Running Club News 23/2/15

There has been a lot of sickness in the area this last week and the classes and Personal Training sessions have been severely effected. I was therefore surprised that we had the highest attendance of 2015 to start this evenings run. We had 14 start the run, and even though all 14 were dedicated, committed runners, due to sickness only 11 finished. Not a great PB to set for the running club, but hopefully we have got it out the system now (excuse the pun!). As for Alistair, Mandy and Sandy, they are all OK now, just a little lighter!
Of those who completed the run, two were very pleased to do so – Both Pete and Nick have been harboring injuries in recent weeks, little niggily things that stop you enjoying exercise. But both came through this evenings run fully fit!! Well done gents on the road to recovery and in time for the Eastleigh 10k!!

It was also great to see a few people back this evening. Tom and Maggie were running for the 1st time since Stubbington 10k but didnt seem out of practice. Tom’s 10m 13s and Mags 10m 30s were very impressive. Mags ran with Sat Nav and on an eventful evening it was good that he didn’t go off course once….apparently

Running well this evening were Bruce and Sharon. Bruce, albeit a little slower than his last run still finished in his second fastest lap since last July and was just outside the 10m per mile barrier. Sharon flew round taking 30seconds off last weeks time and leaving Charles in her dust! Her 9m 40s average was very impressive, Charles was keeping up with Sharon for most of the run until she found her mojo. Apparently it was just lying there. She picked it up and sped away! Well done Sharon and well done Charles for trying to keep up with a woman on a mission with a mojo!!

It was Carl’s first run on this route and a fantastic 9m 17s per mile says he may get a PB on this route next week! On recent courses he has taken at least 25s off per mile as he has become familiar with the course. 25seconds off this average would be very impressive Carl!! No pressure!

Mike had another great run. The only gutsy person to undertake the longer route this evening, Mike completed the 6miles in just 41m52s very quick and 20secs quicker than last week! Well done Mike!

Finally, a massive well done to Greg, one of out fellow running club members, who completed his 1st Half-marathon yesterday in an amazing 2 Hours 45 Mins 37 sec!! Fantastic Greg, well done!!

Same routes next week for the last time!!

Name 23/02/2015 Speed
Bruce 4.70 00:47:25 00:10:05
Nick C 3.15 00:28:00 00:08:53
Mark 4.60 00:41:25 00:09:00
Pete 4.60 00:41:25 00:09:00
Mike Y 6.00 00:41:52 00:06:59
Mike H 4.60 00:48:18 00:10:30
Maggie 4.60 00:48:18 00:10:30
Charles 4.60 00:44:45 00:09:44
Carl 4.60 00:42:44 00:09:17
Sharon 4.60 00:44:30 00:09:40
Tom 4.60 00:47:00 00:10:13


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Running Club News 16/2/15

We had 3 new routes to chose from this evening and to follow for the next 3 weeks. The aim for the next 3 week is to prepare people for the Eastleigh 10k in about 4 weeks time. So I was expecting a few people to push themselves for the longer routes today and a few of them did! Well done to Mike, Alistair and Mandy who all chose the longer 6mile distance this evening and completed the route non-stop and in a fantastic time too. Mike hit an average of 7mins per mile while Alistair and Mandy pushed each other to a fantastic 9m 12s average!

The middle route was a comfortable 4.6miles. A slight increase on last times routes and so a progression for most. Charles and Sharon completed this distance, even with a small pause in the middle of the run, they finished with good times of 9m 38s and 9m 47s respectively. Also running this route was Nick, returning to the club following illness and a lay off since July. He had a great first run back finishing in 9m 37s that’s 1s faster per mile than his last run over 6months ago!!

We also had a perfect shorter distance this evening. Perfect for Mandy B, as it was her first run with the running club and a big welcome to our newest recruit. Mandy completed the GSR last year in less than 2 hours but hasn’t run much since. She is already thinking about this years event and has started her training early! She completed the 3.2mile route well within herself and will progress very quickly. Her average of 11m 36s per mile was also very impressive and should improve quickly within the group, well done Mandy! Also running this route this evening were Pete and Nick C, both recovering from injuries, this shorter route was perfect for them to ease themselves back. A successful run for both, well done!

