Myzone September 2017 Report


Running Club News 16/10/17

I have a lot of catching up to do with the Running Blog this evening. Apologies it has fallen behind, it has been a busy time in preparation for this years main event – The Great South Run. It still holds fond memories for me as this is how the business all started 7 years ago. This year, once again, we will have a good turn out from New Life Training with 21 running the event. Thank you all for your on-going support. All those running should now have received an email from me with the itinerary for the day. If you haven’t please message me and I will forward it on. Quick reminder that there is no Running Club this Friday, but there will be a circuit next Monday !!

Friday 6th October

Just the two runners this morning as many were saving themselves for the Sunday 10mile hike around Lee-on-Solent. Greg was off like a rocket, even though he was doing Sundays run. He put another 5miles in the legs and even though he took a wrong turn out of Admirals Road, he assured me he wont get lost on Sunday! Also joining the running club this morning was Louise. She hasn’t run for 15 years, but did amazing this morning completing the 1.9mile route in just 22minutes with a little run-walk. Welcome to the running club Louise, I hope you will come back soon.

Monday 9th October

I was unable to attend this evening, so a massive big thank you to Carl who took the reigns and coordinated this evenings event.

Here are the results –

Carl 6.6 50:59
Nina 3.8 45:42
Sarah 6.6 55:05
Lydia 3.8 40:47
Sharon 3.8 40:47
Hutch 6.6 1:04:12
Kat 2.4 34:20
Celia 2.4 34:20

Friday 13th October

Even though it was Friday the 13th we still had a few runners turn up

It was perfect conditions for GSR Prep today, drizzle and a strong head wind for the last mile. It wasn’t quite a storm but Lisa definitely had a storming run. Finishing the 5.1miles strongly and just 1 second per mile outside her PB split time. She is certainly peeking at the right time and should storm the GSR!! Jo also had a strong run, hitting an average of 10 mins per mile, awesome!!

Monday 16th October

I told those doing the GSR to have a steady run this evening and no more than 5miles. Everyone took the advice. Although Cat and Celia aren’t doing this years GSR and they bombed their routes this evening to smash 2 PBs in one night!!! In a fantastic performance the girls ran the furthest ever, completing the 2.4miles non-stop and to top that they did it in a record time too. They have now set a new PB split time of just 12m42s per mile. Well done Ladies – Awesome!!

For everyone else it was a case of just relaxing through the miles in what will probably be, for most, the last run before Sundays main event. Well done to all the runners this evening. Rest now for Sunday!!

Name 16/10/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.10 43:37.0 08:33.1
Mark 3.80 36:55.0 09:42.9
Jo F 5.10 51:10.0 10:02.0
Charles 3.80 36:54.0 09:42.6
Carl 5.10 40:51.0 08:00.6
Nina 3.80 40:14.0 10:35.3
Sharon 3.80 40:14.0 10:35.3
Lydia 3.80 40:14.0 10:35.3
Lisa 3.80 36:49.0 09:41.3
Celia 2.40 30:31.0 12:42.9
Catherine 2.40 30:31.0 12:42.9



Running Club News 2/10/17

Friday 29th September

The run started off so sunny that we had to delay the start so Lisa could pick up her sunglasses. By the time the run had finished however her sunglasses were definitely not required. Lisa did great though, pushing herself to complete the longer distance of 6.6miles. This route has a lot of long hills, great for getting the fitness up in preparation for the Great South Run. Well done Lisa. Greg also chose the long route this morning and had a superb run averaging 10mins per mile even with all the steep hills, well done Greg!! Well done also to Mark G, running on his own he kept his focus and more importantly his pace to complete the 3.8miles non-stop, making it the furthest he has run with the club, well done Mark!! Richard and Nick set off on the 5.1 mile circuit, Richard unfortunately had to pull up short with a sore knee. Get well soon Richard. Nick continued though and finished in style with a fast average of 8mins per mile. Last time on these routes next week.

