Friday RC News 14/8 – 28/8

A quick catch up on the amazing achievements being made at the Friday Warsash Running Club in the last three weeks.

The Friday club is very sociable and ideal for beginners. You can find out more about the club at

You can see from the times below the progress that can be made running the same route for 3 consecutive weeks before we change to a new route. Greg is a great example. Running the first week at 9m 10s per mile he worked hard during the interim weeks to produce a 9m 07s average today, his 2nd fastest run since May 2013!! There have also been some other amazing performances – Sharon s 8mins per mile on the first week was phenomenal and tough to beat and Lindsey’s sub 10-min per mile on week 2 was one of her best….so far!! Jo and Sue (Daughter and Mother) also had a great run week 1 just missing out on 9mins per mile! And Pete flew round last week! We also had Theresa back whose 9m 17s per mile was nearly a minute per mile faster than when she runs on her own – ideal preparation to improve her fitness for this years Great South Run. Well done to all the runners on a Friday. New routes next Friday and a great time to come and join in after the kids have gone back to school.


Name 14/08/2015 Speed 21/08/2015 Speed 28/08/2015 Speed
Mark 4.50 00:41:52 00:09:18 5.00 00:49:00 00:09:48 5.00 00:45:42 00:09:08
Pete #DIV/0! 5.00 00:49:00 00:09:48 #DIV/0!
Sue 5.00 00:45:49 00:09:10 #DIV/0! #DIV/0!
Jo F 5.00 00:45:20 00:09:04 #DIV/0! #DIV/0!
Theresa 4.50 00:41:45 00:09:17 #DIV/0! #DIV/0!
Greg 5.00 00:45:50 00:09:10 5.00 00:46:11 00:09:14 5.00 00:45:36 00:09:07
Sharon 3.60 00:29:00 00:08:03 3.60 00:35:32 00:09:52 3.60 00:35:00 00:09:43
Lindsey #DIV/0! 3.60 00:35:32 00:09:52 #DIV/0!
















1) Give a friend a lift
2) Keep your Chin up
3) How high is Everest anyway?
4) Walls of hell
5) There’s more than one way top climb a ladder
6) Lillypads & Frogger
7) BBrrrrrrr!
8) Chumbawumba
9) Just water under the bridge
10) Dick van Dykes
11) A Nasty ViPR Sting
13) You Plank!!
14) Curl up and go!




Please can you send me your e-mail addresses and t-shirt sizes asap to

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James Eagle
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Natalie Davies
Jo Fricker
Danielle Paolino
Ben Lidstone
Sandy Saunders
Nicolas Charles


New Life Training have entered a team in to this years Winchester Tough Mudder!!! We have booked a 10am start time on Sunday September 27th!! Come and join us! I will be looking to undertake some pre- Tough Mudder training sessions as we approach the event as well!

To register yourself click on –  Maker sure you click on Sundays event and 10am start time. Register and pay for yourself then follow the directions below to join the New Life Training team!

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite Account
  2. Enter the email address you used to register for the event.
  3. Enter your password.
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?
    • An email will be sent to your email address to set your new password.
  4. Once logged into your account, you will see all of your current orders. Find the registration you want to join a team with & click on the View Order button to the right.
  5. Click the Transfer button on the right hand side of the page.
  6. Click Change Team.
  7. Select Join A Team.
  8. Search for the team (NEW LIFE TRAINING) and enter the password (ENJOYFITNESS) and then click Continue.
  9. Verify that all of the information shown is correct and if so, click Continue Transfer. If not, click Start Over to begin the transfer process again.
  10. You can now see your updated registration under My Tickets.

Finally, let me know when you have registered! I will add you to my mail list to let you know about the training sessions as we get closer to the event!


Running Club News 24/8/15

Perfect running conditions this evening. A warm evening with a light refreshing drizzle!! It was a little wet underfoot too but not quite swimming levels yet! Even with the damp weather it was a good turn out this evening and the conditions certainly aided the runners as we achieved 4 personal bests!!!