Same 3 routes next week, see you then

Name 16/02/2015 Speed
Nick C 3.15 00:26:40 00:08:28
Mark 3.15 00:36:32 00:11:36
Pete 3.15 00:26:40 00:08:28
Mike Y 6.00 00:42:12 00:07:02
Charles 4.60 00:44:20 00:09:38
Alistair 6.00 00:55:15 00:09:12
Mandy B 3.15 00:36:32 00:11:36
Nick 4.60 00:44:16 00:09:37
Sharon 4.60 00:45:00 00:09:47
Mandy 6.00 00:55:15 00:09:12

Running Club News 13/2/15

A lovely morning for running this morning. It was just the 4 of us though as I think a few people were still recovering from Monday nights amazing handicap run! The Warsash whippet was in fine form this morning, complete with a “Go Pro” strapped to his chest he flew round the circuit in 9m 37s per mile. I just hope he caught my good side. We look forward to seeing some of the footage Greg. Good luck with your half-marathon next week!

It was Carls last Friday running club for a while as he returns to work next week. He put in a fast last run though, his 8m 56s is only the 2nd time he has averaged under 9mins per mile and it was just outside the PB he set on Monday evening. Well done Carl!

We had a new runner to the club today – Theresa. She has been running for sometime, but today’s 4.25mile route was further than she would normally go. Her last run, a 3.6mile route averaged 11m36s. So imagine her surprise when we finished today’s route with an average of 9m 47s per mile!! She did fantastic! Well done Theresa!

Name 13/02/2015 Speed
Mark 4.25 00:41:36 00:09:47
Carl 4.25 00:38:00 00:08:56
Greg 4.25 00:40:51 00:09:37
Theresa 4.25 00:41:36 00:09:47

Running Club News 9/2/15

This evening was our third handicap race. This is where we take the average of the last 3 runs from everyone and work out the time to cover the 4.3 mile route based on their average. We then set each individual off at different times based on their handicap. In theory everyone should finish the run at the same time. But the need to catch up to the person in front of you adds a little competition to the proceedings and that helps push people just a little quicker. This evening was no exception as 6 individuals achieved their Personal Best Averages!!!

First to go out were the ladies! The added incentive of chasing 3 pretty women round a 4.3mile circuit was more than enough for most of the guys to hit their top speed this evening. The girls though set the pace really well and had a great run, sticking together and motivating each other round. Well done Nina, Mel and Sharon.

Chasing them down was Greg, aka the Warsash Whippet!! The Whippet has been showing some great improvement recently with a PB on Fridays run of 9m12s, this evening though he achieved his first sub 9min per mile run!! And a huge improvement to 8m 56s per mile, awesome Greg, well done!!!

Chasing the Whippet was Sat Nav, and as usual he went off track again. This added about 300 yards to his lap until Charles spotted him and brought him back on track. It was a good job Charles was flying round this evening otherwise Sat Nav could have ended up in Birmingham! Charles was close to his PB once again, missing out by just 2secs per mile!! I reckon you will get it next week Charles!! Charles set off with Carl in the only pairing of the evening. Carl had run the route on Friday with the running club and had averaged 9m37s per mile – add in a bit of competition and out comes – 8m 50s per mile, Amazing and a new Personal best for Carl, well done!!

Next to set off was Alistair, he was well prepared with his pre-run wine gums this evening and they kicked in about a mile from the finish as he put in a massive sprint at the end, overtaking a few people along the way! He finished in an amazing 8m 17s, a personal best for Alistair, and a massive 14s per mile improvement from his last PB set last June!! Well done!

Pete had a great run, catching up with Alistair and keeping with him as they went for home. His 7m 44s was extremely fast and Petes first sub-8mins per mile since last April!! This is also his 4th consecutive run with an improvement!! He is getting faster and faster now! Setting off behind Pete was Rob, he knew he was being chased / hunted down this evening, but his game plan worked – full black camouflage and a bit of course knowledge! No one caught Rob as he managed to overtake everyone in front to finish first with a Personal Best average of 7m 14s per mile, awesome.