Name 29/09/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.10 41:00.0 08:02.4
Mark 5.10 46:27.0 09:06.5
Greg 6.60 1:06:09 10:01.4
Mark G 3.8 40:00.0 10:31.6
Lisa 6.6 08:02.0 10:18.5


Monday 2nd October

Blimey its October already and only 2 more Monday night clubs before the GSR!!! The weather this evening was perfect. Slightly warm with a cooling drizzle. Lovely!! It must have helped though as everyone today improved on last week. Cath and Celia ran further than ever to hit a new PB on distance, well done girls!!

Charles and Lisa improved on last weeks time on the 5.1mile route. They were joined this evening by Rich, who, I think, had his shoelaces tied together. He tripped over several times on the route, even falling over again while stretching at the end. We may have to wrap him in bubble-wrap next week for protection. Nick also almost had a fall but his calf seems stronger now and withstood the added impact to keep him on track for a full recovery and a good time this evening. Jo was back tonight too and smashed the 5.1 mile route in great fashion, still undecided about doing the GSR, I think she should try the longer route next week. Carl and Sarah both stuck with the longer hilly route and both showed great improvement week on week. With Carls sprint finish shaving 6 seconds off last weeks time and Sarah chopping 10 seconds off her previous course record. Well done team!

Same routes next week, I am not here but Running Club will continue thanks to Carl filling in for me. I have heard there may be a guest appearance next week from “Exocet Mike”, so watch out – speedy’s about!!

Name 02/10/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.10 00:43:42 00:08:34
Mark 6.60 00:51:32 00:07:48
Jo F 5.10 0:50:24 0:09:53
Charles 5.10 0:49:41 0:09:45
Rich 5.10 0:49:41 0:09:45
Carl 6.60 0:51:42 0:07:50
Sarah 6.6 00:54:20 0:08:14
Lisa 5.1 00:49:41 0:09:45
Celia 2.4 00:32:59 0:13:45
Catherine 2.4 00:32:59 0:13:45



Running Club News 25/9/17


Don’t forget we are running a practice 10mile route at Lee-on-Solent on Sunday October 8th. I have set up an event on Facebook for people to check in to let me know that they are coming. The route is slightly less than 10miles but great preparation none the less. It will be £4 as per a normal run and you can pay via the app as normal or by cash on the day. The route –

Monday 25th September

This evenings new routes were designed to start pushing peoples fitness ready for the Great South Run in 3 weeks time. A longer route with a very step hill climb near the end was designed to push peoples heart rates high and raise their Anaerobic threshold. This will allow you to run further and faster and better prepare you for the GSR. With this in mind, I wasn’t expecting too many Personal Bests this evening, although there were still some fantastic performances. Carl managed a sub 8min mile average on the longer 6.6mile hike! With Sarah and Hutch also excelling on the challenging circuit. The 5.1mile route was still as testing with Nina really pushing herself to the limit this evening with Lydia and Sharon. Sue also flew round this circuit, with Charles and Lisa motivating each other round until the last half a mile when they moved from colleagues to competitors in a sprint finish.

It was good to see Nick back running after his recent injury set back. Plus Catherine and Celia held the only PB of the day as they completed their furthest run with the club so far – a fantastic 2.4miles and at a similar pace to last week too. Well done ladies.

Same routes next week and a chance to improve on this weeks times.


Name 25/09/2017 Speed
Nick C 3.80 0:31:00 0:08:09
Mark 5.10 0:47:56 0:09:24
Sue 5.10 0:47:55 0:09:24
Hutch 6.60 1:03:00 0:09:33
Charles 5.10 0:50:48 0:09:58
Carl 6.60 0:51:54 0:07:52
Nina 5.10 0:54:11 0:10:37
Sharon 5.1 0:54:01 0:10:35
Lydia 5.10 0:53:50 0:10:33
Sarah 6.6 0:54:30 0:08:15
Lisa 5.1 0:50:48 0:09:58
Celia 2.4 0:32:29 0:13:32
Catherine 2.4 0:32:29 0:13:32


Just a quick note to ask if people could vote for Matthew (my son) in the LFE Goal of the Month Competition. Closing date is 12noon on Thursday. Please click the link below and vote for goal G! We need as many votes as possible to please ask your family, friends and work colleagues to vote too.  Many thanks


Running Club News 18/9/17

Friday September 15th

It was decided that we would do the normal scheduled route backwards this morning. Jo felt a bit uneasy about it as she was worried about falling over, but when we explained it we meant run anti-clockwise instead of clockwise rather than actually running backwards she was fine. Infact she put in a great performance, smashing the 6mile route in under 10mins per mile!! Richard also went for the longer route and averaged bang on 7mins per mile!! More importantly we have managed to persuade him to do the Great South Run!!! So I had better get training to make sure I beat him!!

