Running Club News 16/11/15

It was great to see so many people back this week to the Warsash Running Club. Since the Great South Run we have struggled to reach more than 3 people on a Monday evening, mostly due to injuries. But this evening everyone came flooding back! And it was great to have the old running club banter back on track!! All 10 runners opted for the shorter 3mile route this evening, not surprising really as for most this was their first run back from injury. Charles (Ankle), Sandy (Knee), Pete (Plantar Fasciitis), Mike (Calf) were all back this evening. Plus we had Sharon, Carl and Nina back and A big welcome to Ian, who was the new kid on the block this evening. It was actually the last week of these routes, but as hardly no-one had been in recent weeks only Sharon and Dawn were familiar with the 3mile jaunt.

I was pleased that most of the runners made it round the course without any re-occurrence of their injuries, apart from Mike, who had to pull up short a mile from home when his calf became tight again. Hopefully no lasting damage though. Sandy and Pete ran alongside new boy Ian and finished the route in just 26mins!! Definitely looking at a longer route for you guys next week!! Well done to Ian as well. Great time! Next to finish was Carl, a great first run back after several weeks away! Charles also made it round the route pain free and in a good time of 9m 37s per mile! Well done Charles and welcome back! Sharon looked after the ladies for me, with Nina and Dawn both having exceptional runs closed to 11mins per mile average!! Thanks to Sharon for motivating them round too!

We have had a few runners now with Plantar Fasciitis, so I thought I would put on a link with some great information on how to recover from it –

Also, I would like to encourage you to sign up for some of the following races. It is quite motivational to have a goal to aim for and these events are certainly something to aspire to achieve! Let me know if you enroll!!

6th Victory 10k – Portsmouth –

17th January – Stubbington 10k –

APRIL 2016
3rd April – Wickham 10k –

MAY 2016
30th London 10000 – London –



New Routes next week –

Name 16/11/2015 Speed
Mark 3.10 00:38:41 00:12:29
Sandy S 3.10 00:26:00 00:08:23
Pete 3.10 00:26:00 00:08:23
Charles 3.10 00:29:50 00:09:37
Carl 3.10 00:29:29 00:09:31
Nina 3.1 00:34:50 00:11:14
Sharon 3.10 00:34:40 00:11:11
Ian 3.10 00:26:00 00:08:23
Dawn 3.1 00:34:40 00:11:11

Friday Running Club News 13/11/15

We have a great team now at the Friday running club who are dedicated and determined to improve. This was proven on Friday 6th November as Joanne, Leigh-Ann and Jo all turned up in torrential rain to run the new routes. For Joanne and Leigh-Ann this was the furthest they had run with the club so far. They had a little coaching on the way round focusing on foot positioning and downhill techniques which really had some benefit. Even with the wind and rain and the further distance both ladies achieved Personal Best speeds! Well done Ladies. Jo took the longer 5.5mile route and had an awesome run finishing with an average of sub 9mins per mile!! WOW!!!

Friday 13th looked to be the same as the previous week, however there was a break in the clouds as we set off and the rain stayed away until we had finished. Joanne and Leigh-Ann took on board what they had learned the previous week and with slightly better conditions and a break in the weather they flew round. Joanne achieving another PB of just 10m 48s per mile and Leigh-Ann smashing her previous best to hit 10m 08s per mile, not far now to break that 10min per mile barrier (hopefully next week). Charlotte was also back this week and she had an amazing run finishing with an average of 11m 30s a huge 17seconds per mile quicker than her previous PB!! Well done Charlotte!! Jo also had a great run finishing with an average of just 8m 50s not bad with a cold!! Even quicker than last week!

Same routes next week for the last time.

Although the Friday club has been fantastic in recent weeks the Monday club has been a little quieter!! Make sure you book in for this Mondays session and get back on track with your running!!