Last to go were Mike and Kyle. Now Kyle hasn’t run with the club for several years and not run on his own for several months. So we threw him a tough handicap and set him a challenge. He set off 30seconds behind speedy Mike, but caught him before the half way point. It was then a battle and a great run between them as they turned for home, with the leadership changing hands on several occasions. One final push from Kyle and he pipped Mike to the post. The pace was Mikes Personal Best!!!! An mind-blowing 6m35s!!! Well done!! For Kyle, his average of 6m30s is still 9seconds per mile off his PB set with the running club. A great run though!!

Well done to all this evenings runners, delivered with the spirit it was intended!!

Next week we are moving away from speed to focus back on distance as we start to build for the Eastleigh 10k

Name Distance ACTUAL TIME Average
Mike Y 4.30 00:28:18 00:06:35
Mark 4.30 00:29:55 00:06:57
Rob 4.30 00:31:05 00:07:14
Pete 4.30 00:33:15 00:07:44
Kyle 4.30 00:27:59 00:06:30
Alistair 4.30 00:35:35 00:08:17
Carl 4.30 00:37:58 00:08:50
Charles 4.30 00:39:25 00:09:10
Mike H 4.30 00:37:55 00:08:49
Sharon 4.30 00:52:47 00:12:17
Greg 4.30 00:38:25 00:08:56
Mel 4.30 00:52:47 00:12:17
Nina 4.30 00:52:47 00:12:17

Friday Running Club News 6/2/15

A new route on a bitterly cold morning greeted the brave few who turned up for todays running club. The wind chill made the “real feel” temperature -4C as we set off. The cold weather had a good effect though as it certainly speeded people up to get round quicker and back to the Enjoy Studio for a warm sit down and a natter!!

Sue really pushed herself this morning, taking herself outside of her comfort zone. She practically flew down Brook lane on the final stretch of her run with her last mile recorded at under 8mins per mile. This brought her average for the route down to 8m51s just 2secs per mile outside her PB set last August in much warmer conditions! Well done Sue!!

Carl had the day off  today and wisely chose to spend it running up and down Brook Lane! His new sponsorship deal with the posh french company Sauvignon Blanc didn’t help this morning though and he was slightly handicapped from last night. Still it was a great run and 600 calories reclaimed!!

Greg was just awesome this morning. He clearly had a clear head and 3 Shredded Wheat!! Having been with the running club since July 2013 he has shown steady progress but today he smashed through some barriers and achieved a new PB of 9m 12s. Fantastic Greg!! Even with some tough inclines on the route he looked very strong throughout!! Probably bad timing though as we have the handicap race on Monday and he will have to have his handicap chopped.

Same routes next week

Name 06/02/2015 Speed
Mark 4.35 00:38:30 00:08:51
Carl 4.35 00:41:51 00:09:37
Greg 4.35 00:40:01 00:09:12
Sue 4.35 00:38:30 00:08:51


Running Club 2/2/15

We set of this evening with the temperature at just 1C and it definitely cooled as we covered the route! A big turnout this evening though and some fantastic results.

It was definitely a fast night this evening. Pete was off like a rocket, I think he may have even been caught up in Mikes slip stream as we set off. Whatever it was it worked as Pete finished just 1 second per mile outside the 8mins per mile average in his fastest Monday night run since April – Awesome!! He’s Back!!!!

Charles, with his new improved running style is going to be tough to beat now as he clocked a 9m 09s average – just 1 second per mile outside his PB set on June 2nd last year!! Massive improvement and a great result, well done Charles!!!

Rob also used Mike as a Pacesetter to start and followed him along the longer 5.1m route. His new compression socks certainly helped as he recorded a Personal best with the running club – with an fantastic 7m 52s per mile. As for Mike, he has progressively improved week on week with this route, today he was 4s per quicker than his original run on this route and a fraction away from 7mins per mile!! Nick hasn’t found this route very lucky, his calves protesting again up the hill. He still completed the route though, well done! Carl had another good run this evening. He didn’t quite beat last weeks time, but he was keeping something back ready for his first attendance at the Friday group this week!