Nick is also doing the GSR and, hopefully he wont get lost on the Portsmouth route like he did today. It wasn’t much of a detour today though, just an extra half a mile which he said he enjoyed!! Mark G was also back today, he was a little slower than his last run, but he completed the 3.5mile route well and is showing great progress. Well done Mark. Lisa also is improving loads at the moment as she upped her miles to the 4.7 today without dropping her pace from the previous weeks. Well done.

We are going to run the same route this Friday as I am away, Richard will co-ordinate in my absence. Thanks Richard!

Name 15/09/2017 Speed
Mark 4.70 41:46.0 08:53.2
Nick B 5.20 48:00.0 09:13.8
Jo F 6.00 57:26.0 09:34.3
Richard 6.00 42:02.0 07:00.3
Mark G 3.50 37:00.0 10:34.3
Lisa 4.70 46:16.0 09:50.6


Monday September 18th

It was the last opportunity to run these routes and a chance to get a Personal Best for some runners. In fact 5 new Personal records were set this evening as we start building towards this years Great South Run. Firstly, Kate teamed up with Nina and the pair of them hit the 4.7mile route hard! Even with a slight Achilles injury Kate flew round to earn a new Personal Best split time with the running club of just  10m 19s per mile, Well done Kate and well done Nina for escorting her round. Also setting a new PB this evening was Hutch. He found a perfect pace setter in Faith, who was back from a few weeks away. Faiths 9min per mile pace was the perfect incentive for Hutch and he worked hard to keep in close sight of Faith as they went round the 6mile route. A great run you two, well done!!

Sarah also matched up to a good pace setter this evening. She chased Carl round the 4.7mile circuit to finish with an average of under 8mins per mile. This is over 30seconds per mile quicker than her previous attempts on this route and shows she now needs to up the miles ready for the GSR! Well done to Carl too, he set a good pace and this was after completing the Richmond Dualathlon yesterday in a record time.

Celia and Catherine were back this week after their first experience of the running club last Monday. They managed to get out for a run themselves in the week too and it showed. They clocked a huge week on week improvement, going from 1mile non-stop running last week to nearly 2 this week and in a lot quicker time too. Well done ladies, awesome – 2.5miles next week!!!

It was great great to see Alistair back with the club this evening. It has been nearly a year (the last GSR) I think, but he has been running on his own and he put in a great run, with a sprint finish at the end to keep Rich at bay from beating him. The pair finished in under 9mins per mile average in a very quick run. Well done Gents.

Having had 3 great runs in a row Jo found it tough this evening. Running with Charles must have been tough, having to listen to his holiday stories, so she cut the run short but still in a good average. This was the 2nd lady in a week Charles has broken, having destroyed Lisa at the weekend who was unable to join us this evening with blisters!

New routes for next week.

Name 18/09/2017 Speed
Mark 1.80 24:07.0 13:23.9
Jo F 4.50 44:51.0 09:58.0
Hutch 5.90 53:27.0 09:03.6
Charles 4.50 44:51.0 09:58.0
Rich 4.70 42:05.0 08:57.2
Alistair 4.70 41:55.0 08:55.1
Carl 4.70 36:45.0 07:49.1
Nina 4.70 48:33.0 10:19.8
Kate 4.70 48:33.0 10:19.8
Faith 5.90 53:23.0 09:02.9
Sarah 4.70 37:15.0 07:55.5
Celia 1.80 24:07.0 13:23.9
Catherine 1.80 24:07.0 13:23.9




Running Club News 11/9/17

Friday September 8th

With a few running events at the weekend numbers were a little lower for today’s run. But it was quality rather than quantity this morning as those participating showed improvement week on week. Sarah, in only her 2nd week back, shaved 4seconds per mile off her pace from last week. Nick also saw an improvement, 13seconds per mile quicker than the previous Friday. Jo decided to go for the long route and completed it with no problems, the furthest she has run in quite some time, so a fantastic achievement, well done Jo. Richard just bombed round in his 7min mile speedy pace. Well done runners, same route next week for the final time and a chance for some PBs!!

