Running Club News 30/3/15

Well tonight was a bit of a mess. It all started with problems understanding the routes, even though maps were kindly provided by Mike to show the way. Admittedly the routes did seem a tad complicated but once running they were fairly straight forward. Then we had the weird Bermuada triangle thing that went on at the Crofton / Thornton Triangle, everyones sat navs and watches seemed to go faulty at this point so accurate time keeping was a challenge this evening. The third thing was that it rained. Well actually I found it quite refreshing so not actually a problem. Anyway…….

Apart from all the above challenges it was a good run with a great turnout and some great performances. A massive well done to the three new ladies – Hannah, Clare and Lynne. They all improved a massive 10% on last week with an increased distance to 3.1miles of non-stop running!! Fantastic Ladies. Even better was the fact that they also knocked off over 30seconds per mile each from their pace to show they are also running faster now too! Awesome!

Today was the first time on the new routes and as always there was some colourful interpretation of the routes. Sat Nav and Greg paired together, it was always going to go wrong from that point! They managed to add on a little section to the already long route. However, they both completed the bespoke 5.9miles in a very good average! Well done gents! I will look to supply a compass and map each next week! This route, without the detours, was 5.7miles and Mike flew round it in his first experience of the lap in an average of just 6m 53s. This route could produce the best time yet as Mike nearly always takes off 20s per mile as the course becomes familiar, no pressure Mike!! Also running this route were Pete and Charles. Pete had a great run averaging just over 8 mins per mile. Charles, having run at the weekend in the paint run in Pompey took a slight shortcut. The beer cans he was carrying during the run at the weekend had left their mark in more ways than one although his average of 10m 13s was still very respectable.

Sharon ran with Mandy B this evening and between them they had a great time. They ran a slightly shorter route but did it very quick. For Mandy this was a massive Personal Best – 10m 19s per mile, that was nearly a whole minute per mile quicker than last weeks run. Well done Mandy and Sharon, definitely getting fitter!!

We also had the two very determined ladies running together today. Jo and Mandy seemed perfect to pair up – determined, fit and focused, the pair set off on the 4.2mile route and flew past me at Fleet End Round like a whirlwind! Their times of around 8m 50s per mile was Mandys second fastest ever and for Jo it was her best time since October and only 9s per mile off a PB! Well done ladies, I look forward to seeing how this duel continues on this route next week!

Finally, Tom and Mags were back this evening and following a slight pit stop to change some footwear they both pushed on to a good time, albeit on a slightly amended route. Their time of just over 10mins per mile will soon improve with the course knowledge, well done guys!

Same routes next week team. Yes, we are running on Easter Monday……you will be fueled by chocolate so I am expecting some very quick times!!


Name 30/03/2015 Speed
Mark 3.10 00:40:10 00:12:57
Pete 5.70 00:47:27 00:08:19
Mike Y 5.70 00:39:16 00:06:53
Jo F 4.20 00:37:20 00:08:53
Mike H 5.90 00:56:50 00:09:38
Maggie 3.80 00:38:46 00:10:12
Charles 4.70 00:48:03 00:10:13
Clare 3.10 00:40:10 00:12:57
Greg 5.90 00:57:50 00:09:48
Mandy B 3.10 00:32:00 00:10:19
Lynne 3.10 00:44:45 00:14:26
Hannah 3.10 00:44:45 00:14:26
Sharon 3.10 00:32:00 00:10:19
Tom 3.80 00:38:46 00:10:12
Mandy 4.20 00:37:00 00:08:49



Day Time Class Venue Notes
Easter Friday 3rd April 9.15 – 10.15 RUNNING CLUB ENJOY Mark
Easter Friday 3rd April 10.45 – 11.30 PILATES ENJOY Ann
Easter Friday 3rd April 12.15 – 13.00 STRIKEFIT ENJOY Andrew
Easter Saturday 4th April 9.00 – 10.00 INDOOR BOOTCAMP ENJOY Mark
Easter Monday 6th April 9.30 – 10.30 HARDCORE BOOTCAMP WARSASH REC Mark
Easter Monday 6th April 18.30 – 19.30 RUNNING CLUB ENJOY Mark




Running Club News 23/3/15

I was expecting a quiet one this evening after yesterdays successes at the Eastleigh 10k, but it turned out to be the busiest session of the year so far! We had 3 new recruits to welcome to the running club this evening. Lynne, Clare and Hana. They finally plucked up the courage to come and give it a go and they did amazing. They completed the 2.7mile route non-stop in their first run for many years! Well done ladies and welcome to the club, I hope to see you all there again next week!!

