GDPR Policy

At New Life Training Ltd we take the new GDPR Law very seriously. If you have missed it, from May 25th 2018, a new EU legislation comes into force for the protection of personal data, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As part of this regulation we are required to inform you of how your personal information is stored, what it is used for, who has access to it and how you can erase it.

As a business we currently store information in 4 different ways as highlighted below-

Mailchimp – We provide a newsletter service to all enquiries, clients and associates of New Life Training Ltd. As such this is a free information and education newsletter that is sent out monthly to individuals who have shown legitimate interest and consent. The personal data (name and e-mail only) is stored with Mailchimp, they are also compliant with GDPR. You can see their policy – HERE and their Terms of use – HERE   There is an opt out clause on every newsletter for individuals to remove themselves and their data from the newsletter. Should you wish to be removed now you can do so HERE

Glofox –
The data contained on this app is used to inform you of any changes to classes or bookings, taking payments for class bookings and recording membership information. We will disclose your personal data to Glofox, which supplies our cloud business management platform and class booking apps. Glofox is also subject to certain obligations with regard to the security of your personal data processed via the booking app.  However, your rights, as set out in this privacy statement in relation to your personal data processed through the Glofox Platform are owed to you by us, and you should contact us if you have any queries in relation to the use of your personal data through Glofox

Database –
New Life Training holds a spreadsheet database containing client information such as session trackers and health assessment information. This is stored on a password protected computer at the registered head office address for New Life Training Ltd. Should you wish to access your own personal information or delete past data please e-mail We will not share or sell this data to anyone else.

Paper files –
New Life Training Ltd currently hold all health screening Pre-Exercise Questionnaires in a locked filling cabinet at the registered head office address for New Life Training Ltd. Should you wish to access your own personal information or delete past data please e-mail We store the information of clients that have left us for one year before shredding the data. We will not share or sell this data to anyone else.

The Future –
We are currently working with a company to combine many of these different elements of data storage in to one area. We will, of course, keep you updated on when this changes. If you have any questions on your data, please e-mail


Running Club News 21/5/18

Monday 21st May 2018

We had new routes this evening, and with the recent sunny warm weather I had decided to take the runners cross country. This afternoon however we experienced a thunder storm and huge deluge of rain! So pre-warned that the route may be a mud bath this evening we all set off.

Becky, running for only the 2nd time with the club, had a great run and set a new PB of 9m 25s per mile, taking 11 seconds per mile off last weeks split time. This achievement was made more impressive by the fact she was running with Kate, Sharon and Amy on a very eventful run. Amy had to stop due to a calf strain, then Kates bag broke and they had to make “running” repairs on route. The course itself with the cross-country lanes does not lend itself to quick times, so well done Becky and well done Sharon and Kate for keeping her going. Also running the 4.7mile route were Cat and Nina, apart from a quick pause to check google maps for the route ( I should have called it orienteering not a running club) they completed the route non-stop and in a great time too. Well done ladies.

Carl, Charles, Sarah and Jo all set off together to complete the tough long 6.3mile route. They did it in style too, Carl coming in first just under the hour with Sarah just 39 seconds over the hour. Jo and Charles had great times too, it was the first long distance for quite a while for the pair of them and they completed it very well.

Also running the long route was Owen, he had a great run, averaging 7m 30s per mile, even over the cross-country element. All this on the eve of his GCSE English exam as well. Good luck with that tomorrow Owen!!

I am not here for the next 2 Monday running club sessions. A massive thank you to Charles for filling in while I am away. Same routes for the next 2 weeks. New routes on my return!

Name 21/05/2018 Speed
Mark 5.20 40:14.0 07:44.2
Jo F 6.30 01:18.0 09:43.8
Charles 6.30 01:18.0 09:43.8
Carl 6.30 59:16.0 09:24.4
Nina 4.70 52:37.0 11:11.7
Sharon 4.70 44:38.0 09:29.8
Kate 4.70 44:18.0 09:25.5
Sarah 6.30 00:39.0 09:37.6
Cat 4.70 52:37.0 11:11.7
Owen 6.20 00:00.0 07:30.0
Becky 4.70 44:18.0 09:25.5



Running Club News 14/5/18

Friday 11th May

It was a beautiful day on the Southcoast this morning and prefect for a run. It was great to have Juliette back with the club today as well, after about a 2 year sabbatical from the club she is back in training. She started well too, completing 3.2miles in 10mins per mile average. Not a bad start back. Joining us this morning were Jo and Nick C. Jo had a great run taking a whole minute and 9 seconds off her previous weeks time on the same route. Nick is building his miles up as he trains for a marathon, and his 6.5mile attempt today in under an hour was very impressive. Well done team!