Name 08/09/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.70 00:39:30 00:08:24
Mark 4.70 00:40:37 00:08:39
Jo F 6.00 0:59:32 0:09:55
Richard 4.70 00:33:43 0:07:10
Sarah 4.7 00:40:37 0:08:39

Monday September 11th

A good turn out this evening and a big welcome to 2 new runners – Catherine and Celia. Neither had run for over 5 years, so it was a steady start and the pair of them did amazing. Completing a mile non-stop in under 12 mins. A short walk and we managed to complete another half mile non-stop as well. A great start and with some perseverance some fantastic improvements will be seen with these two I have no doubt! Well done!

There was also a big welcome back for Pete. He has been busy over the summer but is back today, he went for the 4.7mile route. He said his ankles hurt, then his knee, it then moved to his hip and lower back and that was all before we done 100meters!! He soon warmed up though and got back in to his stride. Competitive as always he had to put a sprint finish in to stop Carl catching him at the death. For Carl this meant a sprint to try and catch him at the end, resulting in a week on week improvement of nearly a minute and a finish just outside his PB!!

There had been a few events on at the weekend. Greg had an amazing adventure completing the Portsmouth Triathlon. He was in among some of the elite triathletes but he didn’t let it phase him and he had a great time. Back to running with the club this evening, he teamed up with Rich and the pair completed the 4,7miles route in a fantastic sub-10mins per mile pace. Well done Gents!

Also running yesterday was Sue, She completed the New Forest 10k but came along this evening to support her daughter Jo for another attempt at the 6miles. The support helped as Jo took nearly 2 minutes off her Friday attempt on this route to show she is improving each week at the moment. Well done ladies!!

Hutch was back for his 2nd run with the club. Although he had some technical difficulties with time keeping we were able to count back to establish a great week on week improvement and a new personal best (PB) for Hutch. He took 3 minutes off last weeks time to record a 9m 21s mile split as a new PB! Well done Hutch!!

Sharon took off on her own this evening and put in a great time, although we may have to start wrapping her in bubble wrap before each run now as she came back with a cut on her leg for the 3rd run in a row. Lydia and Nina teamed up to attack the 4.7mile route this evening and completed it well. For Lydia this was her third run completed without the need of her inhaler, quite a milestone! She also equaled her PB time that she set last week. Well done Ladies.

Same routes next week for the last time.

Name 11/09/2017 Speed
Mark 1.80 25:34.0 14:12.2
Pete 4.70 44:30.0 09:28.1
Sue 6.00 57:51.0 09:38.5
Jo F 6.00 57:51.0 09:38.5
Hutch 6.00 56:10.0 09:21.7
Rich 4.70 46:16.0 09:50.6
Greg 4.70 0:46:16 09:50.6
Carl 6.00 0:44:47 07:27.8
Nina 4.70 0:48:57 10:24.9
Sharon 4.70 45:47.0 09:44.5
Lydia 4.7 48:57.0 10:24.9
Celia 1.8 00:25:34 14:12.2
Catherine 1.8 00:25:34 14:12.2




Myzone August 2017 Report


Running Club News 4/9/17

Friday 1st September

A good turn out this morning for the 1st attempt at these routes. We welcomed back Sarah and Lisa to the running club as they start their preparation for the Great South Run. Alex also has penned the date in her diary. Sarah teamed up with Nick and the pair set off on the 4.7mile route. Sarah did really well to keep up with Nick for the majority of the run before dropping back near the end. Still, it was a very good 8m43s per mile average for her first run back since last years Great South. It was also Lisa’s first run for a while and she did great tearing up the shorter 3.5mile route, and straight back to 9m 40s per mile average. Alex too had a great run and had to encourage me round in a roll reversal after I had run 7 miles the day before and was walking a bit like John Wayne. Thanks Alex!!