There were a few near misses with Personal Bests this evening as well. Mel had a great run, encouraged along with Sandy, Mel recorded her best time with the club since April. It wasn’t all Sandy setting the pace though as his time was his best on this route, taking 20seconds per mile off his original time as he improves back to his best! Bruce had a great run this evening. A fast start and a fast finish helped him wipe nearly 1min per mile off his quickest time on this route as he clocked a sub 10min per mile performance his first since July, Well done Bruce!

Sat Nav was back this evening and had a great run, moving through the pack to make sure they were going the right way! Motivating them as he passed! He finished alongside Sharon, the pair of them completing the route in 9m 42s per mile, a great time guys! It was Gregs first attempt on this route with the Monday club however he did have a sneak preview when he completed it at the Friday RC last week. In nearly identical times he finished in 9m 43s and seemed to have no problem with the hills this week, Must be all that Beach training!!

Next week we are doing the Handicap Challenge!! You have been warned!!

Name 02/02/2015 Speed
Bruce 4.10 00:40:08 00:09:47
Nick C 4.10 00:39:30 00:09:38
Mark 4.10 00:40:13 00:09:49
Sandy S 4.10 00:42:32 00:10:22
Pete 4.10 00:32:51 00:08:01
Mike Y 5.10 00:35:58 00:07:03
Mike H 4.10 00:39:45 00:09:42
Charles 4.10 00:37:31 00:09:09
Greg 4.10 00:39:50 00:09:43
Mel 4.10 00:42:10 00:10:17
Carl 4.10 00:37:48 00:09:13
Sharon 4.10 00:39:45 00:09:42
Rob 5.10 00:40:06 00:07:52
Mandy 4.10 00:37:00 00:09:01


Running Club News 26/1/15

Horraayyy!! The running club Blog is back!! Sorry for the brief absence so far in 2015! I promise to try to catch up on some of the events we have missed this year so far!

We have moved the start venue for 2015, a very historic and emotional moment! Having set off from Osborne Road Rec since September 2010!! Approximately 350 runs!! We are now meeting at the ENJOY FITNESS STUDIO and the comfort of an indoor meeting room to hang coats and possibly have a tea after to de-brief!! The new venue seems to have gone down  well, with some amazingly quick times already! We have also had some great attendances so far this year and this evening was no exception.

Unfortunately we had Sat Nav and Greg both away this week, so feeling safe that no one would get lost I quickly ran through same route as last week before setting off. Carl however, decided to take on the mantle of Sat Nav and in time honoured running club tradition, started running up the wrong road during the route. Fortunately, Charles was having a great run and was close enough to shout him back on course. Charles’ run was his best since August 11th. A slight tweak of the running gait and he was flying this evening, taking 1m 24s off last weeks time, well done Charles!! Carl, back on the right track now, also had a good run. Not taking in to account the extra 50m up the wrong road he ran 1m40s better than last week. Awesome!

The biggest improvement of the evening were the girls, Sharon and Mandy! They produced a run 7m 24s quicker than last week. Although they did admit last week was a bit of a catch up run!! Great run tonight though ladies, well done. Sandy too had a great improvement week on week. His time this week was very impressive considering he was full of cold, any other man would be at home with a lemsip and the footy on the tele, but Sandy was up and out and running 10m 30s!!! Nick has been running brilliant so far in 2015. His run in the Stubbington 10k was one of his best ever! But tonight he waited until the furthest point from the start for his calf to play-up again. He limped round to finish in an average still under 9mins per mile!! Nicks one leg clearly better than my two! Alistair is another runner who has started 2015 hot out of the blocks. Last week 8m44s and this week 8m 57s are two very impressive runs, his 9mins per mile at Stubbington was also his quickest 10k on record!!