Name 11/05/2018 Speed
Nick C 6.5 00:56:01 00:08:37
Mark 3.2 00:32:16 00:10:05
Jo F 4.3 0:41:15 0:09:36
Juliette 3.2 00:32:16 0:10:05


Monday 14th May

We welcomed newcomer to the Warsash Running Club – Becky, this evening. She comes with good experience having run the Southampton 10k recently. She partnered up with Sharon and Jo to start with, but as her confidence grew she accelerated away to record a 9m 36s per mile average, very impressive over the 4.3mile route, well done!! Jo and Sharon did fantastic too, Jo finishing with 9m 50s and Sharon just 4 secs per mile behind. Returning to the club after a long holiday were Nina and Carl. Having enjoyed the delights of Barbados in recent weeks downtown Warsash was a little different, however the sun was shining and the temperature very warm, just to make them feel at home! They both did well on their first run back. Carl went for it! Straight in to the 5.6mile route, smashing it in just over 9mins per mile, well done! Nina teamed up with Cat, and the two of them tore up the 4.3mile route, not a bad return following time away! Awesome!

We had a few runners returning from injury this evening. Super Speedy Karen has suffered with a glute injury, someone said it was a pain in the arse, but it certainly slowed her down. It is improving though and i am sure it wont be long until she is back to her best. Sarah was also returning to running club having had a hairline fracture in her elbow. She was still in a little pain running, but she persevered to complete the 5.7miles in under an hour, brilliant!!

This was the first run for a few weeks for Charles too. The climax to the football season taking priority. It was if he hadn’t been away though as he ran the 5.7miles in under nine and a half mins per mile. Very quick. Also running this evening was Nick C, more miles in the legs as he prepares for the Marathon in November.

Well done to all the runners this weekend, new routes next week!!

Name 14/05/2018 Speed
Nick C 6.50 57:45.0 08:53.1
Mark 5.70 56:30.0 09:54.7
Jo F 4.30 42:19.0 09:50.5
Charles 5.70 53:34.0 09:29.4
Carl 5.60 51:32.0 09:12.1
Nina 4.30 49:35.0 11:31.9
Sharon 4.30 43:19.0 10:04.4
Sarah 5.70 56:30.0 09:54.7
Cat 4.30 49:35.0 11:31.9
Becky 4.30 41:19.0 09:36.5





Running Club News 7/5/18

It was the hottest early May bank holiday on record this weekend, but we still had people out running. We had new routes as well, and the feedback was positive with no one getting lost this weekend. On the Friday running club the two Nicks joined forces and had a steady run around the 5.6mile course, Nick C re-ran the route on Monday and took 5 minutes off his time but with a whole lot less talking!! Sue also ran both Friday and Monday, she enjoyed the 4.3mile route, running with her daughter Jo and Lisa on the Friday and with Sharon and Greg on the Monday. The Conversation must have been a little less or a little quicker on the Monday as Sue was 30 seconds faster. Although the three of them set off together Sue sprinted ahead at the end, closely followed by Greg, who had already swam and cycled as part of his triathlon training and then Sharon who was looking to top up her tan! The Friday group saw Lisa put a burst of pace in at the end just to pip Sue and Jo, in what was a great time for all 3 girls. Well done. Same routes next week team!

Name 04/05/2018 Speed 07/05/2018 Speed
Nick C 5.60 52:27.0 0:09:22 5.60 47:26.0 08:28.2
Mark 2.70 31:00.0 0:11:29 5.60 47:26.0 08:28.2
Nick B 5.60 52:25.0 0:09:22 #DIV/0!
Sue 4.30 42:19.0 0:09:50 4.30 41:30.0 09:39.1
Jo F 4.30 42:19.0 0:09:50 #DIV/0!
Greg #DIV/0! 4.30 44:21.0 10:18.8
Sharon #DIV/0! 4.30 44:36.0 10:22.3
Sarah 2.70 31:00.0 0:11:29 #DIV/0!
Lisa 4.30 41:49.0 0:09:43 #DIV/0!








ENJOY have entered a team in to the 2018 TOUGH MUDDER!!! We have booked a 10am start time on Saturday September 22nd!! Come and join us! I will be looking to undertake some pre- Tough Mudder training sessions again as we approach the event as well!