We also had a few people returning this evening – Charles was back from Vegas Baby! He said he was a few pounds worse than when he went, I wasn’t sure if that was his weight or the casino effect though. It was good to have him back! Greg has also been away in Florida, although he did make it back for the Eastleigh 10k yesterday. His time of sub-10mins per mile this evening was like he had never been away!!

For those who ran the 10k yesterday I was expecting a slow, cool down run, but no! Nina had a storming run yesterday and was even faster this evening, producing a new Running Club PB of 11m 10s per mile. She was running this evening with Mandy B, whose time was also a Personal Best with the club. Sharon ran with the ladies and no doubt helped with the pacing  Thanks Sharon and well done ladies, just getting faster and faster now!

Carl had a great 10k yesterday and flew round today’s circuit as well. He finished just 3seconds per mile off his PB! Its getting closer though Carl!! Also coming close to setting records was Mike. He took 39 seconds off last weeks time but it wasn’t quite enough to beat his PB, 6m 50s was damn close though and extremely fast!

Nick and Pete both ran different 10k races yesterday and in similar times, so they spent this evenings run comparing notes on the way round. They were clearly in conversation as they missed the turn for the 4.5mile route and ended up having to do the longer 5.8miles.  Still, it was a good loosener after yesterdays run!

Alistair set a new PB at yesterdays 10k so he could have been excused for a gentle stroll this evening, but he started where he left off yesterday and put in another great performance to finish the course 6minutes faster than last week and just outside the 9mins per mile average! Rob also had a PB on yesterdays run and today took 4 mins off last weeks circuit. His 7m 24s per mile was just 7seconds per mile off his PB as well. Well done Gents!

Next week we are going for a “out and back” challenge before setting some new routes for the week after.

Well done all!

Name 23/03/2015 Speed
Nick C 5.80 00:50:30 00:08:42
Mark 2.70 00:40:51 00:15:08
Pete 5.80 00:50:30 00:08:42
Mike Y 5.80 00:39:39 00:06:50
Charles 3.90 00:40:51 00:10:28
Clare 2.70 00:36:51 00:13:39
Alistair 4.50 00:40:35 00:09:01
Greg 3.90 00:38:45 00:09:56
Mandy B 3.10 00:34:27 00:11:07
Lynne 2.70 00:40:48 00:15:07
Hana 2.70 00:40:50 00:15:07
Carl 4.50 00:39:59 00:08:53
Nina 3.1 00:34:37 00:11:10
Sharon 3.10 00:34:37 00:11:10
Rob 5.80 00:42:56 00:07:24

Eastleigh 10k Race

New Life Training Running Club were well represented at todays’ Eastleigh 10k for the 2nd successive year. The weather was kind and the run enjoyable. Nearly 2500 had entered this years race and you can see all those who represented New Life Training did amazing. Everyone finished and no-one stopped, awesome!!

For those who were running this race for the 2nd successive year, they had a bit of course knowledge and so a chance, with a years extra training with NLT behind them, to improve on last years time. Greg has been working hard on his fitness for the last 12 months, although a trip to Florida just before the race was anticipated to slow him slightly! His time of 58m15s was a massive 6m26s better than last year, that is nearly a minute per mile quicker!! Fantastic! This placed Greg just 32nd in his category, 8 places higher than last year!

Alistair had a great run this time last year, he has been full of cold so expectation was not high. However, running in competition with Carl, the two of them encouraged each other to a time of 54mins. For Alistair this was 4m 36s quicker than last year, a huge improvement, even with a cold. For Carl, this was his first Eastleigh run with NLT and what a great way to start, his 8m 47s per mile will be tough to beat next year! It was also Nina’s first Eastleigh with NLT and she did fantastic, completing the run in an average of 11m 33s per mile, definitely getting quicker Nina, it must have been all that determination to cross the line!!

