Running Club News 18/5/15

New routes this evening and a little challenge for some to run further and in some instances faster ….

There were 3 routes to choose – 3.7m, 4.5m and a 5.7m. I am pleased to say everyone pushed themselves on the distances. Mandy, Carl and Nina pushed for the 3.7m route and did very well completing the route non-stop and with times too, well done. For poor old Carl, he had already driven 487miles, swam 10 lengths then was dragged along for a run – Some triathlon that!

The mid-range route saw Sharon and Charles push for a good time with their first experience of this route. Charles is being Mr. Consistent with a 9m 16s still just hovering around his PB time and Sharon had a great sub -10min per mile run. Well done !


Name 18/05/2015 Speed
Mark 5.60 00:49:10 00:08:47
Pete 5.60 00:51:55 00:09:16
Mike Y 5.60 00:37:48 00:06:45
Sue 5.60 00:48:45 00:08:42
Jo F 5.60 00:48:45 00:08:42
Charles 4.50 00:41:40 00:09:16
Alistair 5.60 00:48:25 00:08:39
Greg 5.60 00:53:50 00:09:37
Mandy B 3.70 00:42:00 00:11:21
Carl 3.70 00:46:00 00:12:26
Nina 3.70 00:46:00 00:12:26
Sharon 4.50 00:44:40 00:09:56


That left the rest for the longer lap. Mike was back after a few weeks away. He had said he hadn’t been doing any running, but his performance this evening would suggest otherwise. A very speedy 6m 45s per mile. Not far from his PB and a lightning quick time considering he has been away from the club. Awesome Mike! Behind Mike was a little congregation of Alistair, Jo and Sue. They were all pushing each other on. Jo had received her Isle of Wight tickets earlier in the day and was very excited. She ran with Keith this evening (Keith Flint from the Prodigy in her headphones) . It seemed to do the trick, although there was some wasting of energy at some points along the route as she randomly started dancing with her hands in the air!! The beat must have helped though as Jo was very close to her Personal Best time this evening. With Sue keeping up with Jo all the way round it also gave Sue a great time, in fact it was a PB for Sue. Her quickest ever time with the running club, clocked at 8m 42s per mile. Well done Sue!! Alistair did his best to keep the girls behind him all the way round and that pushed him on to a great time as well, Fantastic Alistair! Also running this route were Pete and Dennis. Pete had been ill in the week and not quite fully recovered, so his time of 9m 16s was commendable. Dennis the Menace (aka Greg) in his stripy top had a great run too, his 9m 37s was awesome on what is a long challenging route.

Well done to all the runners, no running club next week, so you all get a rest. Back to this route though the week after

We have planned a few events in the coming months, here is the running club schedule for events. Please let me know if you enroll on any of these so I can plan the logistics closer to the time –

12th – Wyvern 10k – Eastleigh –

27th – Tough Mudder – Winchester –

25th Great South Run – Portsmouth –

6th Victory 10k – Portsmouth –

TBC – Stubbington 10k – Stubbington – TBC


Running Club News 11/5/15

It was the last run of the series today and a chance for those now familiar with the routes to go for a PB!

Pete set the standard, setting off with a fast pace and maintaining it throughout. He clearly enjoys this time of year, his last PB was set in April 2014 and this evenings 7m 47s per mile was his fastest since then! Well done Pete.

Clare, Hana and Lynne were back this evening after a couple of weeks absence. They didn’t know the routes but that didn’t stop them recording their best ever runs this evening. Clare achieved an amazing 12m23s per mile, this is a whooping 1m 16s quicker than her first run with the club and she is improving all the time. Also improving with every run is Hana, she recorded a 13m15s per mile this evening, nearly 2mins per mile better than her first run!! Well done ladies! and well done Lynne, she recorded her PB on this route two weeks ago but kept with them today helping to set the pace!

Nina had a great run this evening, it wasn’t her fastest but having completed a triathlon yesterday in an amazing time she could be forgiven. I haven’t even completed a triathlon so was very jealous running alongside her this evening. Well done Nina!! Her partner, Carl, was looking at a sprint time today, choosing to do the shorter distance, he was first to finish with a time of just 29mins! Very quick, and marginally outside his PB! definitely need a longer route for you next week Carl!

Greg and Sharon set off together and were neck and neck for most of the route. Greg finally putting in a push towards the end to pip Sharon by just 25seconds. A close finish and what looked like a great run for them both. Alistair, Mr Consistent!, had another sub 9mins per mile run even with a bit of asthma this evening. The high pressure hanging over the south as definitely effected the air quality and I think both Mandy and Alistair could feel that this evening. Still they were running together for the majority of the route until Mandys acceleration down Brook Lane just beat Alistair to the finish. Both had excellent sub – 9mins per mile times. Well done

Nick was the only brave soul who opted to go for the longer route this evening. Unfortunately a heel injury hampered his progress, but he made it round the route and his average of 8m 35s was still impressive! I hope it improves quickly Nick!

