Running Club News 14/8/17

Monday 14th August 2017

Brian Hanrahan, the BBC correspondent commented during the Falklands War, “I counted them all out, and I counted them all in again“, and this was the same for the Monday Nite RC as 9 athletes, took to the streets of Warsash/Locks Heath.

50 minutes after the start, nearly 33% of the field was AWOL. The first Casualty was Nina, who made it Greenaway Lane, before injury forced her to stop. – Get Well Soon. At the hour point I was beginning to worry when Greg and Faith were spotted returning home from different directions. Faith had elected to take a slightly longer route 6.5 miles, by turning Left after the Nook and Cranny (rather than before), and Greg, was just Greg (5.75).

Of the others who completed the official routes, terrific run from Rich, coping well with the slightly cooler conditions, a brave effort from Nick struggling with Delerium Tremens, and Carl’s valiant effort was slightly hampered by new Asics.

Mandy, Sharon and Charles all put in slightly better times than last week completing the list of finishers

Carl      – 5.75 – 44:50

Nina     – 5.57 – DNF

Greg     – 5.75 – 1:03:00

Charles – 4.75 – 46.39 > 9.47’s

Nick C   – 4.75 – 43:30

Sharon – 4.75 – 48.08

Mandy – 4.75 – 48.08

Rich      – 5.75  – 43:00

Faith    – 6.50 – 59.57

Assistant Coach Charles

Thank you to Assistant Coach Charles for stepping in at the last minute to coordinate the running club in my absence.


Friday 11th August 2017

A good turn out for the Friday club this week. The two Nicks pushed for the 4.8mile route, keeping each other company and no doubt putting the world of IT to rights. They whizzed round in just over 9mins per mile. They finished just 15 seconds behind Richard, who was running the longer route with his new running coach cycling next to him. There should be a big shout out to his son who actually cycled the 5.8miles keeping up with his Dad who averaged just 7m 30s per mile. Well done father and son!!

Well done also to Alex, she has been training up for the reserves and has been focused on achieving 1,5miles in under 14minutes. Today she smashed it, and it was uphill too!! A new PB split time too, taking a massive 1m 12s per mile off her previous fastest split, well done Alex.

Same routes next week team! Last time!


Name 11/08/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.80 00:43:44 00:09:07
Mark 1.50 00:13:56 00:09:17
Nick B 4.80 0:43:44 0:09:07
Alex A 1.50 0:13:56 0:09:17
Richard 5.80 00:43:29 0:07:30



Running Club News 7/8/17

Friday 4th August

Just the three runners again this week with Alex back to improve on her run last week and Nick C back from Chicago. Alex was awesome, maintaining a fantastic pace throughout the 3.7mile route without stopping. This resulted a Personal Best and a massive 1 min per mile off her previous weeks split time to 10m 29s per mile. Fantastic Alex, well done!! Nick went for the longer route and seeing Alex in the distance along Warsash Road he pushed himself hard to try and catch her up before the finish. He didn’t quite make it but it certainly helped his time, as he took 4 minutes off the route time from Monday evening ! Well done.

Monday 7th August

New routes this week, and in theory fairly quick routes too. It was a first attempt this evening but already there are signs of some personal bests to be achieved. For the ladies this evening it was also a chance to go further. The 4.8mile route was a great carrot to encourage a few extra meters in to the ladies run. They all did amazing too. Kate and Sharon teamed up and looked like twins running down Warsash Road in perfect synchronization. It was a great time too with Kate setting a new PB with the club 27seconds per mile quicker than her previous best and on a longer route. Well done Kate.

Laura teamed up with Nina and Mandy B. The ladies whizzed round the 4.8 circuit. Not bad considering Laura had run 5 miles yesterday too!! She even shaved 4 seconds per mile off her split time last week to set a new running club PB for herself, well done Laura. Well done to Mandy B and Nina for the extra miles too!!

Sue opted for the long route, 5.8miles. She absolutely smashed it too! Her first sub 9-min mile average since May, and this is after she completed the Wickham 10k at the weekend, well done Sue. Well done also to her daughter, Jo, who is getting stronger each week following injury. With Charles running with her this evening she killed the 4.8mile route and declared she is ready for the 5.8 next week. You should have seen Charles’ face drop!!  Running the 5.8 this week we had Carl and Richard. It was the Richards first run with the club for a few weeks but he was keen to put in a fast run and he did just that. The 7m30s average per mile was extremely quick and pushed Carl to a 7m 49s split,  identical to last week but a longer distance. Well done Gents.