Also showing a huge improvement year on year was Rob. His 3m 55s improvement on last year moved him up 45 places in his category and in to the top 100! Well done Rob! Jane also had a great run. She beat the hour mark by 52 seconds, 2m 44s better than last year and just 85th in her category, 28 places higher than last year!! Jane had Sue to run with today and her time was just 20 seconds difference from last year. Sue finished just 40th in her category – a fantastic achievement!

It was this race last year that Pete hurt his knee and after 12 months of trying to run through it he returned to Eastleigh to face his demons! He had a great run too, not quite as fast as last year, but he finished 92nd in his category the exact same position as last year! A great run! Well done! Lindsey had an awesome run last year, although unfortunately she couldn’t remember much about it after celebrating so hard after! Today though she had a great performance. She finished just outside the 10mins per mile average and thoroughly enjoyed it and hopefully will remember it!

Well done to all the runners. The next event we be posted in the monthly newsletter early next week, until then see you at the running club on Mondays and Fridays.


Name Time Distance Speed Cat Pos
Mark 00:43:57 6.23 00:07:03 85
Carl 00:54:42 6.23 00:08:47 173
Nina 01:11:57 6.23 00:11:33 159
Pete 00:50:45 6.23 00:08:09 92
Sue 00:59:08 6.23 00:09:30 40
Lindsey 01:03:11 6.23 00:10:09 128
Greg 00:58:15 6.23 00:09:21 32
Alistair 00:54:20 6.23 00:08:43 173
Jane 00:59:08 6.23 00:09:30 85
Rob 00:45:21 6.23 00:07:17 97



Running Club News 16/3/15

It was the second time with these routes although a few people changed their run this evening with the imminent 10k race this Sunday. When Nina asked if anyone would run with her on the 3.1mile route this evening there was a big queue!! In a selection process that could match “The voice” Nina decided to go with Sharon and the pair set off on the 3.1mile route. They really pushed each other round and ended up with a fantastic average of 11m17s per mile, A personal best for Nina. Well done! Nina should gain loads of confidence from this evenings run going in to Sundays 10k!! Well done to Sharon for running with her!

Also breaking records this evening was Mandy, she has been improving again recently, but this evenings run of 4.5miles was awesome. She averaged just 8m 37s to set a new PB! Well done Mandy. She had started the run with Alistair who has been helping with the pace setting in recent weeks, however his cold got the better of him during the route and he had to drop back. He still completed the run and hopefully will be better ready for Sundays race.

Mike set off like a rocket this evening, but this time he was being chased!! He was given about a 400 yard head start before I decided to try and keep up with him this evening. I slowly closed the gap and up Hunts Pond Road got to within striking distance. Mike is used to running on his own at that pace so he jumped a little as I passed him coming down Brook Lane. The only problem……I was going full speed and Mike was still only in 3rd gear! He put on a sprint to beat me by 30 seconds. Thanks though Mike as I believe it was my PB with the running club just to try and catch up with you!

Rob and Nick had a great tussle this evening running the longer route. They kept over taking each other, pushing each other faster and faster. Nick finally just pipped Rob with a sprint finish down Brook Lane to secure a 1 second lead. Great times though gents, well done. Good luck to Nick who is doing the Richmond 10k this Sunday and to Rob who is doing the Eastleigh 10k!

Pete and Carl both opted for the middle distance route this evening as both were saving their energy and legs for Sundays big race. Two great times though Gents with Pete 30seconds faster per mile than last week and Carl finishing just outside 9mins per mile!

Finally, Sat Nav managed the longer 5.8mile route this evening. Although he did run it on his own having missed the start time! Well done though Mike on great commitment in setting off and running the route on your own. A good time too, under 9mins per mile, awesome!!

