Running Club News 12/3/18

Monday 18th March 2018

Local traffic problems resulted in a few people unable to attend this evenings running club. Carl made it by the skin of his teeth. He jumped out his car and just started running. As he put it,” I felt like Lewis Hamilton starting from the pitlane as we caught and passed everyone”. He certainly did pass everyone as well, flying round the 4.8mile lap in sub-8 and a half minutes per mile. Finishing 18 seconds quicker than last week!! Last week was quick too as the rain was lashing down and people ran fast to get out of it, this evening the weather was kinder (it never rains at running club), but times were even quicker!! Charles improved by a massive 1minute 10seconds, whilst chasing Lisa who finished a fantastic 55seconds quicker than last week.

Jo ran the course on Friday for the first time and finished just 38 seconds behind her Friday time to show she is probably a morning runner. Nick B’s time below is also from Fridays run as the pair took to the tough course for the first time.

It was great to see Greg back at the club this evening. He had a great run too, completing the tough route for the first time in 11 mins per mile, well done Greg!! Mike had a slower run this evening as he continues rehab with his knee. He was the only person to brave the longer route this evening though, so well done!

Last times on these routes next week.

Name 12/03/2018 Speed
Mike 6.10 53:00.0 08:41.3
Mark 4.80 40:40.0 08:28.3
Nick B 4.80 42:27.0 08:50.6
Jo F 4.80 46:51.0 09:45.6
Charles 4.80 47:10.0 09:49.6
Greg 4.80 0:53:10 11:04.6
Carl 4.80 40:40.0 08:28.3
Lisa 4.8 47:25.0 09:52.7




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Running Club News 5/3/18

Monday 5th March 2018

New routes this evening and we are back to the tough hilly routes so to work on fitness and anaerobic threshold. I did mess up however, posting route maps on social media only to discover that the routes I planned differed from those sent out, sorry!! But at least the routes were shorter!!! Everyone stuck to the routes I briefed in before the run and we tried to partner up to ensure no one ran alone. Karen told Mike she would keep him in her sights as she was not 100% confident of the route. Mike stated that she wouldn’t be able to see him………..because he would be behind her. He wasn’t wrong either, Karen had said she was going to have a steady run, but she smashed it 7m46s average per mile is very impressive. Mike wasn’t slow either and considering this is a hilly tough route his 8mins per mile was very impressive. As for the young boys, they’re competition continues. Following on from Aarons win last week it was Owen who was on form this evening, beating his brother by 25seconds . Well done the pair of you for great split times on a tough course.

Carl had run everyday in February in the ENJOY FRED challenge. So he deserved the last 4 days off. He was back with vengeance today though, smashing a 8m 32s average out, all that running last month has clearly made a difference Carl, well done.

Knowing what to wear was a problem this evening. Last weeks blizzards had passed and it was warmer, however rain threatened. Cat nearly came in her pajamas, but remember to change out of them before coming to the club. She wasn’t at all sleepy though and, running with Nina, they completed 4.1miles in well under 11mins per mile. Well done. For those running a little longer this evening swimming trunks would have been the best item to wear. The heavens opened and downpour ensued. I haven’t run in the rain in Warsash like that for a long time, which shows how lucky we are with the running club. It was good fun though, running with new recruit Sarah, she tore up the hills and put in a fantastic performance with a 9m05s and 8m57s in the last two miles. Well done Sarah. Charles and Lisa also had a great run before being soaked to the skin. They’re 10mins per mile was not bad after Charles’ holiday!!

Same routes next week team.

And Finally……

We now have our own twitter account for all things running. Please check it out @enjoyrunclub. More exciting developments coming soon!!!

