Running Club News 26/1/15

Horraayyy!! The running club Blog is back!! Sorry for the brief absence so far in 2015! I promise to try to catch up on some of the events we have missed this year so far!

We have moved the start venue for 2015, a very historic and emotional moment! Having set off from Osborne Road Rec since September 2010!! Approximately 350 runs!! We are now meeting at the ENJOY FITNESS STUDIO and the comfort of an indoor meeting room to hang coats and possibly have a tea after to de-brief!! The new venue seems to have gone down  well, with some amazingly quick times already! We have also had some great attendances so far this year and this evening was no exception.

Unfortunately we had Sat Nav and Greg both away this week, so feeling safe that no one would get lost I quickly ran through same route as last week before setting off. Carl however, decided to take on the mantle of Sat Nav and in time honoured running club tradition, started running up the wrong road during the route. Fortunately, Charles was having a great run and was close enough to shout him back on course. Charles’ run was his best since August 11th. A slight tweak of the running gait and he was flying this evening, taking 1m 24s off last weeks time, well done Charles!! Carl, back on the right track now, also had a good run. Not taking in to account the extra 50m up the wrong road he ran 1m40s better than last week. Awesome!

The biggest improvement of the evening were the girls, Sharon and Mandy! They produced a run 7m 24s quicker than last week. Although they did admit last week was a bit of a catch up run!! Great run tonight though ladies, well done. Sandy too had a great improvement week on week. His time this week was very impressive considering he was full of cold, any other man would be at home with a lemsip and the footy on the tele, but Sandy was up and out and running 10m 30s!!! Nick has been running brilliant so far in 2015. His run in the Stubbington 10k was one of his best ever! But tonight he waited until the furthest point from the start for his calf to play-up again. He limped round to finish in an average still under 9mins per mile!! Nicks one leg clearly better than my two! Alistair is another runner who has started 2015 hot out of the blocks. Last week 8m44s and this week 8m 57s are two very impressive runs, his 9mins per mile at Stubbington was also his quickest 10k on record!!

On to the fast boys and Pete had a great run, he seems to have gotten over his knee injury and is putting in some great times so far this year. Todays run was two and a half minutes faster than last week!! Improving all the time. Mike will be looking over his shoulder soon, but not quite yet, his 7m 10s run this evening is still the fastest by some way! Well done gents!

Finally we have Mel back at the running club after a break away for a few months, and she is doing great! Forever consistent she has a great running technique and has clocked similar times in the last two weeks. An ideal speed for Nina to come back to. The pair of them completed the run very well and in less than 12 mins per mile. Well done ladies!!

Same run next week for the last time.

Name 19/01/2015 Speed 26/01/2015 Speed
Bruce 4.10 00:43:43 00:10:40 #DIV/0!
Nick C 4.10 00:34:45 00:08:29 5.10 00:44:48 00:08:47
Mark 4.10 00:36:05 00:08:48 4.10 00:36:58 00:09:01
Sandy S 4.10 00:43:43 00:10:40 4.10 00:43:05 00:10:30
Pete 4.10 00:36:01 00:08:47 4.10 00:33:30 00:08:10
Mike Y 5.10 00:36:20 00:07:07 5.10 00:36:31 00:07:10
Sarah 4.10 00:48:33 00:11:50
Charles 4.10 00:39:56 00:09:44 4.10 00:38:32 00:09:24
Alistair 4.10 00:35:50 00:08:44 4.10 00:36:43 00:08:57
Mel 4.10 00:48:33 00:11:50 4.10 00:48:47 00:11:54
Ryan 4.10 00:39:56 00:09:44 #DIV/0!
Carl 4.10 00:39:16 00:09:35 4.10 00:37:36 00:09:10
Nina #DIV/0! 4.10 00:49:20 00:12:02
Sharon 4.10 00:46:42 00:11:23 4.10 00:39:18 00:09:35
Rob 5.10 00:41:49 00:08:12 #DIV/0!
Mandy 4.10 00:46:42 00:11:23 4.10 00:39:18 00:09:35



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Running Club News 29/12/14

The last run in 2014 was certainly one of the coldest. It was a good turn out though as everyone was feeling guilty after over-indulging at Xmas. So given the choice of 4.2m or 5.3 I imagined most would go for the longer route…not the case!! However, with Sat Nav absent this evening it was down to Greg to go off track. He didn’t just go off the route a little though, he ended up doing a 10k run (6.4miles) a whole extra mile than planned!! What was most impressive though was his 64m 57s time. This 10m 09s average was the fastest 10k Greg has ever run, it beats the 10m24s average at Eastleigh and the 10m 30s average at the Victory this year!! Although not planned – Very well done Greg!!