Name 06/11/2015 Speed 13/11/2015 Speed
Mark 4.20 00:45:26 00:10:49 4.20 00:37:07 00:08:50
Jo F 5.50 00:49:09 00:08:56 4.20 00:37:05 00:08:50
Charlotte #DIV/0! 4.20 00:48:20 00:11:30
Leigh-Ann 4.20 00:43:20 00:10:19 4.20 00:42:35 00:10:08
Joanne 4.20 00:45:26 00:10:49 4.20 00:45:20 00:10:48


Running Club News 2/11/15

A big thank you to Sharon for covering this evenings running club in Warsash. The numbers are still low following the Great South Run and Tough Mudder Events, Where are you all?? Its time to come back!!
Anyway Sharon ran her little legs off tonight trying to keep up with Alistair and new runner, Iain. They both really motivated each other and were very excited to talk about the wildlife they had seen enroute .. a deer and a fox!!
Sharon didn’t get to see any wildlife, just Alistairs fluorescent jacket in the distance!
4.5 miles          Alistair              40:01              08:53
4.5 miles          Iain                   40:01              08:53
4.5 miles          Sharon              42:00              09:06
Some great times this evening team well done. A big welcome and well done to Iain as well who will be a big asset to the club. He also impressed by being spotted still running up Brook Lane on his way home .. #keen!!
Same routes next week team!

Friday Running Club News 30/10/15

A break in the rain was welcomed by the Warsash Runners this morning as we set off for the final week of these particularly hilly routes. We had two new people for the club this morning too. A big welcome to Joanne and Mandy. Both ladies opted for the 3.9mile route and completed the circuit non-stop. Mandy paired up with Leigh-Ann and the pair of them did fantastic averaging under 11mins per mile even with a slight detour at the end. Well done. Joanne completed the GSR at the weekend but was fresh as a daisy this morning flying up the hills and completing the route in just under 11 mins per mile, well done Joanne. Star of the day though was Charlotte, she shaved nearly 2 minutes off her previous time on this route to clock a personal best of 11m 47s per mile, well done Charlotte. Sue was the only runner today to undertake the longer 5mile route and she didn’t disappoint with a fantastic finish and a great average speed, well done Sue!! New routes next week team!!

Name 30/10/2015 Speed
Mark 3.90 00:42:47 00:10:58
Sue 5.00 00:48:25 00:09:41
Charlotte 3.90 00:45:59 00:11:47
Leigh-Ann 4 00:43:17 00:10:49
Mandy 4 00:43:17 00:10:49
Joanne 3.90 00:42:47 00:10:58



New Life Training have entered a team in to the 2016!!! We have booked a 10am start time on Sunday September 27th!! Come and join us! I will be looking to undertake some pre- Tough Mudder training sessions again as we approach the event as well!

To register yourself click on – Maker sure you click on Sundays event and 10am start time. Register and pay for yourself then follow the directions below to join the New Life Training team!

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite Account
  2. Enter the email address you used to register for the event.
  3. Enter your password.
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?
    • An email will be sent to your email address to set your new password.
  4. Once logged into your account, you will see all of your current orders. Find the registration you want to join a team with & click on the View Order button to the right.
  5. Click the Transfer button on the right hand side of the page.
  6. Click Change Team.
  7. Select Join A Team.
  8. Search for the team (NEW LIFE TRAINING) and enter the password (ENJOYFS) and then click Continue.
  9. Verify that all of the information shown is correct and if so, click Continue Transfer. If not, click Start Over to begin the transfer process again.
  10. You can now see your updated registration under My Tickets.

Finally, let me know when you have registered! I will add you to my mail list to let you know about the training sessions as we get closer to the event!


Great South Run Results 2015

It was New Life Training’s 5th Great South Run today. The Warsash Running Club have had huge success over the years with this event and today was no exception. The number of participants was slightly lower than in recent years, in some part due to the Tough Mudder event being so close, but also due to a number of injuries keeping people away. However, we hope to see Lindsay, Greg, Nick, Charles and Sandy all back next year along with many others to boost the numbers back up for what is a very enjoyable event.

This year we had 12 runners who run or train with New Life Training. A few had completed the route before, but well done to Theresa, Katie, Sophie, Connor and Ryan for completing the GSR for the 1st time. We all took different routes to and from the event this morning but the porridge, water and wine gums were certainly in full effect. I even remembered to go to the loo before applying the deep heat this year! There were some close finishes too, Connor was desperate to come first, but I was all too aware that I was being chased today and came with a “game plan!”. It was great to see Melissa, Sophie and Katie run round together in such a good time. With Alistair just 40seconds ahead of them. Theresa had a great time for her first major event and she has already booked in for next years GSR to try and beat it!!