Name 05/03/2018 Speed
Mike 6.10 49:10.0 0:08:04
Mark 6.10 56:16.0 0:09:13
Charles 4.80 48:20.0 0:10:04
Carl 4.80 40:58.0 0:08:32
Nina 4.10 44:26.0 0:10:50
Sarah 6.10 56:16.0 0:09:13
Lisa 4.80 48:20.0 0:10:04
Cat 4.10 44:26.0 0:10:50
Karen 6.1 0:47:25 0:07:46
Owen 6.1 0:45:50 0:07:31
Aaron 6.1 0:46:15 0:07:35



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Running Club News 26/2/18

Monday 26th February 2018

With the “Beast from the East” descending on the country and temperatures dropping in to the minus figures very quickly I wasn’t expecting a big turn out this evening. I was pleasantly surprised however as the runners turned up to try and put in one last fast run on these routes before they are changed next week. I think the cold weather helped too as not many of the runners wanted to be out there too long, and so they pushed harder to keep warm!

Most people were well prepared, Jo came with plenty of layers. The first layer was stripped off as soon as the Jolly Farmer, I thought it may be an interesting run to keep with Jo, until she told me she had 20 layers on! Layers 3, 4, 5 and 6 were all discarded over the fence as she passed her house on the route. Who knows where layers 6 to 12 went!!?? She had a great run though, aided and motivated round by Carl, who kept her going and stripping! The pair of them finished in a good time too, their 9m26s split time was Carl’s fastest on this route and Jo’s 2nd quickest of the year so far. Well done guys.

Sarah was back for her 2nd run with the club this evening. In the pre-run briefing, she said she would stick with Jo and Carl. So it was a big surprise when she sprinted off leaving everyone behind chasing her. She has certainly been training hard in between runs and even having suffered with a burst stomach ulcer at the weekend she still smashed it today to set a new PB with the club of 9mins per mile, excellent and well done Sarah! The super fast Spicer family were hot on the heels of Sarah as she set off like a rocket. She certainly set a great first mile pace. The two brothers just kept speeding up though, and the pair of them tore up the course to record their quickest times with the club. Aaron came in first with an amazing 7m 02s per mile average with his Brother, Owen, clocking his PB at 7m18s. Well done boys! Sandwiched in between them at the finish line was Pete, his 7m 10s average was also a Personal Best for him at the running club. Determined to not get beaten by both the young boys, Pete pushed hard and deserved his 2nd place. The boys mum, Karen, always keen to keep her eye on her boys, also had to put in a top performance this evening to keep in sight of them. Karen’s 7m40s average was just outside her PB, but still amazingly and 3 minutes quicker than last weeks run. Next to finish was Mike, he had a superb 1st and last mile, and shows real signs of returning to his best form soon. This was his fastest run on this route, to show steady improvement that will keep the young boys and Pete on their toes!

Nina is still doing amazing, having run every single day in February so far, she has just 2 days to go after this evenings performance. She teamed up with Lydia for this evenings run and pushed hard to beat last weeks times and add another 4.3miles to her ever growing list of runs completed this month. The music blaring out from her phone may have helped too. Well done Ladies!!

Well done also to Nick, who ran again with the club this evening, on his return from injury, no time recorded but another completed run to grow the confidence and rehabilitation. Well done also to Lisa, who returned from a cruise yesterday and could have taken the easy option to stay in the warm, but with cream tea’s, copious amounts of  prossecco and 2 breakfasts (per day!) to work off she did well to complete the 4.3miles in a good time.

Well done to you all. New routes next week!

Name 26/02/2018 Speed
Mike 5.70 46:35.0 08:10.4
Mark 2.40 23:04.0 09:36.7
Jo F 5.70 53:48.0 09:26.3
Carl 5.70 0:53:48 09:26.3
Nina 4.30 0:46:50 10:53.5
Lydia 4.3 46:50.0 10:53.5
Sarah 5.7 51:19.0 09:00.2
Sarah P 4.3 34:10.0 07:56.7
Pete P 5.7 40:51.0 07:10.0
Lisa 4.3 41:53.0 09:44.4
Karen 5.7 43:43.0 07:40.2
Owen 5.7 41:40.0 07:18.6
Aaron 5.7 40:10.0 07:02.8