Name 16/03/2015 Speed
Nick C 5.80 00:46:42 00:08:03
Mark 5.80 00:40:48 00:07:02
Pete 4.50 00:38:48 00:08:37
Mike Y 5.80 00:40:18 00:06:57
Mike H 5.80 00:52:00 00:08:58
Alistair 4.50 00:46:52 00:10:25
Carl 4.50 00:40:38 00:09:02
Nina 3.10 00:35:00 00:11:17
Sharon 3.10 00:35:00 00:11:17
Rob 5.80 00:46:49 00:08:04
Mandy 4.50 00:38:48 00:08:37

Running Club News 9/3/15

There were three routes to chose from this evening, each with their own challenges. It was great to see all three routes used and although there were no Personal Best times recorded this evening there were some awesome performances.

Firstly, returning from a knee injury we had Jo back! She teamed up with Sharon to run the 3.1mile route as part of her staged return to running. I’m not sure if she was supposed to run quite that fast though as her 9m 17s per mile was extremely quick and shows she hasn’t lost any of her speed! Well done Jo and well done Sharon for pushing her along!!

With the Eastleigh 10k just a few weeks away those participating were encouraged to run the longer 5.8mile route this evening. In a fast start Rob was actually keeping up with Mike for the first mile or at least until they both faded in to the distance from the rest of the pack. Rob couldn’t keep up though as Mike finished with a 6m 56s average, not far from a PB! Rob’s average was still very impressive, his 7m 19s per mile was just 2 secs per mile off last weeks PB! Well done Gents. Nick was next to finish on this route. He is a little further along the knee recovery training than Jo, the 5.8mile route was one of the furthest runs Nick has achieved for a while. Even more pleasing was his time, a lightning quick 7m 51s per mile average, his fastest in 2015!! Also entered in the Eastleigh is Alistair, he ran this evenings longer route with Mandy, the pair of them completing the route in 9m 15s average. Very quick and looking good for the Eastleigh!!

Pete is doing the Eastleigh but wisely is saving his knees for the race itself and opted for the middle distance route of approx 4.5miles. Nina and Carl are also running the 10k and running together today they were pleased to put some miles in to the legs. There was no problem with the distance so I am sure there will be no problem with the 10k!!! Well done guys!! Mandy B also stretched her legs today and completed her furthest distance since joining the club. She said she found her mojo on the way round and didn’t want to stop!! Awesome!! It was a good time too Mandy, well done! Tom was like lightning last week and this week was no different on a longer route, his 9m 07s one of his fastest runs and on a good distance too. Maggie, running with Sat Nav this evening, also was fast, her 2nd quickest run ever with the running club!!! Her last PB being in June last year!! Well done Mags!!


Same routes next week and a chance to improve before the Eastleigh 10k

Name 09/03/2015 Speed
Nick C 5.80 00:45:30 00:07:51
Mark 5.80 00:45:32 00:07:51
Pete 5.80 00:53:45 00:09:16
Mike Y 5.80 00:40:13 00:06:56
Jo F 3.10 00:28:48 00:09:17
Mike H 4.50 00:43:00 00:09:33
Maggie 4.50 00:43:00 00:09:33
Alistair 5.80 00:53:38 00:09:15
Mandy B 4.50 00:54:05 00:12:01
Carl 4.50 00:56:36 00:12:35
Nina 4.50 00:56:36 00:12:35
Sharon 3.10 00:29:08 00:09:24
Rob 5.80 00:42:29 00:07:19
Tom 4.50 00:41:00 00:09:07
Mandy 5.80 00:53:45 00:09:16

Don’t forget prices for the Tough Mudder go up today. Don’t pay full price!



Running Club News 2/3/15

Firstly, A quick overview of Fridays Running Club sessions which enjoyed glorious sunshine and very warm conditions. The sun really brought the runners out as well. We had a new runner, Colin, who said he hadn’t run for over 6months and would be averaging about 8 – 8.5mins per mile. I agreed to run with him myself, imagine the suprise after the first mile was completed in 7m12s!!! He didn’t slow down much after that either!! I think with a new pair of trainers for next week Colin could be breaking some records very soon. Also breaking records today was Mandy B! She ran with Sharon and on only her 3rd run with the club she has improved 27secs per mile on her pace and is increasing her distances as well. Brilliant Mandy well done and thanks to Sharon for pace setting! Greg had a great run in his first outing since his amazing half-marathon. A great time too Greg, awesome!! Sue also had a great run in the sun!! This was one of her fastest runs with the club and shows great improvement! We will do this route one last time next week before changing

Name 27/02/2015 Speed
Mark 4.15 00:31:28 00:07:35
Greg 4.15 00:39:25 00:09:30
Sue 4.15 00:38:15 00:09:13
Sharon 3.20 00:35:40 00:11:09
Mandy 3.20 00:35:40 00:11:09
Colin 4.15 00:31:28 00:07:35


On to Monday nights Running Club and a big thanks to Bruce again for stepping in to run the session this evening. Another record turnout for 2015 as well!! It was the last week on this route today and for many a chance to put in a good run on a familiar route.