To register yourself click on – Maker sure you click on Saturdays event and 10am start time. Register and pay for yourself then follow the directions below to join the New Life Training team!

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite Account
  2. Enter the email address you used to register for the event.
  3. Enter your password.
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?
    • An email will be sent to your email address to set your new password.
  4. Once logged into your account, you will see all of your current orders. Find the registration you want to join a team with & click on the View Order button to the right.
  5. Click the Transfer button on the right hand side of the page.
  6. Click Change Team.
  7. Select Join A Team.
  8. Search for the team (ENJOY FITNESS) and enter the password (ENJOYFS) and then click Continue.
  9. Verify that all of the information shown is correct and if so, click Continue Transfer. If not, click Start Over to begin the transfer process again.
  10. You can now see your updated registration under My Tickets.

Finally, let me know when you have registered! I will add you to my mail list to let you know about the training sessions as we get closer to the event!


Myzone April 2018 report


Running Club News 30/4/18

Monday April 30th.

It was the last time for these routes this evening. Normally this would mean that the runners would be going for it to try and beat their previous two weeks attempts and achieve a PB on the route. However this week, most of the runners were new to the routes and didn’t really have any time to compare too. Therefore we mostly teamed up and had a nice, fast, social run. Charles and Nick smashed the 4.7mile route in just over 9mins per mile, a little faster than Charles was expecting. I ran with a very quick Sarah P, who finished just outside the 8mins per mile barrier. Her husband, Pete, went for the long route, but a couple of slight detours from the set plan meant he finished a little short on distance but an amazing average pace of 7m24s per mile, well done Pete. Sarah ran to the club this evening, putting over half a mile on the clock before she had even started. She then whipped the long route too, to finish with a total of 6.4 mile in an hour, awesome!!!

New routes next week team!!


I still only have 2 confirmed purchases for the running club tops so far. Please email me if you are interested.


Name 30-Apr Speed
Nick C 00:43:08 00:09:11
Mark 00:38:00 00:08:05
Charles 0:43:08 0:09:11
Sarah 01:00:09 0:09:24
Sarah P 00:38:00 0:08:05
Pete P 00:42:10 0:07:24






At ENJOY we have 4 Personal Training Packages to help you achieve. We have listed the packages below, but first here is what you can include in the packages.



DNAFit are an award winning company and leading provider of fitness and nutrition genetics. With a simple saliva swab, you can get a personalised solution for your body based on your genetics which will give you the information on the best way to train and eat to get optimal results.
The test can reveal everything from your response to power or endurance exercise and recovery, to a detailed breakdown of your macro and micronutrient needs. What’s more, your results are ready in just 10 business days – the fastest turnaround time in the industry.


Forth, a company who are specialist in blood analysis, allowing us to see what your body is doing and how it is reacting to the world today. The Baseline Plus test consists of a comprehensive tracking panel which includes 20 key biomarkers including energy, fat, sugar, stress and inflammation.




MYZONE’s new MZ-3 is a physical activity belt—a Bluetooth enabled, heart-rate based effort tracking device. The MZ-3 provides you with immediate, motivating feedback on all of your physical activity by displaying your exercise progress and history via the free MYZONE app. Welcome to the wearable fitness tracking device designed to ensure your effort is rewarded.

Exercise wearing the MZ-3 to earn MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). Wearing your belt during all activity, inside and outside of the club, helps you stay on track to get the results you want.

With the MZ-3 you are able to:
1. Set personal goals each month to stay challenged.
2. Compete with friends on a monthly leaderboard to keep your exercise fun.
3. View your workouts in MYZONE’s social network.
4. Encourage friends and stay accountable with those in your network.
5. Share your progress with the world via MYZONE’s social media integration.

Unlike wrist worn lifestyle trackers, MYZONE is extremely accurate and inclusive of all exercise efforts. Whether you are doing cardio, group exercise, push-ups, burpees, lifting weights or cycling outdoors, the MZ-3 will give you the fitness credit you deserve.

Enjoy using popular GPS tracking apps such as Strava, or using your own Bluetooth/Ant+ enabled devices, such as the iWatch or a Garmin bike computer? The MZ-3 and MYZONE app were built with versatility in mind so your heart rate data can be viewed through these platforms as well.

Personal Training sessions are individual 1-2-1 sessions specifically designed and delivered to you and your goals. At Enjoy we boast a 86% success rate in achieving clients goals, this compares to just 25% of the exercising population who achieve their goals “The international Health and Fitness association (IDEA)”

Classes – To complement the Personal Training we hold a series of classes, designed and delivered by our highly qualified team of personal trainers. These classes include Circuits, HIIT, TRX, Box Circuits and Stretch and condition.



