23
Greg 5.50 0:51:21 0:09:20
Gemma 4.40 0:40:58 0:09:19
Sharon 4.30 0:46:40 0:10:51
Lindsay 4.30 0:46:40 0:10:51



Running Club News 18/4/16

Due to popular demand we ran the same routes for an extra week this week. Everyone has seemed to enjoy these circuits so one last time wasn’t going to hurt, in fact it gave everyone a chance for a PB on a known route. A few people however, decided to up their game and push for a longer route. Gemma was one of these, although by following Sue and Jo she didn’t actually realise she was running the 1 mile longer route until it was too late. She did fantastic though, averaging 10mins per mile over nearly 6miles, and on top of a very intense HIIT class at Enjoy Fitness Studio yesterday! Well done Gemma! Sue and daughter, Jo, also put on extra mile from last week. The distance didn’t slow them down though, in fact they were alot faster…..24 seconds per mile faster!!! Jo didn’t have the distractions of a mobile phone this week however, but she did get a stitch and had to go “slow!”..really?

Nick and Pete kept to familiar routes and ran together, apparently they now have the design for world peace having put the world to right on the way round. Pete was 16s per mile quicker than last week. For Nick it was his third run on the week and next week we will have to up the miles!!

Mr Consistent was running with us this evening. Greg has run this route more than anyone now, having completed the lap on his own at Fridays running club as well. His 3 Monday night runs on the same circuit have read 45.57, 45.52, & 45.58 all very consistent. Well done Greg, very impressive. He had Charles for company this evening on his lap, they both finished together with Charles saying he felt quite tired this evening, not surprising really as he smashed his previous best on this route by 24seconds per mile, a big improvement. Well done Charles, great run!

Mike was a tiny bit slower this evening compared to last week, however his 7m 19s per mile average was still electrifyingly fast!! Awesome run Mike!


New routes next week!!

Name 18/04/2016 Speed
Nick C 4.10 36:18.0 08:51.2
Pete 4.10 36:18.0 08:51.2
Mike Y 5.90 43:08.0 07:18.6
Sue 5.90 53:58.0 09:08.8
Jo F 5.90 53:58.0 09:08.8
Charles 4.90 46:49.0 09:33.3
Greg 4.90 45:58.0 09:22.9
Gemma 5.90 59:09.0 10:01.5




Running Club News 11/4/16

A good turn out and warm weather this evening for the running club. This was the last time on these routes, however with the recent running events, it was their first time on these circuits for most of this evenings runners. Pete and Nick opted for the shorter 4.1mile route this evening. They started off tentatively but soon got in to stride with Nick pulling away down Peters Road to finish with a very quick 8m18s (although the Warsash clock doesn’t have a seconds hand!). Pete was close behind though, finishing just over 9mins per mile. Well done Gents.

Greg had a great run again this evening, having rested over the weekend he shaved a second off last weeks time and averaged a marvelous 9m 22s per mile. This was too fast for Charles and Gemma who tried to keep up with him to start but realising Greg was on a mission this evening settled back in to their own paces and finished with a very respectable sub-10min per mile average.

Jo and her Mum, Sue, also had good runs this evening. 9m 33s is a great time on a normal day, but consider that Jo had to stop, take a phone call, and then text someone en route, the time then looks much more impressive!!

Mike was back this evening having taken a few weeks off. He looked as though he really enjoyed it, finishing the longer 5.9mile route in an extremely quick 7m 12s. Not content with that he went home, then ran back to collect his coat, putting another mile on the clock this evening! That’s dedication!! It was also his quickest time since August 31st last year!! Well done Mike!

We may do the same routes one last time next week as many of you missed this one over the past 2 weeks!


Name 11/04/2016 Speed
Nick C 4.10 00:34:00 00:08:18
Pete 4.10 0:37:20 0:09:06
Mike Y 5.90 0:42:30 0:07:12
Sue 4.90 0:46:48 0:09:33
Jo F 4.90 0:46:48 0:09:33
Charles 4.90 0:47:54 0:09:47
Greg 4.90 0:45:52 0:09:22
Gemma 4.90 0:47:54 0:09:47


Running Club News 4/4/16

We have had a lot of events over the past 2 weeks or so; the Eastleigh 10k then the Wickham 10k and half-marathon. People obviously need to rest in preparation for these events and recover after, therefore the Warsash Running Club has been a tad quiet in the last 2 weeks. Well done to all those people who completed the Wickham this weekend, I hear it was eventful. I understand the the “Chilly, Silly, Hilly” run would have helped the preparation had it been a “Muddy, Chilly, Silly, Hilly run!”