Sandy, who had a great first run back last week set off in pursuit of Mike this evening and looked to keep close to him up the first part of Brook lane! He literally sprinted round the 2.9mile route on his way back to running fitness. He finished with an average of 8m 04s per mile and made it back for the Tabata class at Enjoy Fitness Studio as well! This was Sandys fastest average since records began on 28/3/11!!!! Well done Sandy!!

Also with a PB this evening was Lindsey. She has had some problems with her pace-maker in recent weeks but it was clearly turned up fast this week as she hit a new personal record for the second consecutive week with a 9m 38s per mile average!! Well done Lindsey. She was aided and abetted by the motivation Sharon, who also helped Theresa round the course. It was Theresa’s first Monday outing with us, although she has attended the Friday group on occasions. Her 9m 57s per mile was a PB for a Monday!

Last week we welcomed Fran to the club, She was magnificent last week and clearly enjoyed it as she went for a run during the weekend and came back for more this evening. She massively improved on last week as well. Taking a huge 1m 13s off her previous time to bring her average down to 9m 36s per mile. Awesome! Next week though she needs to try the longer distance!!.

Greg also improved on last week taking another 33 seconds off his time. His average of 9m 28s was his fastest since May and that was on a much shorter circuit! Well done Greg! It was only Greg and Mike who braved the longer route this evening. Mike had another fast run finishing in 7m 16s average, still along way ahead of the pack!! Last time on this route next week though team and hopefully some more Personal bests!! Well done all!


Name 24/08/2015 Speed
Mark 2.85 00:27:22 00:09:36
Sandy S 2.85 00:23:00 00:08:04
Mike Y 5.80 00:42:10 00:07:16
Theresa 4.40 00:43:45 00:09:57
Greg 5.80 00:54:55 00:09:28
Sharon 4.40 00:42:24 00:09:38
Lindsey 4.40 00:42:24 00:09:38
Fran                  2.85 00:27:22 00:09:36

Running Club News 17/8/15

Today was the start of the Great South Run 2015 10-week preparation plan. It was greeted by a great turn out with some new and old faces returning to the club. Firstly, a big warm welcome to Fran, who ran with the club for the first time this evening. She is booked in for the GSR and started this evening on the shorter 2.8mile route in order to find her level. She impressed though, flying round the course in 10mins per mile. I don’t think she will be on this shorter route for long and I’m sure she will be one to watch at the GSR this year! Also running this route was Sandy. Back from a nasty knee injury from a motorbike incident, Sandy has been working on his fitness, but this was his first run in anger. Not a bad way to return to the club, his 8m 46s per mile was one of his fastest ever with the club and certainly his best since May 2013!! Well done Sandy and welcome back!

Lindsey has been attending both Mondays and Fridays with a little bit of extra coaching from Sharon on a Wednesday. She has been slowly getting faster and fitter but this evening she blew us all away with an amazing run. 5.8miles was one of the longer routes she has completed with the club and she did it in a Personal Best average as well. Her 9m 42s per mile was fantastic and massive improvement from the 10m 17s on a 4.3mile run she did on her first outing with us in June!! Well done Lindsey!

Also running the longer route was Pete. He ran with an energy sachet this evening to give him a boost on the way round! It didn’t quite go to plan though as he spilt it all down his front while trying to drink it running then had to take a detour to find a bin!! He still impressed though, finishing strong with a 8m 48s his quickest run for a couple of months. May be it did work, psychologically!

Jo and Greg kept close as always at the start of the run. This is normal until Jo accelerates away in the later miles, this evening though Greg kept in close contact with Jo right to the end. He was chasing her down Brook Lane and only finished 180 seconds behind! His average of 9m 34s was his quickest since 1st June and it really pushed Jo to 9mins per mile! Good run guys! He’s catching you Jo!!!

Mike had a great run too on the longer route. Finishing as strong as he starts, he flew round the new route in just 41mins! An average of just over 7mins per mile after we had calculated the distance. A great run on the first attempt on this route. He will only get faster in the next two weeks as he familiarises himself with the circuit.

We also had a middle-distance route this evening and both Charles and Sharon tore-up the 4.4mile circuit. For Charles this was the last run for a few weeks and he really put his all in to it! This really spurred on Sharon and they came in at the finish together for a great average speed of 9m 35s. Well done the pair of you!