Liam managed to raise over £700 for @sail4cancer and did a fantastic job! As did Elaine who survived another year to tell the tale! Ryan was all talk leading up to the race but only managed to make it to 1 running club, but it seems he didn’t need it with an exceptional time, well done Ryan! And well done to Nina and Carl for a great run and with the knowledge they couldn’t have a celebratory drink until November! I wonder what motivated them round?? Well done guys!

All our runners completed the route non-stop and all with fantastic times!  You can see from the results below that we were all placed very high up in the 20000 participants at this years event!! Well done to you all.




GSR 2015

Name Time Distance Speed Pos
Mark 01:12:46 10 00:07:17 921
Connor 01:16:53 10 00:07:41 1554
Alistair 01:45:30 10 00:10:33 9583
Theresa 01:42:53 10 00:10:17 8909
Katie 01:46:11 10 00:10:37 9716
Melissa 01:46:10 10 00:10:37 9713
Sophie 01:46:11 10 00:10:37 9714
Nina 02:13:33 10 00:13:21 13302
Carl 02:13:33 10 00:13:21 13301
Liam 02:04:38 10 00:12:28 12769
Elaine 01:54:59 10 00:11:30 11521
Ryan 01:30:58 10 00:09:06 5332

Having the right preparation and “game plan” can make a huge difference to your time. This really made a difference to me today. Nutrition was perfect to go along with near perfect conditions and I stuck to the pre-determined plan to reach my PB on this route with the least amount of training I’ve ever done for this event. My split times were –

Mile  1- 7:12 Steady to start to ensure sufficient oxygen to the legs
Mile 2 – 7:17
Mile 3 – 7:18Mile 4 – 7:32
Mile 5 – 7:16 Starting to speed up now
Mile 6 – 7:13
Mile 7 – 7:12
Mile 8 – 7:08
Mile 9 – 7:04
Mile 10 – 6:46!!

Perfect! If you are interested to find out more about how New life Training can help you improve your running, go to  Or call Mark on 07771985015

Great South Run Day Itinerary

Hi Team,
Just 5 days to go!!!
Excited yet??
All of you have hopefully received your numbers and shoe tags now. If you haven’t please chase the organisers for details.
In previous years we have met at the Silver Fern car park to car share, however with the Fern closed for a refurb this year we will meet at the Allotment Car Park opposite. From here we will travel to Gosport where we will catch the ferry across to Portsmouth and use the walk to the start line as a warm up!! Please meet at the ALLOTMENT CAR PARK ready to leave at 8am! We should land in Portsmouth by 9am with a 20 minute walk to the start, ideal as a warm up!! The main race starts at 10.35am so we will have plenty of time to warm up, meet friends, photshoots etc. If you are making your own way there please let me know. I would like everyone to meet at flag “N” on the congregation field for a pre-run photo at about 10.15am!! I would recommend you bring some safety pins to pin your number on, as these are generally hard to come by.
Please let me know if you have any friends or family that are coming along that can “Bag Watch” for us while we are running.
When you have finished and collected your achievers bag please make your way to the congregation area where we will meet at flag “N”. I would like as many people to meet there as possible so to have a post-run team photo with your medals and Lindsey can have her annual burger!! Once everyone is there we will walk back to the ferry and drive back to Warsash!
Make sure you have a good meal the evening before, ideally a good complex carbohydrate meal, such as pasta! A big bowl of porridge is perfect on the morning of the run, then a banana or wine gums about an hour before the start will ensure adequate energy levels for the 10miles. Keep yourself well hydrated for the days leading up to the event. Avoid alcohol and caffeine on the days before the race and sip water on the morning of the run! But not too much that you will have to stop on the way round!!
Please e-mail me back to confirm –
a) How you are getting to the run
b) If you have anyone coming with you who is happy to bag watch
I may have a few places available if you are aware of anyone interested. Please call me asap!
Kind regards and good luck!!
Mark Mayes
New Life Training Ltd
Tel: 07771985015

Running Club News 19/10

With the Great South Run just 6 days away many people were resting this week . At this stage you need to weigh up the benefit versus injury risk , and with so many injuries recently most people took the sensible option and stayed in the warm, including me! Unfortunately for Mike, he picked up another muscle injury on the way round and couldn’t complete the course, luckily enough he wasn’t booked in for the GSR!