Out front we had Mike and Rob, both electing for the longer 6mile route again. Mike managed to beat his lap record and improve from the first week on this route by 7secs per mile. His sub-7mins per mile was very impressive. While this was the first time on this route for Rob, he had been away for the last two sessions (clearly practicing!!), his 7m 17s over this distance was by far his best performance since starting with the club and shows a huge improvement from his 8m52s on his first run with us! Well done gents!!

We also had a new recruit this evening, another member of the Sat Nav family! Beth was just like her Dad and managed a slight detour from the planned route.  Beth did amazing though for her first outing. Running alongside her sister, Maggie, they completed the 2.3m re-designed route in an average of just 9m 50s, this was also Maggie’s quickest run since June last year!! Welcome and well done Beth, I hope to see you back next week! I think Tom was trying to keep up with the ladies as well, although he missed the short cut and opted for the full 3.2mile route. His average of 7m 56s was his fastest ever!! And a fantastic run!! Well done!

Mandy B had her second run on this route with the club after an amazing run on Friday (see above). She improved on her last run as well with a 11m 35s per lap – improving all the time now Mandy well done!

Nina had a great run this evening as well, encouraged along by her husband, Carl, she completed the 3.2m route in a personal best average of 11m 41s and her first run sub – 12mins per mile, well done Nina – Superb!!

Alistair had his 40th birthday at the weekend and I think it may have had an effect on his time tonight, happy birthday Alistair I hope the vodka is out of the system by now!!

Pete and Nick seemed to have a very sociable run, matching each other all the way round they finished together with an average of 8m 48s. A good time, but more importantly a good distance as they return from injury!!

Finally the Warsash Whippet and Sat Nav (himself) had good powerful runs this evening. Sat Nav finishing very close to Pete and Nick and just outside the 9mins per mile average and Greg (WW) 9m 49s was very impressive on his first outing on this route, he was pipped at the post by the Mojo herself – Sharon. Since finding her Mojo on this route last week she has taken 34s per mile off her time in 3 weeks, awesome Sharon, well done!

Well done team on a great evenings running. Next week something different!!

Name 02/03/2015 Speed
Bruce 3.15 00:32:00 00:10:10
Nick C 4.60 00:40:29 00:08:48
Pete 4.60 00:40:29 00:08:48
Mike Y 6.00 00:41:30 00:06:55
Mike H 4.60 00:42:02 00:09:08
Maggie 2.34 00:23:00 00:09:50
Beth 2.34 00:23:00 00:09:50
Alistair 4.60 00:47:00 00:10:13
Greg 4.60 00:45:08 00:09:49
Mandy B 3.15 00:36:28 00:11:35
Carl 3.15 00:36:49 00:11:41
Nina 3.15 00:36:49 00:11:41
Sharon 4.60 00:44:00 00:09:34
Rob 6.00 00:43:45 00:07:17
Tom 3.15 00:25:00 00:07:56





Running Club News 23/2/15

There has been a lot of sickness in the area this last week and the classes and Personal Training sessions have been severely effected. I was therefore surprised that we had the highest attendance of 2015 to start this evenings run. We had 14 start the run, and even though all 14 were dedicated, committed runners, due to sickness only 11 finished. Not a great PB to set for the running club, but hopefully we have got it out the system now (excuse the pun!). As for Alistair, Mandy and Sandy, they are all OK now, just a little lighter!
Of those who completed the run, two were very pleased to do so – Both Pete and Nick have been harboring injuries in recent weeks, little niggily things that stop you enjoying exercise. But both came through this evenings run fully fit!! Well done gents on the road to recovery and in time for the Eastleigh 10k!!