Also achieving some speed this evening was Mike. Mike is approaching his anniversary with us. His 1st run in January this year averaged 7m59s, we were all very impressed at the time. This evening his 6m 44s wasn’t even a PB! awesome! And certainly contender for improvement of the year!

Nick was back running and after a slight pull in his calf last week he did really well to get round the 5.3m route in a pleasing average of just 8mins per mile! Sharon also had a great run, her 9m 23s was also a great average for the longer route. Well done Sharon. Charles and Georgina also had great runs round this evening, the two of them finishing at 10mins per mile. Alistair had the job of carrying the overweight PT round this evening (too many mince pies for me I reckon), a really good final mile gave Alistair a 30 second finish ahead of me this evening and a good average of just over 9mins per mile. Well done Ali, and thanks for dragging me round!

Same routes and same start point next week with the trusty leader, Bruce

Remember there will be no Facebook event to book in to from now on. You can purchase discounted memberships, pay in advance or simply book in via the following options:

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Name 29/12/2014 Speed
Nick C 5.35 00:42:47 00:08:00
Mark 4.15 00:38:15 00:09:13
Mike Y 5.35 00:35:59 00:06:44
Charles 4.15 00:41:32 00:10:00
Alistair 4.15 00:37:45 00:09:06
Greg 6.40 01:04:57 00:10:09
Sharon 5.35 00:50:12 00:09:23
Georgina 4.15 00:41:22 00:09:58


Running Club News 15/12/14

This evening was the penultimate run before Xmas and a crisp December evening greeted the runners as they set off to repeat last weeks course. Sat Nav set off like a rocket this evening, as all good Sat Navs do he remembered the route from last week and with his new luminous birthday present jacket taking the focus away from his headband he raced to a 85 second improvement on last weeks run, well done!! Charles also had a great run this evening improving on his performance last week he came in 7 seconds quicker!! Sharon ran with Kat this evening. It was Kats first run with us since August and she did fantastic to get round a 4.5mile circuit non-stop. Also going for distance this evening was Nina. In a brilliant performance, she ran 4miles non-stop. This is the most she has done with the running club and the most since the GSR earlier this year! She is really building up to the Stubbington 10k well now and should have no-problems with that run!

Mike was back this evening and nailed an unfamiliar route for him in 7mins per mile, extremely quick as always! Alistair too was quick, starting fast and slowly getting faster he finished in 9m 13s per mile. Greg showed why he is MR. Consistent at the moment with another superb sub-10mins per mile run! He looked strong as well at the 4mile stage as he whizzed past me!

We will repeat these routes one last time next week before attending the Running Club Xmas Drink at the Silver Fern. All welcome!

Name 15/12/2014 Speed
Mark 4.50 00:50:12 00:11:09
Mike Y 4.80 00:33:55 00:07:04
Mike H 4.80 00:41:45 00:08:42
Charles 4.80 00:48:15 00:10:03
Alistair 4.80 00:44:15 00:09:13
Greg 4.80 00:47:55 00:09:59
Cat 4.80 00:54:55 00:11:26
Nina 4.00 00:50:05 00:12:31
Sharon 4.80 00:54:55 00:11:26

Running Club News 8/12/14

The runners were given the choice of three routes – 3miles, 4.1 or just under 5miles this evening. The overwhelming majority was initially the 4.1, however a little peer pressure and they all ended up running the very enjoyable 4.8mile route. There were no complaints at the end either as a cold night provided perfect conditions for this evenings run.