Running Club News 19/2/18

Monday 19th February 2018

A big warm welcome to our newest runner, Sarah, who joined us this evening for her first run. A great start too, setting off on the longest route, finishing it in style down Brook lane and stetting her first PB at 9m 28s per mile. Well done Sarah and welcome! Sarah had run with Charles for the most part who gave her a perfect induction and explanation of the club in my absence and while he was still able to talk, thanks Charles. I thought we had two other new recruits this evening. But it was Greg and Lydia back after a break. It was great to see them back, especially Greg as we had thought he had gotten lost trying to find the club. Both had great runs this evening though. Greg teamed up with Sues and Lou, and although they finished the run coming from totally the wrong direction, they all completed 4.6miles and in a good time, well done. Lydia teamed up with Nina, who is 19 days into completing ENJOYFRED (ENJOY February Run Every Day!) . It was a great first run back for Lydia, 4.3miles and in a great time. Well done to Nina too, who is really clocking up the miles this month.

The two young boys, Aaron and Owen, were back from their skiing trip and looking to re-ignite the competition for the fastest pace of the night. They were both surprised today to see their Mum beat them over the 5.7mile route. Karen had an exceptional run tonight, finishing with a 8m14s average and then running back up Brook Lane to check the boys were alright.

Celia was back this evening, now it has got a bit warmer. Cat has her running partner back and between them they tore up the 3.8 mile route. Welcome back Celia. Mike was also back this week after hurting his knee last week, he took things a bit slower this week (apparently). The  8m 14s average doesn’t look like taking it easy to me!

The funniest part of the evening was seeing a runner finish their circuit and switch their running app off, only to hear “Go!”. Doh!! She had forgotten to start it when she set off, fortunately for Lisa, she has a back up gadget which was able to record her time! She managed to finish just a few seconds behind Sarah P, who had the performance of the night taking 72 seconds off last weeks time on the same route. Well done Sarah.

Same routes for the last time next week team.

Also a quick mention that Lisa is putting together a team to run in the Eastleigh 10k coming up on 18th March, anyone interested please contact her through the Facebook runners blag page.


Name 19/02/2018 Speed
Mike 5.70 00:46:55 00:08:14
Charles 5.70 0:54:39 0:09:35
Greg 4.60 0:46:49 0:10:11
Nina 4.30 0:46:53 0:10:54
Lydia 4.3 00:46:53 0:10:54
Sarah 5.7 00:53:58 0:09:28
Sarah P 4.3 00:34:33 0:08:02
Lisa 3.7 00:35:01 0:09:28
Celia 3.8 00:48:20 0:12:43
Cat 3.8 00:48:20 0:12:43
Lou 4.6 00:49:49 0:10:50
Karen 5.7 00:46:55 0:08:14
Owen 5.7 00:52:30 0:09:13
Aaron 5.7 00:52:30 0:09:13
Sues 4.6 00:49:49 0:10:50

Running Club News 12/2/18

Friday 9th February 2018

Lovely conditions for this mornings run and the introduction of new routes. Nick was happy to undertake the longer route on his own and mastered the course without getting lost. His 9mins per mile were very impressive as he was a little unsure where to go. Cat also pushed herself and ran the 4.3mile route. Plenty of hills along the way, so it was a great achievement when she had finished to realise she had set a new Personal Best split time. She ran the 4.3 miles in just 43.28 just outside the 10mins per mile average, amazing and well done Cat!!

Monday 12th February

Everyone was introduced to the new routes and, as it was an experienced team of runners in attendance this evening, I was pleased no one opted for the shorter route. Mike and Pete P opted for the longer 5.7mile circuit, with Pete managing to miss a turn and add on an extra 0.3 of a mile. He still smashed it though with a 7m 44s average. Mike’s knee was playing up this evening, and he did tremendously well to get round the lap non-stop, well done lads.