It was also great to see a few people back this evening. Tom and Maggie were running for the 1st time since Stubbington 10k but didnt seem out of practice. Tom’s 10m 13s and Mags 10m 30s were very impressive. Mags ran with Sat Nav and on an eventful evening it was good that he didn’t go off course once….apparently

Running well this evening were Bruce and Sharon. Bruce, albeit a little slower than his last run still finished in his second fastest lap since last July and was just outside the 10m per mile barrier. Sharon flew round taking 30seconds off last weeks time and leaving Charles in her dust! Her 9m 40s average was very impressive, Charles was keeping up with Sharon for most of the run until she found her mojo. Apparently it was just lying there. She picked it up and sped away! Well done Sharon and well done Charles for trying to keep up with a woman on a mission with a mojo!!

It was Carl’s first run on this route and a fantastic 9m 17s per mile says he may get a PB on this route next week! On recent courses he has taken at least 25s off per mile as he has become familiar with the course. 25seconds off this average would be very impressive Carl!! No pressure!

Mike had another great run. The only gutsy person to undertake the longer route this evening, Mike completed the 6miles in just 41m52s very quick and 20secs quicker than last week! Well done Mike!

Finally, a massive well done to Greg, one of out fellow running club members, who completed his 1st Half-marathon yesterday in an amazing 2 Hours 45 Mins 37 sec!! Fantastic Greg, well done!!

Same routes next week for the last time!!

Name 23/02/2015 Speed
Bruce 4.70 00:47:25 00:10:05
Nick C 3.15 00:28:00 00:08:53
Mark 4.60 00:41:25 00:09:00
Pete 4.60 00:41:25 00:09:00
Mike Y 6.00 00:41:52 00:06:59
Mike H 4.60 00:48:18 00:10:30
Maggie 4.60 00:48:18 00:10:30
Charles 4.60 00:44:45 00:09:44
Carl 4.60 00:42:44 00:09:17
Sharon 4.60 00:44:30 00:09:40
Tom 4.60 00:47:00 00:10:13


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Running Club News 16/2/15

We had 3 new routes to chose from this evening and to follow for the next 3 weeks. The aim for the next 3 week is to prepare people for the Eastleigh 10k in about 4 weeks time. So I was expecting a few people to push themselves for the longer routes today and a few of them did! Well done to Mike, Alistair and Mandy who all chose the longer 6mile distance this evening and completed the route non-stop and in a fantastic time too. Mike hit an average of 7mins per mile while Alistair and Mandy pushed each other to a fantastic 9m 12s average!

The middle route was a comfortable 4.6miles. A slight increase on last times routes and so a progression for most. Charles and Sharon completed this distance, even with a small pause in the middle of the run, they finished with good times of 9m 38s and 9m 47s respectively. Also running this route was Nick, returning to the club following illness and a lay off since July. He had a great first run back finishing in 9m 37s that’s 1s faster per mile than his last run over 6months ago!!

We also had a perfect shorter distance this evening. Perfect for Mandy B, as it was her first run with the running club and a big welcome to our newest recruit. Mandy completed the GSR last year in less than 2 hours but hasn’t run much since. She is already thinking about this years event and has started her training early! She completed the 3.2mile route well within herself and will progress very quickly. Her average of 11m 36s per mile was also very impressive and should improve quickly within the group, well done Mandy! Also running this route this evening were Pete and Nick C, both recovering from injuries, this shorter route was perfect for them to ease themselves back. A successful run for both, well done!

Same 3 routes next week, see you then

Name 16/02/2015 Speed
Nick C 3.15 00:26:40 00:08:28
Mark 3.15 00:36:32 00:11:36
Pete 3.15 00:26:40 00:08:28
Mike Y 6.00 00:42:12 00:07:02
Charles 4.60 00:44:20 00:09:38
Alistair 6.00 00:55:15 00:09:12
Mandy B 3.15 00:36:32 00:11:36
Nick 4.60 00:44:16 00:09:37
Sharon 4.60 00:45:00 00:09:47
Mandy 6.00 00:55:15 00:09:12