Finally we had Ryan. He hasn’t been for a while and unfortunately started his run from the rec (are old starting point). Still he finished in the right place and completed his first run back with us in a very impressive 8mins per mile. Welcome back Ryan, I hope to see you at the start next week!

Same routes next week to enjoy as we continue the countdown to the Great South Run!

Name 17/08/2015 Speed
Mark 2.85 00:28:45 00:10:05
Sandy S 2.85 00:25:00 00:08:46
Pete 5.80 00:51:00 00:08:48
Mike Y 5.80 00:41:18 00:07:07
Jo F 5.80 00:52:13 00:09:00
Ryan 5.20 00:42:00 00:08:05
Charles 4.40 00:42:10 00:09:35
Greg 5.80 00:55:28 00:09:34
Sharon 4.40 00:42:10 00:09:35
Lindsey 5.80 00:56:16 00:09:42
Fran 2.85 00:28:40 00:10:04

Running Club News 14/8/15

This Monday (17th August) starts the 10 week training plan for the 2015 Great South Run (see below for details). If you are interested in training for the GSR with New Life Training please contact me on

Day Date Event Detail
Monday 17/08/2015 NLT Running club Route 1 – 6, 4.5 & 3 mile routes
Monday 24/08/2015 NLT Running club Route 1 – 6, 4.5 & 3 mile routes
Monday 31/08/2015 NLT Running club Route 1 – 6, 4.5 & 3 mile routes
Monday 07/09/2015 NLT Running club Speed & energy systems
Sunday 27/09/2013 Winchester – TOUGH MUDDER!  
Monday 14/09/2015 NLT Running club Route 2 – 6.5, 5 & 3.5miles
Monday 21/09/2015 NLT Running club Route 2 – 6.5, 5 & 3.5miles
Monday 28/09/2015 NLT Running club Route 2 – 6.5, 5 & 3.5miles
Monday 05/10/2015 NLT Running club Speed & energy systems
Sunday 11/10/2015 NLT Running club 10mile route – Lee-on-solent
Monday 12/10/2015 NLT Running club Route 3 – 7, 5.5 & 4miles
Monday 19/10/2015 NLT Running club Route 3 – 7, 5.5 & 4miles
Saturday 24/10/2015 Portsmouth GSR – Junior 5k Race
Sunday 25/10/2015 Portsmouth GSR – 10Mile Race
Monday 26/10/2015 NLT Running club Small run & stretch session


This blog is a catch up on what you have all been up to while I have been on holiday. A massive thanks to Sharon, Bruce and Mike who have helped keep the running club going while I have been away. Sharon has been a massive Star, helping to motivate people, keeping people on the right routes and writing the blogs for me for the last 2-3 weeks. Many thanks Sharon……


Pete set off like a rocket and was, at first, only seen in the distance! he decided to not do the longer route once arriving at Abshot Road and that is where I first saw him so obviously he was struggling a little or that I was having a really good run! mind you he was at the top of Abshot and I was at the bottom! Sue and Greg decided not to turn at Abshot and carried on for the longer run so motivating each other for most of the route with Sue deciding to break away… I think her listening to Cold Play had something to do with it!  Lindsay and myself ran together motivating each other but I pushed hard to get back to the Studio but Lindsay said she had a lovely run although stopped to walk due to stitches but once she felt ok and dropped her pace, she was able to pick it up again on the home straight. I asked Mandy to write a few words about her run and she came back with whoop woo really enjoyed myself!! Charles was very welcomed back from all of us and enjoyed the initial slow pace which helped him to get his rhythm back after his enforced month off. Gradually he picked up the pace and at the Centre cruised back to the Studio without too much trouble.
Pete             4.79 miles              43:00
Charles         3.38 miles              35:52
Greg             6.06 miles          01:00:48
Sue              5.70 miles               54:56
Mandy          4.79 miles               52:40
Lindsay         4.79 miles               47:59
Sharon          4.79 miles               44:00