Name 01/09/2017 0:00:00 Speed
Nick C 4.70 0:40:30 0:08:37
Mark 3.50 0:38:13 0:10:55
Alex A 3.50 0:38:13 0:10:55
Sarah 4.7 0:41:00 0:08:43
Lisa 3.5 0:33:50 0:09:40


Monday 4th September

The preparation for the Great South Run really started this evening with all the runners upping their game. For the ladies it was the furthest run they had achieved since last years GSR and for some the furthest ever!! For Lydia and Kate is wasn’t only the furthest they have run non-stop with the club, with Sharons help and pace setting, it was also their fastest, setting a new PB for pace and distance. Well done!!

Richard also ran the 6.1miles and set another PB for himself finishing a run in under 7mins per mile for the first time. Well done!! Awesome!

Also this evening we had new recruit Alex (Hutch). He has enrolled on this years GSR and has already started some running. He looked strong this evening and did fantastic to get round the 6.1miles to show that he will have no problem in completing the GSR this year!

Sue and Jo ran together this evening again. There was some confusion at the beginning if Sue was running to Gosport or if, in fact she was going to carry a fridge freezer round with her. But once we had established that it was a fridge she was collecting after the run from Gosport we could focus on the run, which the ladies achieved with flying colours!! 10min miles was very impressive.

Nick C had run this route on Friday with the club and so had a slight advantage. He made it count as well as he flew round the course to his fastest run ever with the running club and a new PB of 7m 39s per mile. Well done Nick, speedy!!

Well done also this evening to Carl, Rich and Lisa who also put in great performances. Carl went for the long route and was just 4 seconds per mile from his PB. Rich is getting back in to his grove since having some time away from running and Lisa had new trainers and an unfortunate blister which cut her run short, but it was looking very fast!!

Same routes next week team!!


Name 04/09/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.70 36:00.0 07:39.6
Mark 6.10 59:59.0 09:50.0
Sue 4.70 47:11.0 10:02.3
Jo F 4.70 47:11.0 10:02.3
Hutch 6.10 59:59.0 09:50.0
Rich 4.70 44:40.0 09:30.2
Carl 6.10 45:39.0 07:29.0
Sharon 6.10 03:21.0 10:23.1
Richard 6.1 42:30.0 06:58.0
Kate 6.2 03:31.0 10:14.7
Lydia 6.1 03:31.0 10:24.8
Lisa 3.3 33:36.0 10:10.9





Running Club News 28/8/17

Monday 21st August

A big thank you to Charles who stepped in again for me this week. He was really dedicated this evening as well, due to it being his good ladies birthday. He had to improvise a bit, running the route on his own at 5pm, before checking everyone in and sending them on their way at 6:30pm just so he could get out to the birthday meal. The runners then had to self certify their own times to Charles when they finished. Many thanks Charles.

So here are the self cert timings and distances.

Charles  5.75 > 56:40 > 9:51 pace
Carl 5.75 > 43:50 > 7:37 pace
Sue 5.53 > 50.26 > 9:07 pace
Faith 5.53 > 54.03 > 9:46 pace
Kate 4.75 > 49.45 > 10:28 pace
Sharon 4.75 > 49.45 > 10:28 pace
Nina 4.1 > 46.41 > 11:23 pace
Rich G 4.1 > 46.41 >11:23 pace
Rose 4.1 > 46.41 > 11:23 pace

I suspect that Sue and Faith took  detour by Cyprus Road, rather than all the way down Hunts Pond Road! Nina was coming back form injury so she went out with Rich (JDI) and Rose to do about 3 miles depending on how they felt, turned out to be 4.1miles.

