Running Club News 19/6/17

Monday June 12th

A big thank you to Carl for taking this evenings running club in my absence. It all went very well by the sounds, a very sociable run!-

Name 12/06/2017 Speed
Rich 5.20 0:48:42 0:09:22
Greg 5.20 0:50:01 0:09:37
Carl 5.20 0:48:42 0:09:22
Nina 2.90 0:31:11 0:10:45
Sharon 2.9 0:31:11 0:10:45
Faith 5.20 0:48:42 0:09:22

Monday June 19th

It was the hottest day of the year by some way today. El scorchio!! Still it didn’t put people off. I wasn’t able to run myself so waited at the club for people to return. I was a bit shocked when Nina turned up covered in black liquid. Then I remembered she had been to Ireland to the Guinness factory and she was just sweating it out!! Carl had been away with her and the extra black fuel certainly made a difference as he achieved another PB, this time a phenomenal 7m 50s average over the 5.2miles. That’s Superb Carl, well done!!

Sue had a great run too round the longer route, however her watch ran out of battery en route and we will never know her time. Greg also opted for the longer route even in the 30C plus heat! But he made it round and in a good average too. Well done Greg!

Charles and Faith changed options mid-run and wisely too given the heat! They completed 4.6miles in great times and earned some free vitamin D on the way round as well. Sharon also received a free sun tan on her way round this evening as we do like to spoil our runners at the club here.

Well done one and all this evening in extreme conditions. New routes next week to enjoy and I think a trip up the Hamble may be in order!!

Name 19/06/2017 Speed
Sue 5.20 tbc #VALUE!
Charles 4.60 45:30.0 09:53.5
Greg 5.20 0:53:11 10:13.7
Carl 5.20 40:44.0 07:50.0
Nina 2.9 32:01.0 11:02.4
Sharon 2.90 32:01.0 11:02.4
Faith 4.6 43:24.0 09:26.1



Myzone May 2017 Results


Running Club News 22/5/17

Friday 19th May

Richard had approached me at the Wednesday Circuits class to let me know he wanted to go for broke this Friday and put in a PB time. I said that would be fine, wished him luck and thought I would be OK running with someone a little slower on the Friday after a busy week. Well…….all my running friends stitched me right up!!! No one else turned up so I had to run with Richard for the 5.6miles as fast as possible. The first mile, all up hill I may add, was a brisk 6mins 36s!!!! OMG!! I could hardly breathe let alone hold a conversation and try to motivate Richard round. Mile 2, also up hill!! a little slower but still 7mins per mile. I was actually thinking how I could explain in this blog why I stopped on a run with a client, especially after Richard reminded me I was being paid for it!! Mile 3 was a little slower and I finally found some rhythm. Trying to match Richards stride with his long legs was not a good idea and so I resulted back to my normal shuffle and found my breath. I survived!! And more importantly so did Richard. An average of 7m 18s per mile was just 1 second outside his PB but this was a much longer route. Great run, but can someone else please turn up this Friday so I don’t have to do it again.


Monday 22nd May

What a beautiful evening. It was hot but comfortable. Everyone was back from last week and running the same distances again. Gemma, Faith and Louise teamed up to run the long route and had a great run, fantastic preparation for next weeks London 10000! Well done ladies. Carl also ran the longer distance and finished 35 seconds quicker than last week to record another PB and his first sub – 8mins per mile. Amazing Carl, well done!!

Rich ran the middle distance and shaved 26 seconds off last week and, similar to Carl, recorded a new PB in doing so. His 8m 52s per mile extremely quick and I am sure to get quicker.

Sharon led the team with Nina and Mandy and between them they all improved on last weeks times to show great improvement. Well done ladies.

There is no running club next week due to the London 10000 but we will run these routes for a final time the week after and a chance for some more PBs!!