We are changing the routes for next week and so a great opportunity to come along and give us a try. If you would like more information on the running club in Warsash go to

Name 11/05/2015 Speed
Nick C 5.50 00:47:10 00:08:35
Mark 4.50 00:40:42 00:09:03
Pete 4.50 00:35:00 00:07:47
Clare 3.30 00:40:52 00:12:23
Alistair 4.50 00:40:15 00:08:57
Greg 4.50 00:41:25 00:09:12
Lynne 3.30 00:43:42 00:13:15
Hannah 3.30 00:43:42 00:13:15
Carl 3.30 00:29:11 00:08:51
Nina 3.30 00:40:42 00:12:20
Sharon 4.50 00:41:50 00:09:18
Mandy 4.50 00:39:55 00:08:52

Running Club News 4/5/15

It was a small, but motivated group of runners out this evening in the Bank holiday drizzle. The drizzle was actually very welcome as it was still very warm running conditions. 7 of us set out with Nick running the longer 5.5miles and the rest focusing on speed with the slightly shorter 4.5miles

The route itself is quite tough, lots of hills and inclines. So Nicks sub 8-mins per mile time was very impressive. It was made more impressive with the extra stone in weight he was carrying round in the shape of 2 Sunday lunches and some tiramisu just before we started!! Well done Nick on keeping it down!!

For the 4.5mile route Jo led the field, she has been steadily improving and today, on a particularly tough course, she smashed her PB to record a 8m 34s per mile time over the 4.5mile route, well done Jo, very quick!! Charles did his best to keep up and along with Sharon and Mandy they finished in a great time. Charles was just 6 s per mile off his PB as he continues to get closer to it without quite breaking it!! Sharon and Mandy was also fast although a slight detour meant they didn’t quite get the full distance, well done though ladies. Greg also chose the 4.5mile route this week, he has been working on his hills and it showed as he finished in an impressive 9m 44s per mile, well done Greg!

Same routes next week for the last time.

Name 04/05/2015 Speed
Nick C 5.50 00:43:35 00:07:55
Mark 5.50 00:43:53 00:07:59
Jo F 4.50 00:38:33 00:08:34
Charles 4.50 00:41:31 00:09:14
Greg 4.50 00:43:50 00:09:44
Sharon 4.50 00:41:41 00:09:16
Mandy 4.50 00:41:41 00:09:16


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Running Club News 27/4/15

With a few people away this evening it was decided to undertake a handicap run today. It required a mathematician and an IT expert to program the spreadsheet in order to calculate everyone’s start times. Unfortunately we didn’t have either. So a slightly delayed start but it kind of worked.

Nick went out first undertaking the longer 5.6mile route. It meant everyone was chasing him!! That pressure of looking over your shoulder was enough to spur Nick on to his fastest time with the running club ever!! A fantastic 7m40s per mile. Next to go was Sharon, she set off 4mins after Nick but on the shorter route of 4.5miles. She managed to beat Nick back, only just, but that was also enough for Sharon to achieve her Personal Best Ever with the Running Club as well!! A fantastic 8m 35s per mile, awesome!!

A minute later and Charles set off in pursuit. He worked hard to close in on Sharon and Nick,  not quite making it past them, but his run was only his 3rd fastest ever with the club and just 3s per mile from his PB! Great Run Charles!! Jo was next to leave the ENJOY club. Although her knee had been a little sore in recent days she still managed a fantastic run, her 8m48s per mile just 8s per mile off her PB!! The two Mandy’s and Lynne set off next all within 30s of each other. Mandy ran the Southampton half-marathon yesterday but was still here this evening and in great form, she ran another 4.5miles this evening and in just over 9mins per mile. Well done on both this evening and yesterdays achievements Mandy!! Mandy B and Lynne ran together on the 3.3mile route. Pushing each other on and finishing right at the front gave Lynne her fastest ever run with the club, an amazing 10m 36s per mile. This is a massive 3mins per mile quicker than her previous best!!! We done Lynne! For Mandy B she was just a few seconds away from her PB as well.

Next to go off together were Pete and Mike. Mike was on the longer route and focused on tracking down Nick running the same route. He didn’t quite catch him but passed quite a few on his way to an amazing 6m 38s per mile, this is extremely fast and just 3seconds outside his PB!! Pete had a “man-cold” this evening and so was handicapped in more ways than one. He completed the course though in 42minutes not bad for the 4.5mile route, well done Pete!

We are back to the normal routine next week with new routes and challenges. It is a Bank holiday Monday, so no excuses guys, see you all next week!