The new routes for the next few weeks have been posted on our New Life Training facebook page and offer a choice of 3 distances. On Monday 28th Charles and Greg opted for the 4.9miles and did fantastic finishing with averages of 9m41s and 9m 23s respectively. With only the 2 of them in attendance there was some debate on whether they would actually run, as it was cold, Charles was hungover and Greg knackered from the 10k, but they both agreed that they felt much better for it afterwards. Well done Gents for going for it!

Monday 4th April saw Jo, Carl and Leyon come along to “loosen off” after their exploits the previous day at the Wickham run. Jo was joined this evening by her mum and the pair of them put in a good time over the 4.1mile route. It was interesting that everyone had to use different trainers after ruining their main pair in the previous days event. This probably didn’t help Carl, who had to pull up after 1.3miles . This left Leyon to push himself round on his own and he did fantastic, finishing just outside the 9mins per  mile marker, not bad having raced a 10k just yesterday! Well done to you all, same routes next week and hopefully a few more people back!

Name Date Distance Time Speed
Sue 04-Apr 4.10 0:36:40 0:08:57
Jo F 04-Apr 4.10 0:37:36 0:09:10
Charles 28-Mar 4.90 0:47:27 0:09:41
Greg 28-Mar 4.90 0:45:57 0:09:23
Carl 04-Apr 1.30 0:13:19 0:10:15
Leyon 04-Apr 4.10 0:37:05 0:09:03



Calories in Alcohol

 Calories in Alcohol

If you are going to have a drink which is the best one to have?

Drink Amount Calories
Magners / Bulmers 1 Pint 233
Carlsberg 1 Pint 182
Becks 1 Pint 233
San Miguel 1 Pint 256
Stella 1 Pint 193
Guiness 1 Pint 210
John Smiths 1 Pint 153
Tetley Smoothflow 1 Pint 187
Dry White 250ml 180
Med White 250ml 190
Sweet White 250ml 240
Rose 250ml 180
Red 250ml 180
Cava (Dry) 250ml 190
Cava (Med) 250ml 200
Cava (Sweet) 250ml 240
Lambrini 250ml 80
Moet et Chandon 250ml 190
Jacobs Creek Sparkling 250ml 190
WKD 1 Bottle 184
Smirnoff Ice 1 Bottle 157
Barcardi Breezer 1 Bottle 154
Corona 1 Bottle 139

How to drink less and save calories

  • Alternate a glass of wine with water or low-calorie soft drink, or try adding soda water to a glass of wine to make a long refreshing spritzer – lots of ice too!
  • Go for a small glass of wine (125ml), rather than a medium (175ml) or large (250ml) glass and steer clear of special offers like ‘buy two large glasses and get the bottle of wine free’ – a saving for your purse as well as your hips/bum/tum!
  • If you are drinking wine at home always use a small glass (125ml) and keep the bottle in the kitchen so you have to get up to have another. This might give you enough time to decide not to have a refill. Add lemonade to make the drink longer!
  • Cut down the alcohol in wine by swapping your usual strength of wine for a lower strength. Some wines can have an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) as high as 14% or 15%. Low-alcohol wines have ABVs of 9% and lower.
  • Bottles of beer have less in them and is a good way to reduce the calories, Corona for example has just 139cals in a bottle compared to nearly 200cals in a pint of lager.



Avoid the Sugary mixes, These can add an extra 100 calories to a cocktail!! Remember 4oz of tonic water has 12g of sugar in it!!