For those who did run a big thank you to Sharon who stepped in at the last minute to cover for me. She ran with Dawn and helped her round the 3.8mile course. Dawn started a bit too fast but with Sharons coaching she managed to catch her oxygen levels back up and finished with another Personal Best average of 10:39 per mile that’s a huge 24seconds per mile quicker than her previous PB! Well done Dawn and Sharon!

Jo and Alistair ran together to start, they chose the longer 5.1mile route and finished in impressive times. Jo just accelerating away down Brook Lane to finish about a minute ahead. Well done guys!!

We have a run this Friday, the last before the GSR. 9.15am at Enjoy Fitness Studio.

Name 19/10/2015 Speed
Jo F 5.10 00:48:03 00:09:25
Alistair 5.10 00:49:17 00:09:40
Sharon 3.80 00:40:30 00:10:39
Dawn 3.8 00:40:30 00:10:39

Monday Running Club News 5/10/15

A massive thank you to Sharon and Mike for standing in for me at late notice this Monday. I seem to chose the right evenings to miss, although trust me it is more luck than judgement, as you all managed to run in torrential rain! Sorry! New routes though and some testing hills, perfect preparation for the Great South Run which is now very imminent. Dont forget we have the Lee-on-Solent 10mile run this Sunday, you can book for this now on the Enjoy Fitness Booking page –

Many thanks to Sharon again for preparing this weeks blog as well –

Pete                            3.8                00:34:00              00:08:57
Sandy                          3.8                00:34:00              00:08:57
Dawn                           3.8                00:42:00              00:11:03
Sharon                         3.8                00:42:00              00:11:03
Jo                                5.1                00:46:35              00:09:08
Mike                            6.6                 00:52:02              00:07:53
Greg                            5.1                 DNF due to fall
Surprising good turnout albeit the worst ever weather with torrential rain, wind and extremely dark in places with debris. We must all be mad but all of us seemed exhilarated that we had fought the elements and survived! except poor Greg who had a fall near Park Gate and had to walk with an injured ankle back to the studio. He seemed more worried what Wendy would think as she had urged him to be careful and try not to fall !! We all hope you recover quickly Greg. Jo still has her chesty cough but ran brilliantly and Pete with Sandy motivated each other. Dawn and Sharon ran together, talking most of the time; well done to Dawn as she seems to get stronger and stronger.
Quick update from Greg is that his ankle is improving already and he hopes to be able to still do his triathlon this weekend. Good luck Greg!!!!

Friday Running Club 02/10/15

We had two new beginners to the Friday Running Club this morning. A big welcome to Charlotte and Leigh-Ann to the Warsash Running Club! Both ladies have good running experience and so went straight for the 3.8mile route. Sharon took Leigh-Ann and put her through her paces. They completed 3.8miles non-stop and in a great average of just over 11minutes per mile. Charlotte had the unfortunate experience to have to run with me. Between us we covered 3miles non-stop and at one point we hit 10m30s per mile. Charlotte’s average was very impressive for a first run as she finished close to 12mins per mile. The ladies will hopefully be back next week to try the route one last time before we change it!

Also running today were Jo and Greg. Both opted for the 5.4mile route and they set off together. Jo started to stretch her legs half-way round and came in with a very quick average of less than 9mins per mile. Gregs time of 52:52 was also very impressive in the heat! Well done guys!! See you all next week!

Name 02/10/2015 Speed
Mark 3.00 00:36:10 00:12:03
Jo F 5.40 00:48:18 00:08:57
Greg 5.40 00:52:52 00:09:47
Sharon 3.80 00:42:10 00:11:06
Charlotte 3.00 00:36:08 00:12:03
Leigh-Ann 3.80 00:42:10 00:11:06