Name Distance ACTUAL TIME Average
Mandy B 3.30 00:34:59 00:10:36
Pete 4.50 00:42:10 00:09:22
Nick C 5.60 00:42:54 00:07:40
Lynne 3.30 00:34:59 00:10:36
Charles 4.50 00:41:19 00:09:11
Sharon 4.50 00:38:39 00:08:35
Jo 4.50 00:39:38 00:08:48
Mandy 4.50 00:41:09 00:09:09
Mike Y 5.60 00:37:10 00:06:38
Mark 4.50 00:38:20 00:08:31

Running Club News 20/4/14

  • A great big thank you to Sharon and Mike who co-ordinated last nights running club (and last Fridays) in my absence. It sounded as though it was a great run last night as well. Gutted to miss it!

    Jo had her shorts on and decided to run the longer 5.7mile Route, this obviously encouraged a lot more people on this route!!!  Instead of the normal 2 we had 8 run the long route, you need to wear your shorts more often Jo!! Greg did his best to keep up with Jo until she did one of her stepping up a gear kick trick! Pete and Nick ran together until Dibles when Nick kicked on to record a fantastic 50mins for the 5.7miles. Mandy and Sue motivated each other all the way around and even caught Pete as they finished the run. Sue was impressed with how Mandy gets faster going down hills, and this certainly did the trick as Sue managed to beat her daughter in revenge for last week. Jo herself did brilliantly, running her longest distance since her injury and in a great time too.  Charles was very happy with his run achieving a good time at the longer distance, those new trainers are certainly seeing some miles already!!Finally Mike sprinted the 5.7miles in a fantastic time of just 38mins, awesome!!

    Maggie ran on her own and although felt like stopping at times was determined to keep going, fantastic self-motivation Mags, well done, a really good time as well!! Alistair went off very, very fast with Carl on his tail on the shorter route. Carl pipped him to the post only when Alistair stopped for a car on arriving back at the studio!! The short sprint really worked for Carl as he recorded the only Personal Best set on the night, a fantastic 8m 29s per mile! Now we know you can do it Carl you will have to replicate the speed on a longer distance.

    A big thanks to Mandy Bowers for helping Sharon with the times and supporting her on the night. The running is clearly working for Mandy as she had trouble keeping her trousers up whilst she was running, must be losing weight from all that exercise. Nina had some tyre issues this evening, having to pit stop 3 times to re-lace her shoes! She still finished in a great time though. Clare also had a great run and was just 14 seconds off a personal best. She was very determined and put in 100% effort.

    Well done team!! Something different next week.

    Name 12/08/1903 Speed
    Nick C 5.70 00:50:00 00:08:46
    Pete 5.70 00:51:00 00:08:57
    Mike Y 5.70 00:38:53 00:06:49
    Sue 5.70 00:51:00 00:08:57
    Jo F 5.70 00:52:00 00:09:07
    Maggie 4.20 00:41:00 00:09:46
    Charles 5.70 00:55:00 00:09:39
    Clare 3.10 00:39:00 00:12:35
    Alistair 3.10 00:26:21 00:08:30
    Greg 5.70 00:54:00 00:09:28
    Mandy B 3.10 00:35:27 00:11:26
    Carl 3.10 00:26:19 00:08:29
    Nina 3.1 00:36:00 00:11:37
    Sharon 3.10 00:39:00 00:12:35
    Mandy 5.70 00:52:00 00:09:07

Running Club News 13/4/15

A beautiful evening and a great run tonight for the Warsash running club! It was the last time on these routes and a chance for people to go a little faster as they have become more familiar with the run. There was some fantastic performances this evening as well with 6 Personal Best averages set and 3 very close!

Firstly though a big welcome to newcomer Jack. It was his first run with the Monday night club having run with the Friday team last week. He struggled a bit on Friday with finding a comfortable pace but he was paired with Mandy B for this evenings route and together they did magnificently. Jack set his PB at 11m 17s per mile and apart from a very small walk he completed the run in style. As for Mandy, she averaged 11mins per mile and after doing some training on her own this week is ready to graduate to the longer routes next time! Well done guys!

Our beginners team of ladies were awesome this evening. Lynne, Hana and Clare started with us a few weeks ago and are really showing some fantastic improvements. All three set Personal Bests this evening. Lynne and Hana taking 1m 27s per mile off their pace from their first run just 4 weeks ago. Clare has also seen a massive improvement with 69 seconds per mile quicker tonight! Great stuff ladies, well done!