MARGARITA Tequilla (1oz), Cointreau (0.5oz), Lime Juice (0.5oz) 120
MOJITO Rum (1.5oz), Lime Juice (1oz), Sugar (2 tsp) 135
VODKA TONIC Vodka (1.5oz), Tonic (4oz) 137
RUM & COKE Rum (1.5oz), Coke (4oz) 143
SCREWDRIVER Vodka (1.5oz) Orange Juice (3.5oz) 145
GIN & TONIC Gin (1.5oz), Tonic (4oz) 151
WHITE RUSSIAN Vodka (1.5oz), Kahlua (0.5oz), Cream (0.5oz) 152
WHISKEY SOUR Whiskey (1.5oz), Lemon Juice (1oz), Sugar Syrup (0.5oz) 156
MARTINI Gin (2oz), Vermouth (0.5oz) 161
PINA COLADA Rum (1oz), Coconut Milk (1oz), Pinapple juice (3oz) 170
SEX ON THE BEACH Vodka (1.5oz), Peach Schnapps (0.5oz), Cranberry Juice (1.5oz) Orange Juice (1.5oz) 179
TEQUILLA SUNRISE Tequila (1.5oz), Orange Juice (3oz), Grenadine (0.5oz) 200
VODKA AND REDBULL Vodka (1.5oz) Red Bull (8.5oz) 206



You have probably had too many calories from alcohol already if you have reached this point but here is what you need to know when you start on those shots!!

Vodka Jelly Shot – 94cals
Vodka Shot – 96cals
Rum Shot – 96cals
SoCo & lime – 100cals
Tequila – 104cals
Whiskey – 105cals
Jagermeister – 155cals

Drink Sensibly!!

Running Club News 21/3/16

MONDAY 21st March

We only had a few in attendance this evening due to the Eastleigh 10k race the day before. Some of the runners were just using today’s run as a stretch out following yesterday and therefore the were no record breaking times, but everyone enjoyed this evenings Hilly runs (no jokes please!)!! Yesterdays 10k took the focus for the weekend though, see below for full report on the event.

New routes next week. YES there is a running club session on Easter Monday!!!

Name 21/03/2016 Speed
Nick C 3.50 28:00.0 08:00.0
Mike Y 6.20 48:10.0 07:46.1
Alistair 4.90 49:34.0 10:06.9
Greg 4.90 55:17.0 11:16.9



This weekends running clubs sessions were somewhat depleted due to the Eastleigh 10k event. It was great to see New Life Training Running Club well represented again this year. Even though they had over 2300 entries all our team made it round safe and in good times too. 5 out of the 6 runners achieved their best Eastleigh results this year showing that all the work at the Warsash Running Club is paying off as you guys are faster and fitter than ever before!! It was also great to see that all the Warsash Runners finished within 4 minutes of each other! #teamwork! Well done to Jo and Sue, who, running together, knocked off 3mins 03 seconds from their last best time at the Eastleigh 10k two years ago. Charles also missed last years run but he also managed to improve his 2014 time by nearly 3 minutes which took him under the hour for the 10k! Well done! It was Theresa’s first Eastleigh with us and she put in a great performance of just 9m18s per mile average, awesome! Greg though showed how much he has improved over the years, with 2014 – 64mins, 2015 – 58mins and 2016 – 57mins. Great improvements Greg, fantastic!  Alistair also had a great run, he hasn’t been able to attend the RC quite as often as in recent years, but his 57mins was still very impressive. Well done team! I hope to join you for next years Eastleigh!!

Eastleigh 10k 2016

Name Time Distance Speed Cat Pos
Alistair 00:57:27 6.23 00:09:13 191
Jo 00:55:44 6.23 00:08:57 89
Sue 00:55:44 6.23 00:08:57 21
Greg 00:56:57 6.23 00:09:08 32
Theresa 00:57:59 6.23 00:09:18 98
Charles 00:58:45 6.23 00:09:26 336

Running Club News 14/3/16

Friday 11th March

We only had 2 runners for this mornings run, which was surprising seeing how the weather was so nice. Nick was officially working so had to run fast through the village so no one would see him. I think he needs to be working & running more often because his 8m 32s per mile was very impressive!! Greg took a longer route to take in the beautiful weather, he didn’t really hang-around though, his average of 9m 21s per mile also very impressive for a near 5mile route. Well done Gents. Nice routes, same again next Friday!