At least the weather was much kinder to us compared with the atrocious weather last week!
We all set off together but Lindsay was struggling a little, she could only walk once we got to Brook Avenue so she did really well. She was very pleased with the pace around most of the route.
Lindsay 4:10 miles  43:00
Greg and Sharon had their normal battle between the Vets; Greg nearly went off route again stopped by my shouting the correct way! felt a good run for me so Barnes Lane saw me going back to the studio.
Greg     4.58 miles  46:13
Sharon  4.58 miles  44:00
Although I knew the routes I asked Mike to show us all the routes which he did brilliantly and confidently having a laugh with everyone. Mike time for the 6 miles was 41:45 who commented mainly on the changeable weather as he ran around the route mainly hating the headwinds.
Greg decided to do the 6 miles and set off at a fab pace which he kept up for 5 miles under Jo flew past him … she came out of no-where was Gregs comment! Jo commented how she had missed her running buddy .. her mum. She looked really strong on arriving back at the Studio.
Greg 57.19
Jo     55.00
Lindsay decided to do the 4.7 route listening to Superstar DJ and completed the course 24 secs faster. So nice to hear her say at the end of her run that she is always pleased with her effort .. Im not surprised! Her time was 47.51.
What a fab surprise when Mandy Boulding turned up just as we were about to set off. She’s been extemely busy recently plus a few health niggles had set her back so she decided to do the shortest route with Mandy Bowers and me!!  The route was 3.7 miles and we relatively stayed in close proximity all the time. Mandy Bowers was, again, one very determined lady and had a great run which she found hard at times (Raley Road) but came back saying that she felt much fitter.  Mandy Boulding and myself chatted all the way around .. so good to catch up!
Mandy Boulding
Mandy Bowers
Sharon Hughes all completed the route together with a time of 39.08
OMG I have never run in rain quite like it. Greg and Lindsay bravely turned up to battle the weather and Mandy decided to stay in bed having a cuddle with her daughter! I think she had the right idea as we were all soaked to the skin but funnily enough we all seemed elated at the end of the run; proud of ourselves for having done it!! we did get some funny looks from people who obviously decided we were mad!

Here are our times Mark:-
4.45 miles             Greg             41:45
4.45 miles             Lindsay         45:00
                            Sharon          45:00
Very fast times ….. I wonder why?
Well done Team, see you all Monday ready for GSR Preparation week 1!!

Summer Class Timetable

Week Beginning 31st August 2015 –











18.45 – 19.45 ZUMBA WITH ELLEN


18.30 – 19.30 TABATA WITH ALEX




10.45 – 11.30 PILATES WITH ANN








Running Club News 20/7/15

It was a bit of a wet run this evening with some large puddles along the new routes set for the next three weeks.

The last few weeks have been focused on fitness with hills and multi-terrain pushing the runners harder. The new routes are for people to show how much they have improved with a fairly low gradient course and lots of straight roads. It was only their first attempt this evening and they will undoubtedly get quicker over the next 2 weeks. It wasn’t a bad start though….

Jo and Sue set off together on the longer 6 mile route. They even forced me to go with them after they blocked my route off at the 4.7mile route!! They set a great pace throughout and Jo simply flew up the one main hill along the course on Church Road. Sue caught her back up though and they pushed each other to go faster for the remainder of the route. The result…8m 51s per mile, just 9s outside her PB for Sue set on a much shorter route! The final half mile was interesting as they could see Greg in the distance and picked up the pace to catch him. As they approached Greg sensed the competition and put his foot down in one of the best sprint finishes I have ever seen with the running club. Even a BMW pulling out in front of Greg wasn’t going to stop him ensuring he beat the Girls!! Well done Greg! His 11m 17s was great, especially after his 1 mile open water swim at the weekend. He managed that in 42 minutes 50 seconds Finishing 16th in 60 – 64 age group, well done Greg although it took you 10mins longer to run this evening!

Mike is going to love this run. It is new to him and a head wind slowed him slightly this evening. But a 6m 54s average on a first attempt is awesome and I recon records could be broken in the coming weeks.

Lindsey and Sharon ran the 4.7m route and extremely fast at that! Lindsey’s 10m 16s average was just 7s per mile off her PB which I think will be beaten in the coming weeks. Sharon as always was key in the motivation on the way round.