Mike was held hostage in the Isle of Wight so Nick had a turn to lead from the front. It was cold so we had to run fast was the shout! As Nick finished in one of his best times of the year in probably his last run of the year, a 7m 48s average was fantastic! Pete was not far behind either. He is supposed to be easing his way back in to running but a 8m33s average is anything but easing in!! Well done Pete!

Sharon was representing the ladies this evening and did a fine job. She kept Carl going as well as the pair of them finished in 9m 23s per mile. Tom was running this evening with his new insoles, he has clearly got used to them as he finished just 6 seconds per mile off his PB! An 8m 56s per mile is only the 2nd time I believe he has got under 9mins per mile, brilliant. Sat Nav pushed him all the way as well, even with a slight detour (as always) at the end of Heath Road North, Sat Nav finished under 9 mins per mile.

Alistair had found a bar at the weekend selling Vodka and Redbull for £2! He certainly still had wings this evening, as he blasted through the course for an average just over 9mins per mile. Not far behind Alistair were Greg and Charles, Greg seemed to get faster and faster as he approached the finish, I really didn’t think he would stop. His 9m 37s was one of his fastest outside of a handicap run! He has certainly moved up a gear in recent weeks. Charles also is showing signs of improving. He has one of the most efficient running gaits of the club and will soon be challenging some of the front boys!!

Well done all, same routes next week!

Name 08/12/2014 Speed
Nick C 4.80 00:37:25 00:07:48
Mark 4.80 00:37:30 00:07:49
Pete 4.80 00:41:00 00:08:33
Mike H 4.80 00:43:05 00:08:59
Charles 4.80 00:48:22 00:10:05
Alistair 4.80 00:43:25 00:09:03
Greg 4.80 00:46:12 00:09:37
Carl 4.80 00:45:02 00:09:23
Sharon 4.80 00:45:02 00:09:23
Tom 4.80 00:42:54 00:08:56

Friday Running Club News 5/12/14

The turn out this morning was a little of a surprise as three, extremely cold, shivering gentlemen waited for the “go!” at the Warsash Running Club. Just as we were about to set off we spotted Pete driving by, he span his car round, parked up and said “you guys running, I’ll come!” No preparation, no proper t-shirt, and not in his running trainers…..but he did it!! and with an average of 9m 16s awesome! I think he would have done it in his slippers if he had those on!! So we were just about to set off again and up rocks Sharon, Jo and Sue. A little late, but they certainly didn’t hang around with the run – Sue had her best run since August in a sub-9 minute mile average and Sharon was also very quick with a 9:07 per mile!! Well done ladies. Jo had to retire early with a sore knee and we wish her well as she continues her recovery from the Great South Run!

Greg had a great run on Monday, his PB, and he proved it was no fluke as he kept up with Pete and Nick for the first half of the run (all uphill as well!). His average of 9m 23s was only 7secs per mile away from Mondays amazing run! Charles had a great run. He unfortunately missed Mondays session but made up for it today. The extra sessions in the gym seem to be paying off as he recorded his fastest run since September with a 9m 35s average, well done Charles!

Nick also had a fantastic run on Monday, today was more sociable, but a fast 2nd half secured an impressive 8m31s average as he finished the race a long way ahead!

Name 05/12/2014 Speed
Mark 5.00 00:45:05 00:09:01
Nick C 5.00 00:42:35 00:08:31
Pete 5.00 00:46:22 00:09:16
Charles 5.00 00:47:55 00:09:35
Greg 5.00 00:46:57 00:09:23
Sue 5.00 00:44:55 00:08:59
Sharon 5.00 00:45:35 00:09:07

Running Club News 01/12/14

It was a male dominated running club this evening with lots of male pride at stake for the 2nd handicap race with the Warsash Running Club. We reversed the route from last time and recalculated the handicaps!

It worked with all runners finishing within 2 minutes of each other……a very close finish!!

It was Alistair who finished top spot this evening, having been ill for the last few weeks, he recovered this evening to finish first and in one of his fastest times 0f 8m 52s per mile, his handicap was set at 9m 09s so we will have to chop him next time!!

