Friday Running Club 02/10/15

We had two new beginners to the Friday Running Club this morning. A big welcome to Charlotte and Leigh-Ann to the Warsash Running Club! Both ladies have good running experience and so went straight for the 3.8mile route. Sharon took Leigh-Ann and put her through her paces. They completed 3.8miles non-stop and in a great average of just over 11minutes per mile. Charlotte had the unfortunate experience to have to run with me. Between us we covered 3miles non-stop and at one point we hit 10m30s per mile. Charlotte’s average was very impressive for a first run as she finished close to 12mins per mile. The ladies will hopefully be back next week to try the route one last time before we change it!

Also running today were Jo and Greg. Both opted for the 5.4mile route and they set off together. Jo started to stretch her legs half-way round and came in with a very quick average of less than 9mins per mile. Gregs time of 52:52 was also very impressive in the heat! Well done guys!! See you all next week!

Name 02/10/2015 Speed
Mark 3.00 00:36:10 00:12:03
Jo F 5.40 00:48:18 00:08:57
Greg 5.40 00:52:52 00:09:47
Sharon 3.80 00:42:10 00:11:06
Charlotte 3.00 00:36:08 00:12:03
Leigh-Ann 3.80 00:42:10 00:11:06

Running Club News 28/9/15

Two lots of running club news to catch up on this evening. We have the Friday run and this evenings Monday run to discuss which sandwiched the 1st Tough Mudder event that New Life Training have entered. As you would expect the Friday group was fairly low key with 3 of the participants preparing themselves for the grueling 12mile assault course that would follow on the Sunday. It was a very enjoyable run however, with everyone staying together socially until the end of the run. It was Theresa who broke free from the pack first. Sensing that it was going to be a good time, she put her foot down and sped away. It was a great decision as she achieved yet another Personal Best average. Her 8m53s per mile took 4 seconds off her previous PB and she is looking very ready for this years Great South Run now! The rest of the group pretty much finished together with Sue and Sharon closely followed by Alistair. It was only Greg who completed the longer route of 5.5miles this week. He did so very well, a very quick 9m 05s average around a 5.5mile circuit was exceptionally fast! His 2nd fastest ever!! Well done Greg!

The Tough Mudder event was fantastic, with the 12mile route and 26 obstacles completed by the team in 3h 40m!! Well done Team! You can check out the photos on the New Life Personal Training Facebook page!

As you would expect there were very few at Monday nights running club as many of the regulars rested their limbs after the previous days Tough Mudder. It was the last attempt on this course and so a chance to put some good times in! Dawn who had run 3.5miles for the first time ever last week had the run of the evening. She completed the 3.5mile route again non-stop! But took an amazing 5minutes 23seconds off her time to record her fastest run as well as her longest!! Her 11m 23s was a brilliant average for only her 4th run with the club! Well done Dawn!!

Greg also had a great run, building on the superb run he did on Friday he again showed he is still improving by shaving a second off his split time to record his second ever fastest run with the club, just 9m 4s per mile and I reckon that PB and the 9mins per mile will be broken in the next couple of weeks.

Pete, Theresa and Sharon then all came in completing the run very close together. Pete hitting the 9mins per mile dead-on quickly followed by Theresa and then Sharon. No PBs, but some very fast and consistent times, Well done!!

Mike took on the 6.5miles for the last time, still struggling with a niggily injury he made it round and finished strong with a 7m27s average, well done Mike!

Next week we are looking to do a Handicap run!! See you then!


Name 25/09/2015 Speed
Mark 3.80 00:33:58 00:08:56
Sue 3.80 00:34:20 00:09:02
Theresa 3.80 00:33:45 00:08:53
Alistair 3.80 00:34:35 00:09:06
Greg 5.50 00:49:57 00:09:05
Sharon 3.80 00:34:20 00:09:02



Name 28/09/2015 Speed
Mark 3.50 00:39:51 00:11:23
Pete 5.00 00:45:00 00:09:00
Mike Y 6.50 00:48:26 00:07:27
Theresa 5.00 00:45:10 00:09:02
Greg 5.00 00:45:20 00:09:04
Sharon 5.00 00:45:50 00:09:10
Dawn 3.5 00:39:51 00:11:23