Finally, Nick C had a great run on the 4.8mile route. A massive 30s per mile quicker than his average last week it shows his running is getting stronger week on week now.

Same routes next week! Don’t forget to book for the Great South Run if you haven’t done already!!


Name 07/08/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.80 40:03.0 08:20.6
Mark 4.80 40:03.0 08:20.6
Sue 5.80 52:10.0 08:59.7
Jo F 4.80 46:39.0 09:43.1
Mandy B 4.80 53:29.0 11:08.5
Charles 4.80 46:39.0 09:43.1
Carl 5.80 45:20.0 07:49.0
Nina 4.8 53:25.0 11:07.7
Sharon 4.80 49:08.0 10:14.2
Richard 5.8 43:30.0 07:30.0
Kate 4.8 49:08.0 10:14.2
Laura 4.8 53:29.0 11:08.5



Myzone July 2017 report


Running Club News 31/7/17

Apologies that the blog has fallen a few sessions behind in the last 2 weeks. We have a catch up blog for you today –

Friday 21st July

Just the three runners this morning, but a big welcome to newcomer – Mark G!! His first run with the club, this after 2 years of being a member at Enjoy as well. See, we wear everyone down eventually to come and join in. For his first run Mark did fantastic. He completed the 3.7miles non-stop and in a great time too – 9m49s per mile. That’s impressive. I hope to see you back again soon Mark. Also running today was Nick B, his first run for a while and so we made it a social event and all ran together, very enjoyable.

Friday 28th

Just three runners again this week. Replacing Mark G we had Alex back from a Running Club break. She did great though, completing the 3.7miles non-stop. Nick B broke clear with a mile to go to try and beat the previous weeks time, this spurred on Alex who finished with a 11m 26s average. Well done!!

Monday 24th

Some of the ladies participated in a spinning session the day before the run this week. So there were a few sore legs. In fact, Mrs Motivator, Sharon had particularly sore thighs so it was time for some role reversal as Nina turned motivator to help Sharon get round. Jo was back again and continuing her recovery from injury very well. She is maintaining that 10mins per mile really well at the moment. Her mum, Sue, is flying though. 9mins per mile average over the longer 5.6mile route was very impressive this evening. Also doing the long distance was Carl, he saw Faith in his sights coming along Warsash Road which pushed them both in to a fast finish with Carl only 2 seconds outside his previous time on this course. Faith managed to get 4 stitches on the way round, maybe something to do with the big bowl of porridge before the run!! Good times all round though team!

Name 24/07/2017 Speed
Mark 3.60 00:36:34 00:10:09
Sue 5.60 0:50:24 0:09:00
Jo F 3.65 0:36:31 0:10:00
Carl 5.60 0:43:27 0:07:46
Nina 3.65 0:39:37 0:10:51
Sharon 3.65 0:43:30 0:11:55
Faith 4.8 00:46:15 0:09:38

Monday 31st July

A great turn out for Running club this evening in near perfect conditions. It was the 3rd time on these routes so an opportunity for people to put in a PB!

I ran with Carl in an attempt to push him to a new Personal Best. I even gave him a 9lb handicap after I found out he had lost 4.5lbs last week and I had put about that on (apparently). The run was going well too for Carl until he got a puncture. Well his new Left trainer certainly let him down even if it didn’t go down. It certainly slowed him down but a good finish left him with an average of 7m 49s per mile, not bad at all. Also running the long route was Sue, another fantastic run saw her finish just over 9mins per mile. Very good!!

A few people did achieve PBs this evening though. Firstly, Laura was assured a PB with the club as it was her first run. She teamed up with Mrs Motivator, Sharon,  and the pair of them tore up the 3.6mile route in just 40minutes. Well done Laura, welcome to the club, I hope we will see you again next week. Also having their best run was Kate, she had missed the last 2 weeks and so hadn’t attempted this route, but it clearly suited her as she took over a second per mile off her previous Personal Best split time. Well done Kate.

Mandy and Lydia were also back this evening running this route for the first time and in a good time too. I am sure they would have been on for PBs with a little more course knowledge. Nick C was also back and consistent in his improvement following an injury his sub-9 mins per mile today starting to look very quick.