The other Personal Best was a bit of a surprise this evening. Jo has been recovering from a knee injury since the Great South Run last October. She has only returned to running in the last few weeks and seemed to be running well within herself this evening as she glided past me with half a mile to go! However the time and distance showed Jo averaged just 8m 40s per mile this evening – a new record and a sign that she is back to full health and full fitness, great to have you back Jo!! Jo had been shadowing her mum, Sue, and Mandy on the way round and chose her moment to pass them in the last half a mile. Sue knew she was there and pushed herself hard as the pace setter. It was Sue’s first Monday night session this year and she has clearly been working on her fitness as she too broke her Personal Best record set last August! Sue’s 8m 47s per mile was fantastic! Well done. Also in this trio of ladies was Mandy. Preparing for the Southampton half marathon in a few weeks she was looking very strong and a great pace to keep with Sue and Jo. Her final average was just 7seconds off her Personal Best and a very good effort!

There were a few others who just missed out on their PBs this evening. Sharon has been running to encourage others in recent weeks, but this evening she ran on her own and did an amazing 9m 15s per mile. This was the fastest she has run since November, well done Sharon. Also close to a PB was Alistair, an awesome run was his 2nd fastest ever run with the running club. I know I could hardly keep up with him!! Charles was wearing new trainers this evening and tinkering with his running style a little. Whatever he used it worked as he finished just 1 second per mile off his PB, so close!!!

Sat Nav had a severe hair cut before this evenings run and it certainly made him more streamlined. He ran with Mags and helped her to her fastest run since last June! A fantastic run that knocked nearly 45s per mile off the last time Mags ran this route. Well done! Greg too managed to knock off 24s per mile from last weeks average. He had a great run and is certainly improving loads at the moment.

Finally we had the gents running the longer 5.7mile route. Both had a fantastic run with Pete taking 28 seconds per mile off his average from last week and Mike taking 9 seconds off his last run even with a full cold. His 6m 44s per mile was a lap record on this course and was very impressive.

Next week guys we will have a handicap race with a difference.


Name 13/04/2015 Speed
Mark 4.20 00:36:18 00:08:39
Pete 5.70 00:47:50 00:08:24
Mike Y 5.70 00:38:23 00:06:44
Sue 4.20 00:36:54 00:08:47
Jo F 4.20 00:36:24 00:08:40
Jack 3.10 00:34:58 00:11:17
Mike H 4.20 00:39:57 00:09:31
Maggie 4.20 00:39:57 00:09:31
Charles 4.20 00:38:27 00:09:09
Clare 3.10 00:38:45 00:12:30
Alistair 4.20 00:35:29 00:08:27
Greg 5.70 00:54:06 00:09:29
Mandy B 3.10 00:34:10 00:11:01
Lynne 3.10 00:42:22 00:13:40
Hannah 3.10 00:42:22 00:13:40
Sharon 4.20 00:38:52 00:09:15
Mandy 4.20 00:36:40 00:08:44

Running Club News 6/4/15

It was a glorious Bank Holiday Monday today, the sun shining and temperature in the 20’s! It took a lot of motivation to decline the BBQs and drag yourselves along to running club this evening. A massive well done to the 7 of you who did!!

There were some fantastic performances as well. Nina, who ran yesterday as well, set a new Personal best time today!! Running with her partner, Carl, they sprinted the 3.1mile route in an average of 10m 24s!!! This is fantastic as it took a massive 46seconds per mile off her Nina’s previous best average! Well done the pair of you, that fitness is still improving!

Setting another PB today was Nick, well it was a PB of sorts….It was his fastest average since September 2013 and post-knee issues. Maybe we should call it a PKPB (Post-Knee). Either way it was an extremely fast run averaging just 7m43s. This was made all the more remarkable as Nick had completed a grueling Bootcamp class for an hour with me earlier in the day!! Well done Nick! Pete had all good intentions on keeping up with Nick, but by the first corner it was clear a more reserved but enjoyable run was required today. An average of less than 9mins per mile is still impressive though.

Greg managed to take a detour again this week. He said afterwards, he enjoyed his bespoke route last week he thought he would do it again this week. And so he did! A slightly slower average, but a very impressive 6miles completed, well done Greg!

Alistair was back this evening having missed a few runs due to work. I think he was sponsored by Tequilla again this evening following a particularly busy weekend, but he flew round the route keeping just ahead of Jo to average 9m 19s. Jo, who seems to have fully recovered from her knee problem, finished just behind Alistair in another excellent run!

Last chance on these routes next week

Name 06/04/2015 Speed
Nick C 5.70 00:44:00 00:07:43
Mark 5.70 00:50:40 00:08:53
Pete 5.70 00:50:35 00:08:52
Jo F 4.20 00:39:39 00:09:26
Alistair 4.20 00:39:09 00:09:19
Greg 6.00 00:59:21 00:09:53
Carl 3.10 00:32:14 00:10:24
Nina 3.10 00:32:14 00:10:24