Running Club News 21/9/15

After the almighty downpour just an hour before running club this evening I was quite pleased to see the sun peeping through, although it did make for a humid run again. A big variations in routes this evening, as some prepare for this Sundays Tough Mudder competition and others – Nina and Carl recover from the weekends London Dualathlon. Nina ran this evening on the 3.5mile route and partnered up with Dawn. Between them they chatted all the way round which helped take their mind off the running. It also distracted them from the route as they took a little detour that put on another 0.1 of a mile on to the distance. The distraction helped though as Dawn completed the 3.6miles non-stop, the furthest she has ever run! Well done Dawn and thank you Nina for the motivation PT role this evening! Carl, also recovering from the weekends Dualathlon also ran the 3.5mile route, it was a good job too as I got confused twice and nearly went the wrong way myself before Carl but me back on track, thanks Carl!! Good time too!

Mandy turned up this evening all fired up and in the mood for a great run. She had changed her weekend nutrition plan and it worked for her (she swapped the wine for Vodka!) She produced a fantastic run taking 1m 32s off her previous time on this route and had her 2nd ever fastest run with the club. Her fastest since March!! Well done Mandy!! Sandy was the only other person to complete the 3.5mile route, he flew round again in order to get back to Enjoy Fitness Studio ready for his Tabata class. He took 7 seconds per mile off his last weeks time to record a fantastically quick 8m 43s average!!! And he seemed to work hard in Tabata too this evening!

On the longer 5mile route Sharon and Theresa set off together and motivated each other round like last week. And just like last week they both smashed it!!! Theresa put on a great sprint finish to thrash last weeks time by 57 seconds and set a new Personal Best average for a Monday night as she just dipped under 9mins per mile! Awesome, well done Theresa! Sharon finished strong too, taking 21secs off her time from last week. Well done!! Greg also ran the 5miles this evening extremely well. It was great to compare to a year ago for Greg, exactly 12 months ago he completed a 4mile route in 10m41s. 12months on and he is running a mile further and over a minute per mile quicker!! Well done Greg!

Finally, Mike was the only one to stretch the legs to the longer 6.5mile route this evening. He did extremely well, still sporting the slight injury he completed the route in a fantastic average of 7m 20s! Well done Mike.

Same routes next week for the last time!

Name 21/09/2015 Speed
Mark 3.50 00:32:40 00:09:20
Sandy S 3.50 00:30:31 00:08:43
Mike Y 6.50 00:47:40 00:07:20
Theresa 5.00 00:44:54 00:08:59
Greg 5.00 00:47:03 00:09:25
Mandy B 3.50 00:37:05 00:10:36
Carl 3.50 00:32:38 00:09:19
Nina 3.6 00:45:14 00:12:34
Sharon 5.00 00:45:30 00:09:06
Dawn 3.6 00:45:14 00:12:34


Friday Running Club News 18/9/15

A glorious morning for running today! Unfortunately a few people were tight for time so the majority opted for the shorter run this morning. Greg and Pete braved the longer distance though as we completed these routes for the last time. Pete was off to a flyer. He kept the pace well too as he completed the 5.4miles in an average of just 8m 14s per mile. Thats very quick as Pete returns to his best, aided somewhat by his super new watch!! Greg also ran the longer route and was unlucky not to improve on his time last week, finishing just 7 seconds behind, blame the pace setter at the beginning Greg!!

The ladies went for the 3.8mile route, Jo led from the front but all the others pushed hard to keep with her! Jo finshed in an average of 8m 37s, very fast!! Infact her 2nd fastest ever and only 3seconds per mile off her PB!! Awesome. Keeping up with Jo was not easy but Theresa pushed herself, finishing in sight of Jo. This gave Theresa a new Personal Best and her first sub-9 minute mile average! Well done Theresa!!! Also hitting the 9mins per mile and keeping up with Jo this week was Sharon. Carrying a foot injury, Sharon did fantastic to improve on last weeks time by 11 seconds. Well done Sharon!!

New routes next week team!

Name 18/09/2015 Speed
Mark 3.80 00:33:12 00:08:44
Pete 5.40 00:44:30 00:08:14
Jo F 3.80 00:32:44 00:08:37
Theresa 3.80 00:33:59 00:08:57
Greg 5.40 00:53:20 00:09:53
Sharon 3.80 00:34:15 00:09:01

Running Club News 14/9/15

A fantastic turn out this evening, especially considering the weather forecast was for storms. It was certainly threatening at the end of the run, possibly the reason why there were so many good times this evening.