The competition certainly brings out the best in people, with 3 out of the 9 runners all achieving Personal Bests this evening!! Greg had a point to prove, having come first last time he had his handicap cut. He even started this week in 2nd, he soon took the lead before Alistair overtook. Greg kept close though and in chasing Alistair he produced a 9m 16s average for a PB!! Awesome! Carl just caught Greg at the end as he produced another fine run with his 5th consecutive improvement to finish with his first sub-9 mins per mile run!!! He is now over a minute per mile quicker than when he started and in just 5 weeks!! Mike was the other person to set a record this evening. He started at the back again with a 13m 30s handicap. He managed to catch the initial front runner as he ploughed through the pack and he finished just 79 seconds behind the eventual winner! His average……..a phenomenal 6m 34s!! Nick loves the competition and he was determined not to let anyone pass him. He succeeded and that pushed him to his 2nd sub-8 min mile run in the last 2 weeks, not bad after the weekend he had!!

We had a few gentleman back this evening to the running club and their performances were fantastic after a break from the club. Firstly, Paul was back running for the first time since September. He had a great run, setting the early pace, his 41m 30s for the 4.2mile route was exactly his handicap!! Level Par I think that is in golf and very respectable. Pete had a last minute amendment to his handicap and he too finished very closed to his expected time. For Sat Nav is was a bit tricky to set a target as he has only run on his own twice in recent times, and we never really know his distance when he goes off route, but this evening he had a great run finishing in under 9 mins per mile!!

Well done to all the runners, a very enjoyable evening I think you will all agree. New routes for everyone next week as we start to look towards the Stubbington 10k

Mike Y 4.20 28.00 00:27:33 00:06:34
Mark 4.20 34.00 00:32:20 00:07:42
Nick C 4.20 34.00 00:33:04 00:07:52
Pete 4.20 34.30 00:34:52 00:08:18
Mike H 4.20 35.00 00:37:21 00:08:54
Carl 4.20 39.00 00:37:45 00:08:59
Alistair 4.20 39.00 00:37:14 00:08:52
Greg 4.20 41.00 00:38:56 00:09:16
Paul N 4.20 41.30 00:41:30 00:09:53

Running Club News 24/11/14

A very cold 2C greeted this evenings runners but at least it was dry!! Mike wasn’t here this evening, no doubt practicing in preparation for next weeks handicap challenge!! This gave Nick a chance to come first, and he was certainly out the blocks quick. This was his final run as a 40 something and he did awesome, finishing 2m 23s ahead of last weeks time and averaging less than 8mins per mile, well done Nick and Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Last week we were very impressed that Sat Nav completed the route without any detours, what we didn’t realise at the time was that he got lost driving home!!! So this week he brought his Tom Tom. Tom had a great run, he has just entered the Stubbington 10k in January, which will be his first ever event and he certainly worked hard this evening in preparation. He finished the 5.6mile route in 9m 35s one of his fastest runs! Sat Nav and Mags have also entered the 10k and they too had a great run finishing just outside the 10mins per mile average.

It was a massive welcome back to Annie this evening. She had graduated from the Warsash running club to the Stubbington Runners and has been performing very well! It was great to see her back for her first run since March 2012. She is much quicker too. Even though she managed to add on a little detour at the end she completed 5.2miles in under 9mins per mile average, that is over 40 seconds per mile quicker than the last run she did with us! Well done Annie! Jo was back following her leg strain and she, unfortunately, followed Annie on the slight detour around Thornton Avenue. The extra half a mile didn’t seem to matter though as she finished with an average under 9 mins per mile and hopefully a good leg!

Also running this evening was Sharon and Carl, they had a sprint finish at the end with just 1 second between them. The sprint finish certainly helped Carl as he achieved another PB, his 4th in a row. This time he took off 20seconds per mile, Awesome and well done to Sharon for motivating him at the end!!

Sandy was also back this evening and crossed the finish line with Charles. This completed a great evenings running with Sandy, Charles, Maggie, Sat Nav, Jo and Annie all finishing within 30 seconds of each other! Well done all runners, next week we are revisiting the handicap hurdles!!!