Name 22/05/2017 Speed
Mark 4.40 39:12.0 08:54.5
Mandy B 3.60 39:44.0 11:02.2
Rich 4.40 39:02.0 08:52.3
Gemma 5.60 54:24.0 09:42.9
Carl 5.60 44:14.0 07:53.9
Nina 3.60 39:29.0 10:58.1
Sharon 3.60 38:29.0 10:41.4
Louise 5.60 54:24.0 09:42.9
Faith 5.60 54:24.0 09:42.9


Running Club News 15/5/17

Monday 8th May

A massive thank you to Carl this evening as he took charge of the running club in my absence. He organised things well as everyone ran as a team. This included new recruit Faith, who in her first run with the club, completed 5miles with no problem at all. Well done to all the runners this evening. Great performance

Name 08/05/2017 Speed
Sue 5.00 0:45:24 0:09:05
Carl 5.00 0:45:01 0:09:00
Leyon 5.00 0:45:01 0:09:00
Faith 5.00 0:45:20 0:09:04

Friday 12th May

It was team Blue today as everyone turned up in their Great South Run blue t-shirts today quite randomly, we even saw another runner out with the same top on….spooky!! Richard had an early run today due to work commitments, but he “clocked in” his time and a very impressive hour run for 7.5miles, the furthest he has ever run, well done Richard! Also impressing today was Greg. Before running club he had completed 38 lengths of the pool, followed by a cycle ride to the club where we had to overt our eyes has he changed in his “transition”. He completed his triathlon training with a very impressive four and a half miles at a good pace too. Well done Greg, very impressive. Well done also to Lisa, another sub 10min per mile performance. But we need to up the miles next week girl!!

Name 12/05/2017 Speed
Mark 3.60 35:56.0 09:58.9
Greg 4.50 0:47:00 10:26.7
Richard 7.5 00:00.0 08:00.0
Lisa 3.6 35:54.0 09:58.3


Monday 15th May

All of the routes seemed slightly shorter than planned this evening. Then I realised that there has been a footpath installed to cut off the corner going into Allotment Road. I think this is after many years of Pete cutting the corner and wearing out the grass there so a path had to be installed. It only took 0.1mile off the distances though!! There was quite a variation in distances chosen this evening. Mandy, Rose, Nina and Sharon opted for the 3.6miles and the ladies flew round. I was personally chasing them down Brook Lane but their turn of speed at the end was very impressive.

Faith was running just her 2nd run with the club, but was brave enough to opt for the longer 5.6mile route. Running with Gemma and Sue the three of them set off at a fast pace. Gemma was taken down by a rogue fly to the eye, before encountering some road rage then developing a stitch (not the best of runs this evening, although still sub-9mins per mile!). This left just Sue and Faith to battle it out down Brook Lane. They finished together in style, with Faith setting a new PB with the club – an amazing 8m 53s per mile average. For Sue this was her fastest run since 9th May 2016!! Over a year ago!! Amazing ladies, well done!!

Carl also took the longer route, this guy is really living up to his Superman underpants now! Another amazing run, and another PB – just 8mins per mile average over the 5.6miles and I am now getting nervous that I might get beaten at the London 10k in a few weeks! At the turn of the year Carl was doing 9m 40s per mile, now look at him go!! Well done!

Rich opted for the middle ground this evening, wise having missed a few weeks with the club. He didn’t seem to have lost any speed though, finishing just 2 seconds per mile off his PB with a very impressive sub 9min per mile average.

Well done team, same routes next week!!

Name 15/05/2017 Speed
Mark 4.40 00:39:48 00:09:03
Sue 5.60 0:49:44 0:08:53
Mandy B 3.60 0:39:46 0:11:03
Rich 4.40 0:39:28 0:08:58
Gemma 5.60 0:50:04 0:08:56
Carl 5.60 0:44:49 0:08:00
Nina 3.60 0:38:48 0:10:47
Sharon 3.60 0:38:48 0:10:47
Rose 3.60 0:39:36 0:11:00
Faith 5.6 00:49:45 0:08:53


Myzone April 2017 Results


Running Club News 1/5/17

Friday April 28th

Just the three of us running around Warsash today as most people were running away for the Bank Holiday Weekend. It was a very eventful run however. Rich opted for the 5 mile route and although I said I’d catch him up there was never any chance of me getting anywhere near him. He finished with a new personal best split time of just 7m 16s per mile that’s a whopping 12 seconds per mile quicker than his previous PB. At this rate of improvement this guy will be in the Olympics next year!!! Lisa had a great run too, having to put up with me for company all the way round she really pushed herself to 4 miles. Great effort Lisa well done!!