In terms of my own commentary, I can report the Dim Sun was very nice and went well with the Tiger Beer, and Mrs J had a nice time
Monday 28th August
Bank holiday Monday and a sunny day but still a good turn out for the last attempt on these routes. Greg decided to cycle the route in advance as he prepares for his next triathlon. He did fantastic, not stopping in an 8 mile cycle and a 5.8mile run. He was doing well until he remembered he had to cycle home afterwards as well. Leyon was back at the club this evening and ran with his pal Carl on the long 5.8 route. They ran fast, at one point hitting 6m30s per mile average, but they stayed together!! That was until the last few yards, Leyon asked Carl to slow down then did a sprint finish to claim 1st place!! Carl, you really should have known better!!
The girls all teamed up this evening, with Rose, Sharon, Nina and Alex all setting off together. They completed the 4.8mile route non-stop, this was a brilliant achievement for Alex as this is the furthest she has run…..ever!! Well done girl!! Well done to the other girls too for some great times.
Charles has upped the miles in recent weeks and this week was no exception, he completed the 5.8mile route very consistently. Aided by a lovely female commentator who informed him every 0.5miles that he was on track. I hate to her what she says if you were behind target Charles!! I guess you will never know now. Well done also to Nick, a consistent 4.8mile run to finish of a weekend full of exercise! Fantastic.
New routes next week as we turn the focus towards this years Great South Run.
Name 28/08/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.80 40:01.0 08:20.2
Mark 5.80 56:49.0 09:47.8
Charles 5.80 56:45.0 09:47.1
Carl 5.80 45:25.0 07:49.8
Nina 4.80 52:05.0 10:51.0
Sharon 4.80 51:05.0 10:38.5
Rose 4.80 53:04.0 11:03.3
Leyon 5.80 45:20.0 07:49.0
Alex A 4.80 53:11.0 11:04.8

Running Club News 14/8/17

Monday 14th August 2017

Brian Hanrahan, the BBC correspondent commented during the Falklands War, “I counted them all out, and I counted them all in again“, and this was the same for the Monday Nite RC as 9 athletes, took to the streets of Warsash/Locks Heath.

50 minutes after the start, nearly 33% of the field was AWOL. The first Casualty was Nina, who made it Greenaway Lane, before injury forced her to stop. – Get Well Soon. At the hour point I was beginning to worry when Greg and Faith were spotted returning home from different directions. Faith had elected to take a slightly longer route 6.5 miles, by turning Left after the Nook and Cranny (rather than before), and Greg, was just Greg (5.75).

Of the others who completed the official routes, terrific run from Rich, coping well with the slightly cooler conditions, a brave effort from Nick struggling with Delerium Tremens, and Carl’s valiant effort was slightly hampered by new Asics.

Mandy, Sharon and Charles all put in slightly better times than last week completing the list of finishers

Carl      – 5.75 – 44:50

Nina     – 5.57 – DNF

Greg     – 5.75 – 1:03:00

Charles – 4.75 – 46.39 > 9.47’s

Nick C   – 4.75 – 43:30

Sharon – 4.75 – 48.08

Mandy – 4.75 – 48.08

Rich      – 5.75  – 43:00

Faith    – 6.50 – 59.57

Assistant Coach Charles

Thank you to Assistant Coach Charles for stepping in at the last minute to coordinate the running club in my absence.


Friday 11th August 2017

A good turn out for the Friday club this week. The two Nicks pushed for the 4.8mile route, keeping each other company and no doubt putting the world of IT to rights. They whizzed round in just over 9mins per mile. They finished just 15 seconds behind Richard, who was running the longer route with his new running coach cycling next to him. There should be a big shout out to his son who actually cycled the 5.8miles keeping up with his Dad who averaged just 7m 30s per mile. Well done father and son!!

Well done also to Alex, she has been training up for the reserves and has been focused on achieving 1,5miles in under 14minutes. Today she smashed it, and it was uphill too!! A new PB split time too, taking a massive 1m 12s per mile off her previous fastest split, well done Alex.

Same routes next week team! Last time!


Name 11/08/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.80 00:43:44 00:09:07
Mark 1.50 00:13:56 00:09:17
Nick B 4.80 0:43:44 0:09:07
Alex A 1.50 0:13:56 0:09:17
Richard 5.80 00:43:29 0:07:30