Mike missed the briefing session, it was thought after his injury last week he would be missing this week. Not so…..he was just giving us all a head start before he flew past all the runners going up Brook Lane! He completed the 6.5mile circuit in a great time, although he still has a niggle of an injury. Well done Mike. Pete saw Mike fly past him and positioned himself in his slip stream! Running with a new watch, Pete could track his own time and produced his fastest average and his first sub- 8min per mile since May. This had a knock on effect as Sandy was determined to keep Pete in his vision, and for the most part he did. Sandy’s 8m50s average was awesome!

Carl was also running the 3.5mile route and similar to Pete he produced his fastest run since May! Producing a fantastic sub-9 min per mile average! Well done Carl. Mandy completed the runners on the 3.5mile circuit, her 11mins per mile was very impressive.

Dawn was back with us this evening, and was in fine form. She not only improved on her distance she was also quicker than her first run with the club 2 weeks ago. She completed her 2.6m route in an average of 11m 48s, a massive 45 seconds per mile quicker than last time. Well done Dawn, awesome!

Running the medium distance of 5miles this evening were Theresa, Sharon, Greg, Jo and Alistair. Alistair was sporting new running gear, unfortunately his footwear let him down and rubbed his feet, but he will be back next week to make up for it I am sure. For the other 4 it was a bit of a race with all of them finishing very close together. Jo passed the line first, even though she was full of cold she still managed 9mins per mile! Next there was a sprint finish for the flag. Theresa and Sharon ended up crossing the line together having out sprinted Greg from Dibles. For Theresa it meant a new PB and a hat-trick of improvements – 3 weeks in a row. She is definitely getting faster and Greg and Sharon really pushed for it this evening. Theresa’s PB is now 9m 10s per mile, awesome. The sprint finish also meant Greg finished with his best average since February and he is closing in on that sub-9 min mile now!! Sharon also had her best run since May!!! Great to see everyone motivating each other this evening. Great run team!!

Name 14/09/2015 Speed
Mark 2.60 00:30:42 00:11:48
Sandy S 3.50 00:30:55 00:08:50
Pete 3.50 00:27:50 00:07:57
Mike Y 6.50 00:47:21 00:07:17
Jo F 5.00 00:45:07 00:09:01
Theresa 5.00 00:45:51 00:09:10
Alistair 5.00 00:56:00 00:11:12
Greg 5.00 00:45:59 00:09:12
Mandy B 3.50 00:38:37 00:11:02
Carl 3.50 00:33:04 00:09:27
Sharon 5.00 00:45:51 00:09:10
Dawn 2.6 00:30:42 00:11:48

Friday Running Club News 11/9/15

A really good turn out this morning and a few stiff limbs still from Mondays Energy Systems Training with the running club. So today was more about a loosener of the legs more than anything. It was a steady uphill route with a quick down hill to finish. That, added to the hot day, prohibited any quick times. Pete, Theresa and Sharon did their best though. They all finished within 10 seconds of each other and pushed each other round well to finish with a good average of 9mins per mile!! Lindsey was just behind them completing the route well!!

Greg pushed himself to do the longer 5.4 miles today and did fantastic finishing in under 10mins per mile. Very good considering the conditions and the state of Gregs legs after last Mondays session! Mandy also had a great run completing the 3.8mile route without stopping in her first Friday sessions since the school holidays began. She had already run on Monday with the club and again on Wednesday on her own so she could have been forgiven for being a bit tired, but there was no fatigue as she pushed the finish to a very good average of 10m 46s per mile.

Well done to all the runners today.

Mondays session is back to road running with 3 routes to choose from, 3.5miles, 5miles or 6.5miles! Here they are –


3.5miles –

5miles –

6.5miles –


Name 11/09/2015 Speed
Mark 3.80 00:40:58 00:10:47
Pete 3.80 00:34:16 00:09:01
Theresa 3.80 00:34:16 00:09:01
Greg 5.40 00:53:13 00:09:51
Sharon 3.80 00:34:26 00:09:04
Lindsey 3.80 00:36:17 00:09:33
Mandy 3.80 00:40:55 00:10:46

Running Club News 7/9/15

This evenings sessions was aimed at speed and energy system development to help the runners run further and faster. It consisted of hill sprints, parachute runs, speed ladder work and bungee shuttles. I hope it was a lot of fun! You can see some of the highlights  –


Judging by the feedback on social media just 2 hours after the session it seemed the runners found muscles they never knew they had!!