Name 28/04/2017 Speed
Mark 4.00 40:24.0 10:06.0
Richard 5 36:24.0 07:16.8
Lisa 4 40:24.0 10:06.0


Monday May 1st

It was the last run on this “silly” route but it has proved very productive for a few people. Carl for one has really enjoy these laps as he set another Personal Best Split today on the 5.5mile route. His new PB is now just outside the 8minutes per mile barrier, it wasn’t too long ago he was just beating the 9’s!! Well done Carl!! He was being chased down all the way by Leyon, back from an Achilles injury his running style was looking fantastic this evening, just a little more work on the fitness now and he will be flying to those 8mins per mile too. The girls had a great run this evening. Lydia, who had run a marathon worth of miles in April decided to go for the shorter route this evening. Aided by Nina and Rose the three of them tour up the 3.6miles, resulting in Lydia achieving another personal best split of just 10m 45s!! Very quick!! Well done ladies. Well done also to Nick who managed a sub – 8mins per mile run for the first time since March. Great run team. New routes next week.

Name 01/05/2017 Speed
Nick C 4.50 35:53.0 07:58.4
Mark 4.50 35:53.0 07:58.4
Carl 5.50 44:58.0 08:10.5
Nina 3.60 38:44.0 10:45.6
Rose 3.60 38:32.0 10:42.2
Leyon 5.50 49:10.0 08:56.4
Lydia 3.60 38:44.0 10:45.6


Tough Mudder Training Day 2017

Sunday 30th April – TOUGH MUDDER BOOTCAMP #1




The route –

The Challenges –

1) Keep your Chins up
2) Just water under the bridge
3) Chumbawamba
4) Burpee-liscious
5) Dips before you Dip!
6) Are you Shore you want to do this?
7) Shingle Everest
8) The great wall don’t fall
9) Lets Sea the Knees
10) Jump to it!
11) Spidermans
12) Step to it!!
13) Is it Dragging you down yet?
14) A little “Pick me up!” to finish

So 14 obstacles! You will get wet, dirty and maybe a tad smelly. But it will be fun! Bring a towel and maybe a change of clothes. It isn’t a race so it wont be timed, this is the first of may training camps in preparation for this years Tough Mudder Challenge!

Make sure you book in now at


Enjoy Fitness Studio have entered a team in to the 2017 Tough Mudder!!! We have booked a late morning start time (10.15am) on Sunday May 7th!! Come and join us! I will be looking to undertake some pre-Tough Mudder training sessions again as we approach the event as well!

To register yourself click on – Make sure you click on Sundays event and late morning start time. Register and pay for yourself then follow the directions below to join the New Life Training team!

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite Account
  2. Enter the email address you used to register for the event.
  3. Enter your password.
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?
    • An email will be sent to your email address to set your new password.
  4. Once logged into your account, you will see all of your current orders. Find the registration you want to join a team with & click on the View Order button to the right.
  5. Click the Transfer button on the right hand side of the page.
  6. Click Change Team.
  7. Select Join A Team.
  8. Search for the team (ENJOY FITNESS STUDIO) and enter the password (ENJOY) and then click Continue.
  9. Verify that all of the information shown is correct and if so, click Continue Transfer. If not, click Start Over to begin the transfer process again.
  10. You can now see your updated registration under My Tickets.

Finally, let me know when you have registered! I will add you to my mail list to let you know about the training sessions as we get closer to the event!

Running Club News 24/4/17

Monday 24th April

A good turn out this evening especially considering we had a lot of runners in yesterdays Southampton half marathon! A massive well done to Nina, Carl, Louise and Gemma who ran yesterday for 13 miles and still appeared today, albeit a bit sore!

The thought of yesterdays half marathon didn’t seem to effect Carl though, infact it just seemed to spur him on as he smashed his PB with the club and ran the furthest distance on the night of any of the runners. Amazing Carl, well done!! Gemma and Louise both achieved their Personal Bests yesterday in the Half-marathon, so tonight was more of a cool down and loosener. I hope it did the trick!!

Nina also had a great run yesterday, but was happy to team up with Mandy and Lydia to help Lydia to her furthest ever distance run – a fantastic 4.6miles non-stop, plus she was only 3 seconds per mile outside her fastest split time as well – phenomenal Lydia, well done!

Sue and Jo didn’t run the marathon yesterday, but they did go for a run and they did get lost – in Warsash!! An extra couple of miles was added on to their run yesterday and I think Sue wanted payback. In a bit of a “hare and tortoise” run this evening, Sue said she wasn’t feeling well and dropped back, only to come flying past Jo down Lockswood Road and win by 8 seconds!! There was no catching her!!! Sharon did well to keep up with the girls for the first half of the run, but she ended up “covered in blood” Quote Carl!!! after an altercation with a bush!! I think it jumped out at her! Anyway all was well and when she cleaned up no stitches were required.