Running the 3.6miles this evening we had Jo and Nina, both had great runs taking off a whole minute from last weeks times. Well done.

Running the middle distance we had Charles, Greg and Faith. All three had brilliant runs, although Charles had problems getting a rhythm apparently. His right leg was in time but his left wasn’t???? Both Greg and Faith had great runs,  both stripping 2 minutes off their previous attempts at this course.

Well done to all the runners this evening. New routes next week. Keep an eye on Facebook for a heads up on the routes.

Nick C 4.80 43:05.0 08:58.5
Mark 5.60 43:45.0 07:48.8
Sue 5.60 51:15.0 09:09.1
Jo F 3.60 35:32.0 09:52.2
Mandy B 3.60 41:29.0 11:31.4
Charles 4.80 47:15.0 09:50.6
Greg 4.80 45:05.0 09:23.5
Carl 5.60 43:50.0 07:49.6
Nina 3.60 38:31.0 10:41.9
Sharon 3.60 40:21.0 11:12.5
Kate 3.60 38:31.0 10:41.9
Lydia 3.60 41:29.0 11:31.4
Faith 4.80 44:17.0 09:13.5
Laura 3.60 40:21.0 11:12.5




Running Club News 17/7/17

Monday July 17th

New routes this evening and potentially fast times for this route, with no off-roading and very few road crossings. It was very hot this evening though so nothing too fast tonight. It was more about recovery this evening. For Nina and Carl it was recovery from the weekend at Silverstone Grand Prix, living it up. For Jo, it was recovery from an injury that has kept her out for months. She did great though, finishing the 3.7miles non-stop and in a good time too. Welcome back Jo, great to see you there. Her Mum, Sue, had a great run too. Opting for the further 4.8mile route she whizzed round in nine-and-a-half minute miles. Well done!! Also running the mid-distance today were Greg, Faith, Rich and Charles. They started out in a group. Good job as Greg kept veering off course and every now and then a quick shout was required to bring him back on track. Interesting though that Greg new all the short cuts when they came up, he didn’t get lost with those. It was the downhill part of the course where Faith decided to open her stride and, even though she was suffering with a bad back picked up surfing last week, she left the group behind. She finished very strongly and in a great time too. Charles and Rich also finished well, with the former showing week and week improvement with his times.

Sharon led the ladies round the 3.7mile route this evening. She managed to push Nina round to a 10m 32s per mile average!! This was Nina’s 2nd ever fastest run with the club. Only once has she run faster and that was in April 2015!! When she managed 10m 24s on a shorter route. Well done Nina!!!

Same routes next week and a chance to improve on those times.

Name 17/07/2017 Speed
Mark 4.80 0:44:44 0:09:19
Sue 4.80 0:45:48 0:09:32
Jo F 3.70 0:36:52 0:09:58
Charles 4.80 0:46:29 0:09:41
Rich 4.80 0:45:52 0:09:33
Greg 4.80 0:47:50 0:09:58
Carl 5.60 0:43:25 0:07:45
Nina 3.70 0:38:54 0:10:31
Sharon 3.7 0:38:54 0:10:31
Faith 4.80 0:44:40 0:09:18



Running Club News 10/7/17

Monday 10th July 2017

The ladies set off again in their little group on the 4.5mile riverside route for the last time this evening. Sharon, as always, was the shepherd, ushering them all on, doing little shuttles from the back to the front of the pack to keep the pace going. I think she probably does another mile on top of everyone else. It works though, as Nina, Rose, Lydia and Kate all finished without stopping and in a great time too. Rose thought she had a new PB of 19.34, but then she realised it was the time! Well done ladies. They even had time to stop for a selfie on the bridge –








Carl went for it again today and beat last weeks time by 13 seconds to set another Personal Best!! Fantastic. He was chased all the way this week though as Leyon was back to running club and set the pace on the run early on. It was nearly a year ago today that Leyon set his last Personal Best. It was set on 18/7/16 – a split time of 8m25s, a time he has been unable to match until today. Following some 1-2-1 Personal Training, and recovery from a nasty injury, he achieved an amazing 7m 44s split to smash last times record and show how much he has improved. Well done Gents!! Awesome!

Also running this evening was Nick and Charles. Nick is returning from injury on his ankle and the off-road section was a big test. He came through it well………until the last 2 paces!! When he hit a stone again and his ankle made a funny angle, but it was fine, strong enough to withstand it and he finished the run as if nothing had happened. Charles did well to, beating his first weeks time on this route, a bit slower than last week but then it was a heavy weekend!!