Monday 14th March

Another beautiful day on the South coast that turned in to a cold evening as the sun surrendered. Tonight therefore became the Silly Chilly Hilly Run (oh Dear! we really do have to stop these!). Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenging routes again this week and they do seem to be helping peoples fitness as all the runners who ran last week improved on their times this week! Firstly Charles took 3 seconds per mile off last weeks average. He put it down to Sharon egging him on for the last mile after she had finished her run and rejoined the team to push them for the last bit! Another great piece of motivation from Sharon, however, we maybe shouldn’t rely on her for the directions as she set off in totally the wrong direction this evening and had to be chased as she couldn’t hear the shouts through her music! Well done though Sharon and thanks for the motivation!!

Alistair missed last weeks run and he also missed Heath Road North on his way back this evening, not a bad section to miss Alistair. Still it was a very good run and a great average of 9m 37s, just ready for the Eastleigh 10k coming up this weekend. Dawn also had a great run this evening and her first experience of the silly hilly chilly Billy Milly Tilly (oh Stop!) route. Her 10m 51 is exceptionally good for this route, well done Dawn!

Greg had a 7seconds per mile improvement on last week. This is quite a significant improvement and shows the route along with the extra running Greg is doing currently is making him fitter. Well done Greg and good luck on Sunday at Eastleigh.

Finally, Jo and Carl opted for the 6.2mile route. This is a nearly-10k hilly route, but they managed it very well, averaging just over 9mins per mile!! Very impressive guys! Well done!

Same routes next week for the last time.

Name 14/03/2016 Speed
Jo F 6.20 0:55:58 0:09:02
Charles 4.90 0:48:13 0:09:50
Alistair 5.80 0:55:48 0:09:37
Greg 4.90 0:46:53 0:09:34
Carl 6.20 0:55:45 0:09:00
Sharon 0:48:13 #DIV/0!
Dawn 3.5 0:38:00 0:10:51


Running Club News 7/3/16

Friday 4th March

It was the last time on this route today and a perfect sunny but cool day to get some good times in!

Greg had a great run, pacing himself to perfection on the 5.6mile route. He managed to take off a massive 22seconds per mile from last week and finished very strong, well done Greg. Sue and Jo were a little slower than last time, however they caught up on the gossip and got Sue round even with a sore hip! Well done ladies. Charlotte also had a fantastic run today, not quite her fastest ever, but certainly her course PB! 30seconds per mile quicker than last week and no buses or taxi’s involved, well done Charlotte.

We also had another Charlotte today, complete with buggy she joined Gemma on the run. They decided to go a little off-piste and nearly ended up in the Hamble. A jog along the shore was very pleasant however in the sunny weather and they all enjoyed themselves.

New routes next week team!

Name 04/03/2016 Speed
Sue 5.20 00:49:30 00:09:31
Jo F 5.50 0:52:02 0:09:28
Greg 5.60 0:53:20 0:09:31
Charlotte 4.90 0:54:46 0:11:11
Charlotte 2 5.00 0:59:59 0:12:00
Gemma                  5.00 0:59:59 0:12:00


Monday 7th March

There were some jokes banded about on Facebook after the routes were posted in advance of this evenings run.  We have had the “Willy” run now we have the “Hilly” run, soon to be followed by the “Silly” run apparently!! It was true though this evenings routes were purposefully hilly. I am not sure if that put a few people off but it was a lot quieter this evening for the run. The hills have been put in to the routes to aid peoples fitness. The objective to sprint the hills as fast as possible, get the heart rate high and then use the down or flat areas to recover by jogging slowly. This is interval training and will raise the fitness levels for running significantly. Allowing the runners to run faster and further in just a matter of weeks. Those who participated actually reported afterwards that they enjoyed it, however, we will see if they turn up again next week!

Poor Charles had no Mandy to chase this evening, instead he had to settle for a Greg to chase. This was made all the more difficult by Sharon, who used this evenings run to chop and change routes in order to motivate and encourage as many of the runners as possible. She met Greg climbing the hill on Peters Road and gave him a little boost to get to the top, Charles had been catching him at this point and was sure to pass him on the hill until Sharon intervened. We done and thank you to Sharon for motivating people round again this evening and well done to Greg on another great run. I’m sure you will catch him next week Charles!