Running Club News 23/4/18

Monday April 23rd

After last weeks poor attempt at following the new routes whereby only 33% of the runners actually achieved the correct circuit, Karen and Aaron decided to drive the route first this evening to make sure they got it right. It proved to be good tactics as Aaron smashed the route, his 7m 07 s per mile was amazing. Karen was not far behind with an awesome 7m 43s, she was keeping in vision of Mike, who pipped her to the finish by just 24seconds. It was Mikes last run this evening with the club as he moves away from the area. We wish you well Mike and thank you for all your hard work and dedication with the runs that has inspired others just to simply try and keep up with you!! Keep the fitness up and we hope to see you again sometime! Mike wanted me to pass on his best wishes to you all as well!!

The running club was somewhat depleted this evening. Primarily due to the fact that a lot of the runners were tired after yesterdays run – watching the London Marathon can be very draining!! For some though yesterday was a big day. Lisa and Greg ran the Southampton 10k, finishing well in hot conditions in 1h02m and 1h08m respectively. Sarah ran her first ever half marathon, completing the Southampton half in just 2hour 17mins, amazing! She even turned up to the club this evening and put in a great performance for a 3.1mile recovery run. Well done to all the runners yesterday, who did well in tough conditions.

For Sue and Lou this was a longer run than they had been used to this evening. 4.7miles is a big jump from the 4miles they did last time. But it didn’t seem to bother them as they finished in style with a fast sub – 10min per mile average, the first sub-10 that Lou has achieved with the club and a new personal best for her, well done! Well done also to Nick, who smashed the 4.7mile route with ease!!

Same routes next week for the last time.

Name 23/04/2018 Speed
Mike 5.80 44:22.0 07:39.0
Nick C 4.70 39:30.0 08:24.3
Mark 3.10 28:40.0 09:14.8
Sarah 3.10 28:40.0 09:14.8
Lou 4.7 46:47.0 09:57.2
Karen 5.8 44:46.0 07:43.1
Aaron 5.8 41:21.0 07:07.8
Sues 4.7 46:47.0 09:57.2



Running Club News 16/4/18

Monday 16th April

This evening we had new routes to follow. There was a choice of 6miles –, 4.7miles – or 3.1miles – Those observant amongst you will notice from the table below that only 3 out of the 9 runners this evening managed to follow the correct distances. Firstly, Well done to Mike, he followed the longer 6mile route perfectly and in a great time too, 7m 23s per mile, his fastest run this year so far!! Also supposedly doing this route were Karen and her two boys Aaron and Owen, Karen managed to take a detour around Priory Park, while he boys managed to only complete half of Dibles. Still, even with the detours, they finished with a good distance and a fantastic time. Aaron just pipping his older brother to have bragging rights in the house this week, but both achieving their personal bests with the club. Both boys are nearing the 7min per mile barrier now. Who will be the first to complete a run in sub – 7mins per mile??

Lisa and Charles managed to follow orders well, they took the shorter route and followed it perfectly. Charles carrying a slight injury and Lisa is running the Southampton 10k this weekend so taking it steady. 10mins per mile is good preparation, well done!

It was great to see Sue back at running club this evening, having completed the Paris Marathon recently, she has come back a bit of a hero really. What an amazing achievement, well done Sue. She ran with her daughter, Jo, this evening and the pair finished in under 10mins per mile, awesome.

You may have also noted that I also went wrong on the route and managed to loose half a mile, ooppss!! Try again next week with the same routes done properly!


One last thing, I still haven’t had any firm orders for the running club t-shirts yet, please let me know if you would like me to order you one. I will need the money in advance please.

To order please let me know your size and how many you would like.

I will need payment in advance, preferably via BACS. I will also have to wait for sufficient numbers before a print run can be made. So please be aware there may be a short delay in receiving them.

The price of the T-shirts will be £30 each.

You can check out the look, colour and style here – I enjoy run club_V2

Name 16/04/2018 Speed
Mike 6.00 44:21.0 0:07:23
Mark 4.20 34:23.0 0:08:11
Sue 4.20 41:35.0 0:09:54
Jo F 4.20 41:35.0 0:09:54
Charles 3.10 31:13.0 0:10:04
Lisa 3.10 31:13.0 0:10:04
Karen 5.4 0:42:39 0:07:54
Owen 5.7 0:40:34 0:07:07
Aaron 5.7 0:40:12 0:07:03