There was another group of gents running together this evening, in team Yellow. You really could not miss Carl, Charles and Rich running through Warsash village with their luminous tops on. Still, there is no chance they will get run over by a snow plough with those on. They ran well as a team too, increasing the speed when the wanted Rich to stop talking and concentrate on breathing. They all finished together though and a good first lap of this route with 9m 44s per mile split time. There was also a girls group this evening. Consisting of Sharon, Nina and Cat the three ladies tore up the course and finished with sprints at the end. They all thoroughly enjoyed this evenings run and it showed with a very good time, well done team!!

Sarah was hoping to do the longer route this evening, but lost track of the boys at the critical point and so defaulted back the the 4.3 mile route, good job as well, as her husband, Pete, went the wrong way anyway!! Sarah still put in a very good time though, just outside the 8mins per mile! Well done

Week 2 next week, so same routes and a chance to put in a faster lap!


Name 12/02/2018 Speed
Mike 5.70 50:10.0 08:48.1
Mark 4.30 35:51.0 08:20.2
Charles 4.30 41:51.0 09:44.0
Rich 4.30 41:51.0 09:44.0
Carl 4.30 41:51.0 09:44.0
Nina 4.3 46:02.0 10:42.3
Sharon 4.30 46:02.0 10:42.3
Sarah 4.3 35:45.0 08:18.8
Pete P 6 46:28.0 07:44.7
Cat 4.3 46:02.0 10:42.3



Running Club News 5/2/18

Monday February 2018

It was the last chance on these routes this evening and a chance for everyone to go for a personal best (PB). I am pleased to say that everyone really pushed themselves this evening. Some like Jo and Carl pushed themselves to run a little further, opting for the 6mile route for the first time and achieving it with flying colours, well done guys!! Some pushed themselves faster, Lou for example, achieved her fastest ever run, clocking at 10m 10seconds per mile to set herself a new PB, aided and abetted as always by Sues, awesome ladies!! Some, well, they just push themselves to the limit, like Nick, who although injured still came along and managed a mile!!! Well done.

It was a freezing cold evening which may have resulted in people running faster just to get warm, but there were no excuses for running further when not required. Charles, having run the course twice already, missed a turn and took Amy for an extra 0.2miles!! Still it was a good time, so well done to you both!! Although Christmas has long gone, a few runners were lit up like Christmas trees this evening. Nick had his new jacket on and I am sure had he not been running fast we may have seen the first airplane landing in Warsash this evening.

Karen had a great run this evening setting another PB and knocking 4 seconds per mile off the PB she set last week. If the truth be known she was going fast to get a front row seat to watch the battle of the boys….her two sons, Aaron and Owen, head to head for the first time. It was Aaron who was first past the post but he had to set a new PB himself to do it! 7m 27s per mile was quick, too quick this evening for Owen and too quick also for Mike. He knocked 7 seconds per mile off his time from last week in a fantastic run, but could only split Aaron and Owen up and not quite beat them. The battle of the whippets will be back next week with new routes.

Sharon and Kate had a great run this evening too, clocking a very fast 10mins per mile, a massive 30seconds per mile quicker than there first attempt on this route, great improvement ladies, well done. Lisa too had a great run, 3 seconds per mile quicker than last week, albeit on a shorter route. Well done!!

New routes next week team and maybe a challenge thrown in too.

Name 05/02/2018 Speed
Mike 5.20 39:00.0 07:30.0
Mark 4.10 39:08.0 09:32.7
Jo F 6.00 57:22.0 09:33.7
Charles 4.30 41:43.0 09:42.1
Carl 6.00 57:22.0 09:33.7
Sharon 4.10 41:12.0 10:02.9
Kate 4.10 41:12.0 10:02.9
Amy 4.10 41:03.0 10:00.7
Lisa 4.10 39:24.0 09:36.6
Lou 4.10 41:43.0 10:10.5
Karen 5.20 39:41.0 07:37.9
Owen 5.20 41:20.0 07:56.9
Aaron 5.20 38:45.0 07:27.1
Sues 4.10 41:43.0 10:10.5



Myzone January 2018 Report