New routes next week!!


Name 10/07/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.50 41:52.0 09:18.2
Mark 4.50 41:53.0 09:18.4
Charles 4.50 45:11.0 10:02.4
Carl 5.20 38:32.0 07:24.6
Nina 4.50 50:43.0 11:16.2
Sharon 4.50 50:11.0 11:09.1
Rose 5.20 51:21.0 09:52.5
Leyon 5.20 40:17.0 07:44.8
Kate 4.50 50:11.0 11:09.1
Lydia 4.50 50:43.0 11:16.2

Frittata Recipes

Kale & goat’s cheese frittata

Nutrition: per serving

  • Kcal 316
  • Fat 21g
  • Saturates 8g
  • Carbs 11g
  • Sugars 5g
  • Fibre 1g
  • Protein 21g
  • Salt 0.8g


1 tbsp coconut oil
2 red onions, thinly sliced
200g chopped curly Kale
2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
8 large eggs, lightly beaten with a little seasoning
100g firm goat’s cheese, broken into chunks


  1. Heat oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5. Heat the oil in a 25cm ovenproof frying pan. Add the onions and cook for 10-15 mins until soft and caramelised. Add the kale and 1 tbsp water, and cook for 5 mins until the kale has wilted. Pour in the balsamic vinegar and bubble for 1 min, then add the eggs. Give everything a quick stir, then leave undisturbed to cook over a low-medium heat for 5 mins until the egg is nearly set and the frittata is turning golden brown on the bottom.
  2. Scatter the goat’s cheese over the top of the frittata. Cook in the oven for 10-15 mins until the cheese is bubbling and the frittata is set in the centre.


Easy cheesy frittata

Prep: 5 mins – 15 mins Cook: 30 mins

Serves 4

Nutrition: per serving

  • Kcal 187
  • Fat 13g
  • Saturates 5g
  • Carbs 3g
  • Sugars 2g
  • Fibre 1g
  • Protein 16g
  • Salt 1.22g


2 Spring onions, ends trimmed off
4 tablespoons of frozen Peas, defrosted
1 Cougette, halved with the ends cut off
2 slices of ham
100g feta cheese
4 eggs


  1. Set the oven on to 180C/ 160C fan/gas 4. Snip or cut up the spring onions and put them in a bowl. Add the peas to the bowl.
  2. Grate the courgette using your rotary grater, one half at a time, then add it to the bowl.
  3. Cut the ham into pieces with your scissors, if you do this over the bowl it will fall straight in.
  4. Break the feta into the bowl by crumbling it with your hands.
  5. Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk until the yolks are mixed into the white.
  6. Pour the eggs into the other bowl and stir. Brush a round ovenproof dish, about 16cm across, with oil. Tip everything into the dish. Place the dish in the oven for 30 minutes or until the egg is set.


Prawn & chorizo frittata

Prep: 10 mins Cook: 25 mins

Serves 2

Nutrition: per serving

  • Kcal 387
  • Fat 25g
  • Saturates 7g
  • Carbs 8g
  • Sugars 4g
  • Fibre 3g
  • Protein 34g
  • Salt 2.11g


½ finely chopped Onion
50g Chorizo, sliced
2 tsp Coconut oil
4 Eggs, lightly beaten
1 tbsp Milk
85g cooked, peeled Prawns
100g frozen peas, defrosted


  1. Heat grill to medium. In a 20cm frying pan, fry the onion and chorizo in the oil over a low heat. Cook for 4-5 mins, stirring occasionally until the onion is soft.
  2. Take the pan off the heat, pour out any excess fat from the chorizo, then stir in the beaten eggs and milk with some seasoning. Stir in the prawns and peas and return to a low heat for 10-12 mins until all but the very top of the frittata is set. Flash it under the grill until golden (keep the handle away from the heat). Serve in wedges with a leafy salad.