Carl didn’t have Leyon to compete with today, so the next episode of that battle will have to wait. He did get some good training in though, pairing up with Pete, they flew round the hilly course in just 9m 08s per mile, I think this will prove very fast on this course. We will see what Leyon has to offer next week!

Mike took on the long route this evening, just under 10k of hills!!! And what a time he did it in! Averaging 7m 32s per mile, it seems Mike is back to full fitness! Well done!

Same routes next week I’m afraid!!

Name 07/03/2016 Speed
Pete 4.80 0:43:50 0:09:08
Mike Y 6.20 0:46:40 0:07:32
Charles 4.80 0:47:25 0:09:53
Greg 4.80 0:46:31 0:09:41
Carl 4.80 0:43:50 0:09:08
Sharon 4.80 0:46:31 0:09:41




Running Club News 29/2/16

Apologies for the lack of report last Monday, I now have a fixed PC and able to catch up on the recent running club events!

Friday 19th February

It was a glorious spring morning. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I thought it was the best time to get back out with the running club myself today. Unfortunately not running however, but on a push bike next to them. All 3 of the runners opted for the longer 5.5mile route, I spent my time cycling between them, ensuring they were working hard and keeping on track, that was until I lost Greg! One minute he was there and I said I’d meet him at the next road then he was gone. I clocked 8.3miles in the end trying to find him. He made it back safe however and admitted he took a wrong turn somewhere. It was a great morning though so he thoroughly enjoyed the longer run!! As for Mum and Daughter, Jo and Sue, they had a great run, averaging just 9m 21s per mile, well done ladies!

Name 19/02/2016
Sue 5.50 0:51:56
Jo F 5.50 0:51:28

Monday 22nd February

A fantastic turn out this evening for the 2nd week of these routes. The routes are quick and tonight was the same!! You will see we have entered a new column for MEPs this week, these are Myzone Effort Points for those who have the Myzone MZ-3 heart rate monitors. It will be interesting to see who puts in the effort from here. Nick and Sandy were both clearly working hard this evening both scoring 140+, a very good score, which matched their very fast pace of under 9mins per mile!! Pete was even quicker though, clocking just outside the 8mins  per mile marker, great run Pete!!

Charles was being chased by Mandy this week and that pushed him on to record a time 2minutes quicker than last week. For Mandy it was her first session back with us for a good few months, but it was like she hadn’t been away, a great performance and welcome back Mandy!

Gemma and Louise are just getting better and better each week! They secured another PB with the running club this evening with an average of 9m 20s on a 5.6mile route!! Awesome!!! Also setting records this evening was Rose. Her time of 41mins was admitted “Chinese time!” but it was substantially quicker than last week and a definite personal best! Well done Rose! Nina ran with Rose for the route and motivated her round to a fantastic time. Just a ahead of them were the pairing of Sharon and Dawn, they were also running by “Chinese time” but did pull out another amazing performance. Not quite a PB this week but still a very quick time. Well done ladies!

Carl and Leyon are becoming quite competitive with each other, Carl went out and brought some new trainers this week. They had jets on the back by the look of his time this evening – under 9mins per mile is fantastic. He was more pleased with the fact he beat Leyon!! I think this competition will continue…….watch this space!!!

Finally, it was Mike who had the quickest time of the evening, an amazing 7m 40s average around the longer 5.6mile route. Well done Mike!!

Name 22/02/2016 MEPS Speed
Nick C 3.70 00:33:00 146 00:08:55
Sandy S 3.70 00:33:00 145 00:08:55
Pete 4.40 0:35:43 0:08:07
Mike Y 5.60 0:42:55 0:07:40
Charles 4.40 0:41:42 0:09:29
Mandy B 4.40 0:41:42 0:09:29
Gemma 5.60 0:52:16 0:09:20
Carl 5.60 0:49:59 0:08:56
Nina 3.70 0:41:00 0:11:05
Sharon 3.70 0:39:00 0:10:32
Rose 3.70 0:41:00 0:11:05
Leyon 5.60 0:50:15 0:08:58
Louise 5.60 0:52:16 0:09:20
Dawn 3.7 0:39:00 0:10:32

Friday 26th February

Name 26/02/2016 Speed
Jo F 5.50 0:49:11 0:08:57
Juliette 2.80 0:38:26 0:13:44
Greg 5.60 0:55:22 0:09:53
Charlotte 4.90 0:57:16 0:11:41
Gemma 4.10 0:43:10 0:10:32