Sharon will be looking after the running club next week , so many thanks in advance and enjoy the new routes guys!

Name 20/07/2015 Speed
Mark 6.00 00:53:14 00:08:52
Mike Y 6.00 00:41:25 00:06:54
Sue 6.00 00:53:07 00:08:51
Jo F 6.00 00:53:07 00:08:51
Greg 4.70 00:53:02 00:11:17
Sharon 4.70 00:48:15 00:10:16
Lindsey 4.70 00:48:15 00:10:16

Running Club News 13/7/15

A good turn out this evening and more impressive was the amount of runners that chose the longer route tonight. Jo, Sue, Greg and Mike all opted for the longer 5.7mile track. This is a tough course with half the circuit being off-road. It certainly works the muscles hard and so no fast times were expected. There were some great runs though. Greg had an awesome run beating the hour and hitting 10mins per mile in one of his fastest runs since May. He is really at peak fitness at the moment and we wish him well with his triathlon this Saturday, good luck Greg!

Sue and Jo had a great run too, nearly finishing in under 9mins per mile. They had a target though – Mandy!! Mandy had a great run, repeating last weeks 4.4mile route, she flew the first two miles averaging under 11mins per mile. Then with the change in terrain came a big head wind as we set back along the riverside. This slowed her down somewhat, and with Jo and Sue closing in behind she pushed herself up the last hill – Shore Road, only to be beaten on the final corner. All that hard work will pay off though and it certainly made Sue and Jo work hard to catch her.

Mike also had a good run on the longer route today, the headwind also slowing him down somewhat from last week. On the middle distance route Pete had a new running partner with work experience lad, Jordan. I am not sure who was pushing who round the course but their average of 9mins per mile was very impressive on this route.

Most improved player of the day though goes to Sharon, She took 4mins off last weeks time on the same route in tougher conditions. A fantastic run Sharon, must have had 3 weetabix today! well done.

Also a big thank you to Sharon for organising the running club on Friday for me. They all had a great run by the sounds of it –

Fridays run was a lovely route, the heat was still very intense but 100% effort from all.

Jo and Sue did the 5.1 route. They had a lot of catching up to do as Sue had been away so Jo said their time could have been faster but decided to chat plus the heat was a little too much. Sue had a tumble but was fine.  They came in together and completed the route in a very respectable time of 49.38.
Greg also did the 5.1 route but said he couldn’t keep up with the family of Gazelles!! I posted him the route the night before as it was new to him but in the morning I still had to clarify where he had to go!! He managed to stick to the plan though and completed the route in 52.14.
Lindsay was keen to do the 4.1 route on her own. One very determined lady who didn’t want to have to stop and walk so even up the demanding gradients she slowed down to a jog. She was so very pleased with her time of 39.41.
Star of the run was Mandy. We ran together and quite a pace plus Mandy could also chat and not sound out of breath at all !! She said that she felt she was getting much stronger, getting used to the sun plus the off road routes. The biggest smile was on her face with her time of 44.32 having done the 4.1 route.
We all deserved a drink after!!
Well done guys, sounded a great run!!
Mondays times –
Name 13/07/2015 Speed
Mark 4.40 00:52:24 00:11:55
Pete 4.80 00:43:10 00:09:00
Mike Y 5.70 00:40:17 00:07:04
Sue 5.70 00:52:21 00:09:11
Jo F 5.70 00:52:14 00:09:10
Jordan 4.80 00:43:10 00:09:00
Greg 5.70 00:57:11 00:10:02
Mandy B 4.40 00:52:24 00:11:55
Sharon 4.80 00:45:05 00:09:24

Running Club News 6/7/15

New Life Training had a special promotion this evening…..A free sun tan with every run!! It was a glorious evening and perfect for  a run along the river. So a choice of 4.4m, 4.8m or 5.8 miles was devised to encompass some great views and scenery. It was about 50% off road though so quite tough on the legs. No fast times were expected on these routes but a good boost to the fitness levels will definitely result. It was a very female biased running group this evening, with Jo leading the ladies round the 4.8mile route. Mike had taken on the longer run and was catching up with Jo on the homeward stretch. I am not sure if it was Mike behind her or if it was the thought of her Chinese order getting cold but Jo sped up and Mike had to work hard to catch her. This resulted in Mike averaging 6m47s per mile one of his fastest and Jo getting a very quick 9m 14s and a warm Chinese!