Smoked salmon & pea frittata

Prep: 20 mins – 25 mins Cook: 20 mins – 25 mins

Serves 4

Nutrition: per serving

  • Kcal 423
  • Fat 24g
  • Saturates 5g
  • Carbs 22g
  • Sugars 0g
  • Fibre 3g
  • Protein 31g
  • Salt 3.15g


500g New Potatoes
200g pack smoked salmon
8 large eggs
2 tbsp chopped dill
100g frozen petits pois


  1. Thickly slice the potatoes and cook in a pan of boiling salted water until just tender, about 10 minutes. Drain well and leave to cool slightly.
  2. Cut the salmon into wide strips. Crack the eggs into a bowl, beat with a fork until lightly foamy, then stir in the smoked salmon, dill, peas and plenty of salt and pepper. Finally, stir in the potatoes.
  3. Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a large non-stick frying pan, carefully pour in the egg mixture and cook over a fairly low heat for 10-15 minutes, until the egg is starting to set just under the surface.
  4. Put a plate that is slightly larger than the top of the pan on top and invert the frittata onto it. Slide it back into the pan and cook for a further 5 minutes to brown the underside. Slide on to a plate and leave to cool for 5 minutes before cutting into wedges. A tomato and chive salad tastes very fresh with this.

Running Club News 3/7/17

Monday July 3rd

Another beautiful summers evening in Warsash and no better way to spend it than running along the river Hamble. We had a new recuit join us this evening. Although Kate had only been running 4 miles to this point we manage to persuade her to do the 4.5mile route. She was joined by Mrs Motivator, Sharon and her accomplish, Nina. Between the pair of them they managed to entice Kate round in a fantastic time of 10m 43s per mile. Much quicker than the 11mins she had been running previously. We done to all three ladies and welcome to the club Kate!

Carl has had a haircut since the last run and it clearly made a difference this evening. It is a fairly downhill route, however the uneven ground along the river does slow people down. It is not usually a route for a PB, but that didn’t stop super-speedy Carl! He flew round the 5.2miles. He was even raced down Swanwick hill by Leyon…….in his car!!! But that just helped Carl to a fantastic sub 7.30 split time and a new Personal Best. Well done Carl!! Awesome Pal!

Greg also went for the longer route in preparation for his upcoming triathlons. He had a great run too, taking 20seconds off his last 5.2mile run. Well done Greg, preparation is looking good

Faith and Charles teamed up to attack the 4.5mile route. And attack it they did. Faith even had time to stop and take a photo of the sun on the river before finishing in a fantastic 9m20s average. For Charles, todays run was a massive 1m 09s faster than last week, well done #progression!!

Same routes next week for the final time.


Name 03/07/2017 Speed
Mark 4.50 44:23.0 09:51.8
Charles 4.50 44:21.0 09:51.3
Greg 5.20 0:51:43 09:56.7
Carl 5.20 38:45.0 07:27.1
Nina 4.5 48:15.0 10:43.3
Sharon 4.50 47:50.0 10:37.8
Kate 4.5 48:15.0 10:43.3
Faith 4.5 42:00.0 09:20.0


Myzone June 2017 Report


Running Club News 26/6/17

Monday 26th June

A beautiful evening on the Southcoast for the Warsash Runners. So I have chosen some beautiful routes to go with it. A lovely run along the river was called for this evening and it seemed everyone enjoyed it. It is not a fast run due to the terrain but very picturesque. Here are the routes –

Tide times and weather being well we shall use these for the next two weeks as well.

3.3miles –
4.3miles –
5.2miles –

Mandy, Nina, Sharon, Rose and Lydia all had a very sociable run, helping each other out en route to ensure no one was left behind and all 5 made it round in a good time. Well done ladies, a nice piece of teamwork.

Charles opted for the mid-distance route, he put in a good shift too running on his own, finishing with ten and a half mins per mile average. Rich and Carl opted for the longer distance – 5.2 miles, with most of the run along the stunning riverside of the Hamble. Rich managed to keep up with Carl all the way until the last mile and a half, his 8m57s average not far from a PB. But Carl opened his legs when he smelt the Rising Sun pub and finished a couple of minutes ahead in the end.

Well done to all the runners this week. No running club this Friday, so see you all next Monday!!


Name 26/06/2017 Speed
Mandy B 3.30 0:37:02 0:11:13
Charles 4.30 0:45:13 0:10:31
Rich 5.20 0:46:31 0:08:57
Carl 5.20 0:44:01 0:08:28
Nina 3.30 0:36:35 0:11:05
Sharon 3.30 0:37:02 0:11:13
Rose 3.30 0:38:09 0:11:34
Lydia 3.3 00:37:02 0:11:13