Name 24/11/2014 Speed
Nick C 4.60 00:36:04 00:07:50
Mark 4.60 00:36:05 00:07:51
Sandy S 4.60 00:46:55 00:10:12
Jo F 5.20 00:46:42 00:08:59
Mike H 4.60 00:46:16 00:10:03
Maggie 4.60 00:46:16 00:10:03
Charles 4.60 00:46:55 00:10:12
Annie 5.20 00:46:25 00:08:56
Carl 4.60 00:42:23 00:09:13
Sharon 4.6 00:42:22 00:09:13
Tom 4.6 00:44:04 00:09:35


Running Club News 17/11/14

A big turn out this evening for the Monday Night Running Club in Warsash. The weather was dry but there was a definite chill in the air! There were three routes to chose from this evening ranging from 3miles to 6.1! Nina was first back after the group started together, she completed her route in sub-12mins per mile to set herself a new PB with the running club, well done Nina. Her husband, Carl also set a new PB as our two latest recruits to the club show great progress. Carl took a massive 20seconds per mile off his previous PB, awesome!!

We had both Mike (Sat Nav) and Greg running this evening, and with a slightly confusing route, it was expected that someone would go off track at some point. Both were kept on the straight and narrow though. Although Mike needed to sort his headband out as it was the wrong way around the Nike tick more like a frown than a tick!! Both had great runs though, Greg finished under 10mins per mile for the third consecutive week showing he is now becoming consistently fast and Mike, running with Mags for the first time since the GSR, completed the run in under 11mins per mile, well done Mags!!

It was great to have Nick C with us again this evening and he flew out of the blocks, our one hope of keeping up with Mike!! His leg was in good form as well as he finished in close to eight and a half mins per mile! Mike was still untouchable though, even though he finished 10seconds slower than last week (slacking!!) he still averaged an amazing 6m45s over the 6.1mile route!

There was a little group that finished together in the middle of the pack this evening, and it was clear from the sprint finishes that they had motivated and pushed each other all the way round. Firstly, Alistair crossed the finish line in 42m48s, with Sharon 11seconds behind and Carl 1 second further back. Charles and Mandy also pushed each other through the route with Mandy accelerating away just at the end. It was good to see her leg better from last week, well done you two.

Next week we are running the same routes for the last time.

I have been a bit concerned that some people are too dark when running and may not be seen by other runners, bikes and cars. I would recommend all runners wear something to stand out while we are on the roads. I have placed a few suggestions on the New Life Training Shop page -

For example, these are only £5.99 and would make a great Xmas present!!

running lights




Name 17/11/2014 Speed
Nick C 4.50 00:38:27 00:08:33
Mark 3.05 00:36:22 00:11:55
Mike Y 6.10 00:41:08 00:06:45
Mike H 4.50 00:48:12 00:10:43
Maggie 4.50 00:48:12 00:10:43
Charles 4.50 00:45:25 00:10:06
Alistair 4.50 00:42:48 00:09:31
Greg 4.50 00:44:24 00:09:52
Carl 4.50 00:42:59 00:09:33
Nina 3.05 00:36:22 00:11:55
Sharon 4.50 00:42:58 00:09:33
Mandy 4.30 00:43:57 00:10:13

Friday Running Club News 14/11/14

The rain has been coming down so bad this week that the weekends football matches have already been cancelled as the ground is sodden. It is that bad that Greg brought his swimming hat along this morning to run in! Although it was wet under foot the weather was once again kind to us as we ran in sunny conditions round the 4.6mile route. Gregs hat was very streamlined and helped him to a sub -10min per mile run. He kept up well for the first half of the run with the ladies, Sue and Sharon. Both had great runs finishing in a very impressive 9m17s per mile. Juliette built on her first run back at Mondays running club improving by 2secs per mile. well done!!

I was asked today to look up the Marwell 10k for 2015. According to their website it is suspended for the next few years while they develop the zoo. So make sure you book in for the Eastleigh 10k instead -

Name 14/11/2014 Speed
Mark 4.65 00:47:40 00:10:15
Greg 4.65 00:46:23 00:09:58
Juliette 4.65 00:47:40 00:10:15
Sue 4.65 00:43:12 00:09:17
Sharon 4.65 00:43:12 00:09:17