It was great to have Juliette back with the running club this morning. It had been that long that at 9.10am (5mins before we were due to start) she phoned me to see where everyone was, not realising that for the last 14months we have been setting off from the Enjoy Fitness Studio and not the Osborne Road Rec! She quickly dismantled her buggy, drove up to the club remade the buggy like a McClaren pit officer and set off for her first run in 18 months!! Her new addition, Zack, was great, taking in all the sites on the 2.8mile journey until the last 20 meters, then he fell asleep!! Gemma was also with Buggy this morning, Chester is a little more used to the route and decided to fall asleep even before setting off, he had clearly seen it all before! Good times from both ladies with the buggies though, well done!!

Jo was in one of her determined moods this morning!! She set off like a rocket! And didn’t slow down! Her 8m57s was one her fastest times and another sub-9 min average, well done Jo!

Following last weeks detour, we were careful to ensure Greg knew the route this week, he still managed to create an extension to the run, but it was a very good time Greg, well done!! Under 10mins per mile! Awesome! Charlotte was star of the day though completing one of her longest runs with the club since she joined and in a great time too, well done Charlotte.

Same routes next week team for the last time!

Monday 29th February

Another great turn out this evening and the next chapter in the Leyon versus Carl saga!! Last week, complete with new trainers, Carl beat Leyon to have bragging rights for the week. This week it was Leyons turn to have a new gadget – his new MZ-3!! And it was Leyon who earned a massive 215 MEPs and bragging rights for this week as he beat Carl by a clear 3 minutes!! Well done!

There is another battle brewing as well, last week Charles led Mandy all the way round the route, this week it was the reverse. Mandy speeding up and slowing down to keep Charles interested but not so he could pass! The result – Charles 79 seconds faster than last week and his fastest time on this route, Mandy 99 seconds faster than last week and her fastest on the route, a little healthy competition can pay dividends, well done!

Sandy was also wearing his MZ-3 and his higher effort score this week resulted in a 2minute improvement on last weeks time! Well done sandy!

Louise and Gemma approached me last week and asked if they could do a 10k this evening in preparation for their next event. It ended up being a little further than 10k and I did tell a little white lie and it was a little hillier than I had intimated. However the girls did awesome! The finished 10k in under an hour….the first time either of them had ever achieved that. Well done ladies, the training is clearly working for you! They’re overall time was just 3 seconds per mile off their PBs and for a much longer route!! #speedy!!

Dawn was very consistent this evening, matching last weeks time and pace alongside Sharons watchful eye until the sprint finish! Sharon kept with Rose and pushed her all the way to the finish line to set a new Personal Best for Rose, 10m 52s per mile knocks 13seconds per mile off her previous best, fantastic Rose well done!

It was great to see Alistair back this evening, although his birthday celebrations I think took a bigger toll on his body than he realised. A good distance though Alistair, well done and we hope to see you back soon. Greg also felt a toll on his body, although I think it was too much running in the legs recently and he took a short cut home, get rested for Friday Greg and we will smash it then!

The speedy ones had great runs this evening. Pete smashed last weeks time to finish just outside 8mins per mile, his fastest on this route to show he is getting quicker each week. And Mike improved massively on last weeks run by nearly a minute to record a 7m 31s average! Well done gents!

New routes next week team!

Name 29/02/2016 MEPS Speed
Sandy S 3.70 31:00.0 149.00 08:22.7
Pete 4.40 35:20.0 08:01.8
Mike Y 5.60 42:06.0 07:31.1
Charles 4.40 40:23.0 09:10.7
Alistair 5.60 58:00.0 10:21.4
Greg ? 52:23.0 #VALUE!
Mandy B 4.40 40:03.0 09:06.1
Gemma 6.50 01:00.0 09:23.1
Carl 5.60 50:47.0 09:04.1
Sharon 3.70 40:13.0 10:52.2
Rose 3.7 40:13.0 10:52.2
Leyon 5.60 47:20.0 215.00 08:27.1
Louise 6.5 01:00.0 09:23.1
Dawn 3.7 39:00.0 10:32.4