Finally Rich, Charles and Pete teamed up again this evening. A good run saw Charles and Rich just miss out on their PBs by 5 and 8 seconds respectively. Next week boys, you’ll smash it!!

Final run on these routes next week!

A big thank you to Charles for covering the Friday running club for me in my absence last week. Between himself and Lisa they had a great run repeating the Newtown Road / Hook Park Lane route. Unfortunately I mislaid the times, but I know they were quick!!!

Name 24/04/2017 Speed
Mark 4.60 00:43:11 00:09:23
Pete 4.60 0:41:27 0:09:01
Sue 4.60 0:43:02 0:09:21
Jo F 4.60 0:43:10 0:09:23
Mandy B 4.60 0:49:43 0:10:48
Charles 4.60 0:41:27 0:09:01
Rich 4.60 0:41:27 0:09:01
Louise T 3.60 0:35:56 0:09:59
Gemma 3.60 0:35:56 0:09:59
Carl 5.60 0:46:15 0:08:16
Nina 4.60 0:49:50 0:10:50
Sharon 4.60 0:47:30 0:10:20
Lydia 4.6 00:49:56 0:10:51


Running Club News 10/4/17

Friday March 7th

A hot day on the South coast this morning and as Mandy said it was like running on Sticky-tape!!  Instead of introducing new routes today we re-ran the country lane route from 3 weeks ago as it was such a nice day. Everyone enjoyed it and there were some very good times too. Lisa had a great run and was just 3 seconds per mile off another new PB!! Although the huge fly she consumed on the way round may have given her some wings!! Sharon, as always, was on hand to push and motivate her round the course, finishing just behind her. Sue was back with us today and ran well, she was enjoying running so much she decided to take the longer route on her way round and completed the 4.7miles in a very good time! Mandy was struggling with a back problem today, so wisely took the shorter route, she did fly round it though! As for Richard, well….. he wanted to go for a shorter faster run this morning. We settled for the 4.1mile route and he absolutely flew round, beating his previous PB by a massive 44seconds per mile!! This was the fastest I had run since the GSR as well, so was well puffed at the end! Great run Richard!! Awesome!!

Name 07/04/2017 Speed
Mark 4.10 0:30:36 0:07:28
Sue 4.70 0:42:37 0:09:04
Mandy B 3.50 0:36:20 0:10:23
Sharon 4.1 0:40:04 0:09:46
Richard 4.1 0:30:36 0:07:28
Lisa 4.1 0:39:34 0:09:39

Monday March 10th

Well, new routes this evening and they took a bit of explaining!! About 15 minutes actually!! I must have been clear though as only one person went off track, any guesses who??

The girls played it safe choosing to go for the shorter run as there was less chance to get lost. It worked too as a flying run with Nina, Rose and Lydia resulted in the later finishing with a new PB!! A 11second per mile improvement as well. Awesome ladies well done!!

Rich, Charles and Pete teamed up as they felt safety in numbers was preferable and less likely to go off track. They completed the 4.6mile route well and Charles not far from his PB again!! It was great to see Mother and Daughter, Jo and Sue, out running again together and the pair of them looked great, although slightly sun burnt! Sue is improving with every run back now and is looking good for the London 10000 in a few weeks!

Sharon did well chasing Greg for most of the run, until he missed the last turn down Greenaway Lane, the distance wasn’t much different to be fair so a good time for both of them again this evening. Greg’s fastest so far in 2017!!!!

Carl, Gemma and Nick opted for the longer challenge. Nick set the pace although Carl did well until he had to off-load his carrots again outside Brookfield school, why is there always Carrots?? He did his best to try and catch up though and with a bit of downhill running coaching he picked up the pace towards the end to finish just 1 second per mile off his PB!! Gemma finished in a great time too, especially as she has run everyday for a week putting in 33.7miles this week and 34.8 last week. I think someone must have the running bug!!!??

Unfortunately it will be the same routes next time, but hopefully you will be used to them by then. No Running Club next week due to the Bank holiday!!