In behind these two were Lindsey and Sharon. They seem to compliment each other with their running recently and are getting much fitter and faster now. Their 10m 19s average was fantastic over that terrain and distance. I think the music they listen to helps. Lindsey listened to Armin van Buuren while Sharon listened to a band called compilation!! It worked though!

Mandy had a brilliant run this evening. It was the furthest she has run non-stop for over 8 weeks and in tough conditions. She couldn’t listen to music on the way round so had to listen to Mark waffle on. I think this made her faster to get to the end quicker!!! Well done Mandy, great run


Same routes next week. They are really enjoyable routes people so why not come and join us! Book in now at !!

Name 06/07/2015 Speed
Mark 4.40 00:51:35 00:11:43
Mike Y 5.80 00:39:21 00:06:47
Jo F 4.80 00:44:18 00:09:14
Mandy B 4.40 00:51:30 00:11:42
Sharon 4.80 00:49:31 00:10:19
Lindsey 4.80 00:49:31 00:10:19




Running Club News 29/6/15

There was very little rest from the sun on this evenings route, it was hot and due to get hotter too. It made conditions tough for the final run on these routes and no PBs were expected. In fact, many of the runners chose the shorter routes this evening with only Mike and Dennis the Menace running the 6.1mile lap. Greg (aka Dennis) had everyone a bit worried at the end as we all finished and he wasn’t in sight. Had he fallen over? Had he got lost (more likely) or had he run the longer route? No one was really sure, but we were all relieved when he arrived back safe and in a good time too. He was just 1 min behind his record on this route set two weeks ago and in tough conditions that is a great achievement. Mike also sprinted the long route and improved his time from last week by a massive 1 second! Again, with the tougher conditions and the fact he ran a 12mile off road run yesterday made this all the more impressive. Well done gents. I was asked to point out however that Mike did finish just 6th this evening!!!

Pete was first to cross the finish from the runners. His new trainers attacking muscles he never knew he had but taking the pressure off his knees in a way that allows him to run with more freedom now. His 8m48s per mile was pretty impressive!! He managed to fend off Jo and Sue, the mother and daughter team who take it in turns to pace set as they just get faster and faster during the run…..Or is it that Jo is listening to Keith Flint and is chasing him and Sue can hear it and thinks he’s chasing her. Not Sure! Their 9m 14s per mile was very good though, well done Keith!!

Alistair is showing some real dedication to running at the moment. He catches a bus all the way from Fareham to attend the club on a Monday evening. His dedication continues through the run, pushing himself to limit, even with his asthma. His dedication pushed him to 9mins per mile this evening. Then his dedication stopped and he went to the Fern for a pint before going home!! Well done Alistair I am sure it was well deserved!

Mandy is getting back  to her running well at the moment. She had a great run on Friday at the club then and this evening she completed 3.5miles non-stop and in a great average of 11m 23s well done Mandy. Sharon and Lindsey ran together this evening and it seemed they set a better pace from the start and were able to maintain it all the way round. Their 10m 27s per mile was just 8s per mile outside of Lindseys PB! Well done ladies.

Next week will be surprise week!!!

Name 29/06/2015 Speed
Mark 4.30 00:36:05 00:08:23
Pete 4.30 00:37:50 00:08:48
Mike Y 6.10 00:43:02 00:07:03
Sue 4.30 00:39:42 00:09:14
Jo F 4.30 00:39:42 00:09:14
Alistair 4.30 00:38:50 00:09:02
Greg 6.10 01:03:20 00:10:23
Mandy B 3.50 00:39:51 00:11:23
Sharon 4.30 00:44:11 00:10:17
Lindsey 4.3 00:44:11 00:10:17


Just to let you know I have just booked myself on these two runs, please let me know if you would like to do them with me –

25th Great South Run – Portsmouth –

MAY 2016
30th London 10k – London –