Alistair has been given a new inhaler although watching him fly up the hills many felt it was loaded with Nitrous Oxide. Carl and Nina were back for the session this evening, what a session to come back too!!! They did fantastic though, literally flying up Strawberry field with a parachute. Greg had the short straw pairing with Speedy Mike. But Greg did awesome, keeping up with all the exercises very well! Mike had a great time until a slight muscle strain set him back, fingers crossed for a quick recovery Mike. Theresa is really focused on this years Great South Run and she worked really hard through the session this evening. Finally Jo, she put her all in to the speed ladder and was close to beating Alistair on the sprints at the end! Well done to you all.

Meanwhile back at Enjoy……Sharon took a few of the running club out for a quick sneaky look at next weeks routes!!

Pete had new trainers this evening and flew round the new route in 30mins!!! His fastest average for a while. Fran also flew round, her quickest run yet with the club, she has now improved on every visit. Keep it up Fran!! Mandy was back from the summer break today and running with Sharon she did fantastic. Non-stop round the 3.5mile route. Well done to all the participants this evening. Back to the 3.5m, 5m or 6.5m routes next week!

Name Speed
Pete 3.50 00:30:00 00:08:34
Sharon 3.50 00:40:00 00:11:26
Mandy 3.50 00:40:00 00:11:26
Fran 2.80 00:26:00 00:09:17


Friday Running Club News 4/9/15

A relatively quiet  running club this morning, but as it was only yesterday the kids went back to school I exepct most people were at home just having a big sigh of relief!

We had new routes today though and those people who attended thoroughly enjoyed them. Sharon teamed up with Theresa again today and the two of them completed the 3.8mile route in a very quick time. Their average of 9m26s was only 4seconds per mile off Theresa’s PB and this on a new unfamiliar route, wait until next week and I am sure new records will be set!

Greg opted for the longer route and clearly still had something left in the tank at the end. I expect Greg can take at least 15seconds per mile off this course and set himself a new PB in the process after seeing him fly round in 9m 08s average today!

Well done to all the runners, see you next Friday!!


Name 04/09/2015 Speed
Theresa 3.50 00:33:02 00:09:26
Greg 5.50 00:50:14 00:09:08
Sharon 3.50 00:33:02 00:09:26




ENJOY Septembers Timetable

enjoy_fitness_timetable v6


Running Club News 31/8/15

It was the last time on these routes this evening. So a chance for people familiar with the routes to put in a PB! Even though it was a Bank Holiday we still had a good turn out and half of those who turned up had their best ever run with the club, well worth the effort.

Firstly though, a big massive welcome to Dawn, who attended the Warsash Running Club for the first time this evening. Having not run much before she did fantastic, finishing the 2.4mile route in just 30minutes. Well done Dawn, we hope to see you again next week!

Theresa was back this evening with her Great South Run preparation and it is going very well! Last week was her fastest average with the running club, this week, with Sharon alongside her pushing her along, she smashed it! A whole 2m 23s faster!! She set herself a new Personal Best Average of just 9m 22s and closing in on that 9mins mile very quickly!!

Lindsey has been getting faster and faster each week and tonight she must have had 3 weetabix because she absolutely annihilated her previous time on the long  5.8mile route, improving by 4m 10s!!! This set her new Personal Best Average of less than 9mins per mile. Well done Lindsey, fantastic run!!

Sandy had a great run too. Having already completed the Tough Mudder Bootcamp Training earlier in the day he ran the 4.4mile route for the first time and finished in an awesome 9m 32s per mile. Well done!

Mike was fast this evening and although no PBs were set he took 6seconds per mile off his average from last week in a great run. Greg also showed great improvement week on week as he shaved nearly a minute off his time from last week to reduce his average to just 9m 19s for the 5.8miles, he finished strong this week as well so more to come I think!!


Well done to all the runners this evening. A special Speed session next week in preparation for the GSR!!

Name 31/08/2015 Speed
Mark 2.40 00:30:07 00:12:33
Sandy S 4.40 00:41:57 00:09:32
Mike Y 5.80 00:41:32 00:07:10
Theresa 4.40 00:41:12 00:09:22
Greg 5.80 00:54:02 00:09:19
Sharon 4.40 00:41:12 00:09:22
Lindsey 5.8 00:52:06 00:08:59
Dawn 2.4 00:30:07 00:12:33