On to the fast boys and Pete had a great run, he seems to have gotten over his knee injury and is putting in some great times so far this year. Todays run was two and a half minutes faster than last week!! Improving all the time. Mike will be looking over his shoulder soon, but not quite yet, his 7m 10s run this evening is still the fastest by some way! Well done gents!

Finally we have Mel back at the running club after a break away for a few months, and she is doing great! Forever consistent she has a great running technique and has clocked similar times in the last two weeks. An ideal speed for Nina to come back to. The pair of them completed the run very well and in less than 12 mins per mile. Well done ladies!!

Same run next week for the last time.

Name 19/01/2015 Speed 26/01/2015 Speed
Bruce 4.10 00:43:43 00:10:40 #DIV/0!
Nick C 4.10 00:34:45 00:08:29 5.10 00:44:48 00:08:47
Mark 4.10 00:36:05 00:08:48 4.10 00:36:58 00:09:01
Sandy S 4.10 00:43:43 00:10:40 4.10 00:43:05 00:10:30
Pete 4.10 00:36:01 00:08:47 4.10 00:33:30 00:08:10
Mike Y 5.10 00:36:20 00:07:07 5.10 00:36:31 00:07:10
Sarah 4.10 00:48:33 00:11:50
Charles 4.10 00:39:56 00:09:44 4.10 00:38:32 00:09:24
Alistair 4.10 00:35:50 00:08:44 4.10 00:36:43 00:08:57
Mel 4.10 00:48:33 00:11:50 4.10 00:48:47 00:11:54
Ryan 4.10 00:39:56 00:09:44 #DIV/0!
Carl 4.10 00:39:16 00:09:35 4.10 00:37:36 00:09:10
Nina #DIV/0! 4.10 00:49:20 00:12:02
Sharon 4.10 00:46:42 00:11:23 4.10 00:39:18 00:09:35
Rob 5.10 00:41:49 00:08:12 #DIV/0!
Mandy 4.10 00:46:42 00:11:23 4.10 00:39:18 00:09:35



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Running Club News 29/12/14

The last run in 2014 was certainly one of the coldest. It was a good turn out though as everyone was feeling guilty after over-indulging at Xmas. So given the choice of 4.2m or 5.3 I imagined most would go for the longer route…not the case!! However, with Sat Nav absent this evening it was down to Greg to go off track. He didn’t just go off the route a little though, he ended up doing a 10k run (6.4miles) a whole extra mile than planned!! What was most impressive though was his 64m 57s time. This 10m 09s average was the fastest 10k Greg has ever run, it beats the 10m24s average at Eastleigh and the 10m 30s average at the Victory this year!! Although not planned – Very well done Greg!!

Also achieving some speed this evening was Mike. Mike is approaching his anniversary with us. His 1st run in January this year averaged 7m59s, we were all very impressed at the time. This evening his 6m 44s wasn’t even a PB! awesome! And certainly contender for improvement of the year!

Nick was back running and after a slight pull in his calf last week he did really well to get round the 5.3m route in a pleasing average of just 8mins per mile! Sharon also had a great run, her 9m 23s was also a great average for the longer route. Well done Sharon. Charles and Georgina also had great runs round this evening, the two of them finishing at 10mins per mile. Alistair had the job of carrying the overweight PT round this evening (too many mince pies for me I reckon), a really good final mile gave Alistair a 30 second finish ahead of me this evening and a good average of just over 9mins per mile. Well done Ali, and thanks for dragging me round!

Same routes and same start point next week with the trusty leader, Bruce

Remember there will be no Facebook event to book in to from now on. You can purchase discounted memberships, pay in advance or simply book in via the following options:

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Name 29/12/2014 Speed
Nick C 5.35 00:42:47 00:08:00
Mark 4.15 00:38:15 00:09:13
Mike Y 5.35 00:35:59 00:06:44
Charles 4.15 00:41:32 00:10:00
Alistair 4.15 00:37:45 00:09:06
Greg 6.40 01:04:57 00:10:09
Sharon 5.35 00:50:12 00:09:23
Georgina 4.15 00:41:22 00:09:58