Name 10/04/2017 Speed
Nick C 5.60 46:35.0 08:19.1
Mark 5.60 46:34.0 08:18.9
Pete 4.60 41:48.0 09:05.2
Sue 4.60 42:37.0 09:15.9
Jo F 4.60 42:37.0 09:15.9
Charles 4.60 41:48.0 09:05.2
Rich 4.60 41:48.0 09:05.2
Greg 4.50 0:43:14 09:36.4
Gemma 5.60 51:04.0 09:07.1
Carl 5.60 46:50.0 08:21.8
Nina 3.5 37:48.0 10:48.0
Sharon 4.60 43:50.0 09:31.7
Rose 3.5 37:58.0 10:50.9
Lydia 3.5 37:48.0 10:48.0



Running Club News 3/4/17

Friday March 31st

It was the last time on these routes today and the weather meant we re-ran the Monday routes again to save the off-road routes for another day! Lisa was back with us today having missed last week. She chose to run the shorter route as she , quote “wasn’t feeling it!”. Her time certainly didn’t reflect her not feeling it or without a mojo!! She achieved a PB today, her fastest ever route of 9m36s per mile #speedy!

Jo was also back to the club today, and another one determined to take it steady, she teamed up with Sharon and the pair of them tore up the 4.3 mile route, for Sharon this was the fastest run since November! as they finished with an average of just 9m 26s per mile! Well done Ladies!

Greg had a good run too, his 9m 38s per mile the fastest he has achieved on this route. Fantastic Greg. For Richard it was more about gait adjustment on todays run. It seemed to do the trick though as he sounded and looked much better and just 30 seconds outside last weeks time.

Well done team, new routes next week

Name 31/03/2017 Speed
Mark 5.50 45:50.0 08:20.0
Jo F 4.30 40:20.0 09:22.8
Greg 4.30 41:29.0 09:38.8
Sharon 4.30 40:35.0 09:26.3
Richard 5.50 45:50.0 08:20.0
Lisa 3.60 34:37.0 09:36.9


Monday April 3rd

Last time on these routes this evening and a chance for people to put in a PB!! First of all though it was a massive welcome back to Sue, who we have missed during the winter, but she is back with vengeance this evening as she prepares for the London 10000 in a few weeks! She ran with Sharon this evening and the pair did fantastic round the 3.5mile route. Also running the 3.5miles this evening were Nina and Lydia, having achieved her PB speed last week Lydia was cunning, shortened the distance and smashed her PB to set a new record of 10m59s. Between them they managed to get in under the 11mins per mile target I set last week!! Well done ladies.

Gemma and Lou were taking it easy this evening. Having run all the way to Gosport yesterday ( I am sure most people run away from Gosport not too it!) They still managed 30seconds per mile quicker this evening to show Lou is well on the recovery road from her injury. Well done!!

Greg has been very consistent on this route, the last three laps have been 9m42s, 9m39s and tonight 9m43s All very consistent Greg well done!

Alistair was back this evening and has certainly been doing some homework!! He flew round the 5.5 route non-stop, not even for an inhaler puff!!! This resulted in Alistairs best ever run with the running club. This is an amazing achievement as his last PB was set in June 2014!!! It took me ages to look it up but his 8m 31s per mile then has now been surpassed with a 8m 22s run. He was running with Carl, who did have to stop, albeit briefly, just to throw up before continuing on to a PB of his own. It proved he was working to the maximum as he beat his last weeks record by 3 seconds!!! This proves how hard he was working, that heart rate is in the red an awful lot!!






Myself, Pete and Rich had a nice steady run, chatting on the way round and enjoying a pleasant evening. Thats what we thought until Lockswood Road when Pete popped a energy gel and all of a sudden the pace quickened!! Pete’s sub 9min per mile is average but for Rich this was another PB achieved and his 2nd ever run under 9mins per mile!! Well done Rich, awesome Pal!!

New routes to enjoy next week team!!

Name 03/04/2017 Speed
Mark 4.30 38:21.0 08:55.1
Pete 4.30 38:24.0 08:55.8
Sue 3.50 36:02.0 10:17.7
Rich 4.30 38:25.0 08:56.0
Alistair 5.50 46:06.0 08:22.9
Greg 4.30 41:47.0 09:43.0
Louise T 4.30 40:31.0 09:25.3
Gemma 4.30 40:31.0 09:25.3
Carl 5.50 45:50.0 08:20.0
Nina 3.50 38:27.0 10:59.1
Sharon 3.50 36:02.0 10:17.7
Lydia 3.50 38:27.0 10:59.1