Running Club News 15/2/16

Friday 12th February

I think the cold weather put a few people off today, but the three ladies who did turn up really gave it they’re all, as we completed this route for the last time. Firstly, Jo had run an amazing run last week on this route, finishing just outside her PB, this week was a little slower but still one of her fastest ever with the running club. Well done Jo! For Joanne, she achieved her PB last Friday and this week she beat it again, set a new record for herself, and a 20second per mile improvement on last weeks time, superb Joanne, excellent!! Then we have Charlotte, just returning from a skiing holiday, I think she was secretly doing altitude training over there, as she flew round today. Her previous PB of 11m14s per mile was smashed by 68seconds today…..phenomenal!!!!

Well done Ladies! New routes next week.

Name 12/2/2016 Speed
Jo F 4.80 0:42:19 0:08:49
Charlotte 3.70 0:36:45 0:09:56
Joanne 3.70 0:36:15 0:09:48


Monday 15th February

It was a very clear sky this evening which meant an extremely cold night. It was a warming turnout though, with 13 runners braving the weather! We had new routes this evening, very basic to follow and a choice of 4.4miles, 3.7miles or 5.6miles! So I am not sure how three of the runners managed 4.5miles!! and how one runner managed to do part of the route backwards. Anyhow, the new routes along with the cold weather meant we had some extremely fast times this evening!

We had a small team of Leyon, Carl and Alistair all in team colours this evening who set off extremely quickly down Warsash Road! They kept the pace going well too, with all 3 of them finishing in an average of under 9mins per mile. For Leyon, this was his fastest run with the club and a very impressive 8m 37s per mile. Well done!

Rose and Nina set off quick too on the shorter route. It was Roses’ first run in several weeks and she was certainly full of energy as she smashed her previous PB with the club to achieve an 11m 24s average, Awesome! For Nina, it was a chance for her to try out her new Valentines present ….. a new Myzone MZ-3! It worked well, showing 628 calories burned and 202 MEPs earnt!! Fantastic Nina, great effort. For more information on the Myzone equipment see below!

It was great to see Nick back this evening. He teamed up with Pete to blast away some cobwebs and fly round the shorter circuit in just over 9mins per mile. Great run gents! Sharon and Dawn were not far behind them. Dawn improving on her last runs PB, to have 2 consecutive personal bests! Her 10m 19s per mile is an amazing 2m 14s per mile better than when she started, and she is running further!! Fantastic Dawn! and thank you Sharon for motivating her round!!

Louise, Gemma and Charles all set off well this evening. It was a fast start but they seemed to just get faster!! Gemma really enjoyed the route and the run and it is clear to see why. Their 9m 21s average for mile was her fastest with the club, as was Louise’s average!! Being chased by Charles really seems to have some benefits!

Finally, Mike stormed the long route this evening. A slight detour down Dibles the wrong way, but the adjudicator has indicated it worked out to be the same distance, roughly! His 7m 31s was extremely impressive!!!

Same routes next week guys and a chance to further improve on your PBs. Well done all!!!

Name 15/2/16 Speed
Nick C 3.70 0:33:40 0:09:06
Pete 3.70 0:33:40 0:09:06
Mike Y 5.60 0:42:05 0:07:31
Charles 4.50 0:43:35 0:09:41
Alistair 5.60 0:50:07 0:08:57
Gemma 4.50 0:42:31 0:09:27
Carl 5.60 0:49:52 0:08:54
Nina 3.70 0:42:10 0:11:24
Sharon 3.70 0:38:10 0:10:19
Rose 3.70 0:42:10 0:11:24
Leyon 5.60 0:48:18 0:08:37
Louise 4.50 0:42:31 0:09:27
Dawn                  3.70 0:38:10 0:10:19



A few of the runners this evening were asking about the new Myzone product we have at the club. Well, It is a fantastic bit of kit that will measure your heart rate, calories and effort as you run with the club or even on your own. For a limited time I have a £50 off discount code – NLTUK001 that will bring the price down of this product significantly. It would be great to have a few of the runners using the product as we can also publish effort rates as well as times and distances. Some people obviously work extremely hard to achieve their times and it would be good to mention and reward them for it on here! For more information on the Myzone product go to